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It feels great to be back after a 2 week break!

In today's newsletter, I talk about a how to invest in coffee brewing, the cost-per-cup working for a home brewer and a new coffee which has topped my coffee ratings list.

We have some really amazing coffees hitting the market lately. Here are my top 3 recommendations:
1. Kerehaklu (HSD) by Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters - 93 points
2. Curveball by Kapi Kottai - 92 points
3. Kalledevarapura Chandragiri Naturals by Beanrove - 91 points

All 3 coffees are brilliant pieces of work. The Kerehaklu is the highest scoring Indian coffee whereas the Curveball has flavour notes unlike anything I've experienced. And the Chandragiri Naturals is an elegant coffee operating in a league of its own.

Also, I will be adding 20 new coffees to the ratings list over the course of the next 2 weeks. Check them out here.

Coffee can be an expensive hobby if you choose to go nuts. But home brewing is way cheaper than depending on getting caffeine fixes from your favorite cafe. What if I told you that coffee can cost you a bare minimum of ₹10 per cup? Or maybe your favorite specialty coffee runs up to a maximum of ₹40 per cup? Well if you look at the math, it does make sense to brew at home. Especially given the current social distancing norms when it's definitely not worth risking a trip to a cafe or getting a cappuccino home delivered is a waste of money. Check out what it costs to be a home brewer.

If you are new to the coffee game, I've written a blog on "Investing in coffee brewing". Buying the right kind of equipment at the right time can improve your coffee significantly. If you don't have the time to read this, just invest in a good coffee grinder. And thank me later.

1. India is slowly catching up with our eclectic community of coffee enthusiasts. Livemint did a feature on the third wave of coffee and beyond.
2. Mithilesh Vazalwar from Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters featured on AJ's podcast called Coffee Altogether where they talk about some of the finer technicalities of specialty coffee.

1. Tête-à-tête with MSP Coffee - inner workings of a coffee estate
2. The journey of a coffee innovator - how this one man is shaping the specialty coffee industry

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