Use TUF Guy Green for Thicker, Bulkier Patterns
Tuf Guy Green Injection Wax Flakes are the toughest of our Freeman Flakes line. It is durable yet flexible, and its higher viscosity and low shrink rate make it ideal for large pieces.

Jeweler Brandon Lipsky of ZXN Design Co. contacted our tech department when he had trouble filling his injection molds. We suggested Tuf Guy Green and it worked perfectly for his patterns!
His current wax wasn't properly filling the mold.
With only one sprue, the pattern was too bulky for his wax.
Lipsky said: "I experienced problems injecting – the air was trapped and the corners wouldn't fill. I tried changing the temperature, pressure, and even added corn starch to the mold. Nothing has helped." 

Our Tuf Guy Green Flakes were perfect for his application!
This wax offers a higher viscosity and lower shrink rate, making it ideal for bulky patterns. Follow the tips to the right to ensure Tuf Guy Green reproduces sharp corners and high detail in your patterns.  
Tuf Guy Green Flakes: Best Practices
• Inject at 170–175°F 

• If you don't see complete fills, increase pressure, not temperature.

• If you see air bubbles, decrease temperature and keep your pot full.
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– Freeman Manufacturing & Supply Company - Specialty Wax Division
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