2KCUP Newsletter 01/15/2015
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Round 6 Entry


As promised, this newsletter is to advise of the grids for this coming weekend, they are at the tail end of the email.

To set the record straight

My statement about buying the winning car or cars caused quite a lot of discussion over the recent week, something that I feel we should all be happy of. It shows that we are a series filled with people who actually give a damn and it was shown in a calm and concise manner, I hope those that made their feelings clear offer to go up for the BBQ Committee and other possible committee's (namely a technical one) that may be formed for next season.

I still stand by the statement that we will invoke rule 2.8 if required and we wan't to present a silly sized cheque at the prizegiving to the winner even if we don't buy the car because I am sure some poor person will think you won $2.5k. Buying cars is a blunt weapon and going into next season we will need to focus our efforts on improving the rules, whether it be formalising a fast and slow class, limiting the top end or penalising based on car, we will need to give it some thought over the coming months.

Final Round Format

The final round will be different from the regular format of having all the racing on a single day in that racing will be over two days, the weekend will be split as follows:


Those outside the top 40 entered will practice and then race on the Saturday, the grid will be decided by qualifying position and will be a standard grid start.


Top 40 cars entered via championship points practise and race, the grid is set by Championship position reversed (1st in points is 40th on grid), the start will be a staggered start with 10 cars going every 10 seconds (4 groups).

Those that race on the Sunday are also able to race on the Saturday if a second entry is paid for, the Sunday grid is locked to top (entered) 40 only.

Points will be calculated using the standard method and then doubled, meaning a gap of two points per placing.

Prizegiving and voting for prizes

Prizegiving will be held about an hour or so after the race on the Sunday for the 2014-2015 Championship once final points are calculated.

Please vote at for a few driver decided awards.

Last but not least, the weekends grids:

Current points can be found at

Saturday (Standard start by qual time):

Number Team Points
64 Team nissan 121
66 BTM 121
106 Team CESM 117
37 Green Leaf 113
68 M Jones 108
666 CCC Racing 107
50 GBC racing 105
74 DPR Racing 101
41 S&K RACING 93
110 Integral Racing 77
137 Spike Racing 77
699 The Silvia Fox 75
809 Firestorm Advanced Racing Team 61
56 Driver Motorsport 58
162 Kokonut 54
130 Team Dingo 34
131 Lance McAuley 27
26 HTS Motorsport 26
5 Watson Family 18
320 JC Racing 16
59 Fivestar 8
11 Race Epoch 6
112 JAMEX 0
140 Another Racing Team 0
29 Team Stretched  
118 Mark Mallard  
228 Paul Greaney  

Sunday (Staggered start with 10 cars going every 10 seconds)

Number Team Points
62 RSG 1 138
117 Gently Cupping it 139
125 Goldwise 139
42 Moose Motorsport 162
45 Foxxx Racing 163
79 Timco Construction FXGT 164
27 Coca Rola 181
6 Decepticon 182
306 Ubu 189
91 La Flama Blanca 191
40 F40 Motorsport 192
88 #88twoguysonecup 206
77 Toymota racing 234
103 MADCAS 243
555 low n slow 250
601 Raging Moose Racing 253
444 Tripple 4 Racing 258
94 Team WCR 270
20 Grip Empire 271
232 LPLM 290
44 Go Gordy Go 304
95 Mac Attack 306
7 Bib Motorsport 312
99 Smiling Sideways 336
8 MTT Insurance Racing 337
372 BOP Windscreens 337
63 Team nissan 351
111 JAMEX 361
33 2AVFUN 431
123 John Stewart 434
818 Team Fizzo 449
55 2-Slow 450
24 Civiltrain 453
52 Team Gull Force 10 456
502 Economech Racing 456
121 Team Williams 465
999 Auckland SsangYong 492
205 Mad Dog 509
Kind Regards,
James Watson

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