Watch ReBound FR-75 vs. Monroe MR75
But first, please read our Pricing & Material Availability Update
It is difficult to read the news today without coming across multiple stories about how prices of certain goods have skyrocketed or entire supply chains have been interrupted. Unfortunately, Freeman is not immune to these forces.
  • Certain raw materials used throughout our industry have either been put on allocation (meaning supply can’t meet demand) or suppliers are declaring Force Majeure (meaning that supply has been interrupted indefinitely).
  • Shipping, both domestic and international, has gotten much more expensive and certain routes have been subject to unprecedented delays given the shortage of trucks and empty shipping containers.
Expanding on the above, Ian McClaskey, our VP of Sales & Marketing, recently posted a memo on our website. Read the full details here.

Originally, we intended to provide our newsletter subscribers with detailed information regarding specific product groups as they became affected. However, the situation has now become so complex and fluid that we are simply asking you to contact your local sales rep if you have any material needs that you may be concerned about our ability to supply. 

Please know that we are doing our best to ensure continuity of supply by trying to increase inventories where possible, and by ensuring that we validate customer requirements before allowing the fulfillment of large orders.

If there are any broad, general updates, we will post them here in future newsletters. Thank you for your patience and continued business.

Do you currently use Monroe MR75 rubber on your dies? Next time, try Freeman's new, innovative ReBound™ FR-75 for high performance and long life. See how it compares to the MR75 in the videos below. ReBound FR-75 is guaranteed to perform better than Monroe MR75 or 5x your money back!
Freeman's ReBound FR-75...
  • Was developed for high-speed Bobst applications
  • Exceeds the performance of Monroe MR75 in rebound or resilience (ASTM D2632)
  • Outlasts the knife during long-run tooling at full speed
  • Will not dry out in the storage rack like open cell rubber
  • Returns to full height faster than any other 75 durometer ejector
See for yourself by watching FR-75 against Monroe MR75. Next issue, we’ll show you more of Freeman Rebound facing off against the competition.
Try a sheet of FR-75 with confidence!

We're so confident ReBound™ FR-75 will perform better than competitive rubber that we're offering

5X your money back!

Contact your local Technical Account Representative for details and to try FR-75 worry-free.

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