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Whose Land is it Anyway?
China has demanded India withdraw its troops from a disputed area in the Himalayas before any discussions of negotiating an agreement. Over the monthlong standoff, an unconfirmed number of troops have built up along either side of the border. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman stated that there would be a "serious situation with serious consequences" if India failed to withdraw its troops. 

This map shows the area in dispute. Click on the map to learn more. 
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Graphic Source: Guardian
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United States
Montana Earthquake
A 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck western Montana early Thursday morning. The earthquake was 13.6 kilometers in depth and located 33 miles northwest of Helena (Montana's capital). It struck 7 miles southeast of Lincoln and was felt for hundreds of miles in Spokane and Seattle (Washington). This is the strongest earthquake to hit western Montana since a 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck the same area in 2005.

This map shows seismic activity around the site of the 5.8 magnitude earthquake which struck western Montana. Click on the map to learn more.
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Graphic Source: NPR
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The Central African Republic
Roadside Tragedy
A large truck overloaded with passengers and goods ran off the road in the city of Bambari, killing most on board. The truck, delivering the goods and traders to a local marketplace, also ran into several bystanders on the side of the road, bringing the total number of dead to 78 and injured to 72. Authorities believe it may have been the poor conditions of the road that led to the accident.

This map shows the location of Bambari in relation the capital city of Bangui. Click on the map to learn more.
Graphic Source: BBC
Yesterday's Answer
Q: What is the highest mountain on the European continent?
A: Mount Elbrus
Located in the Caucasus, Mount Elbrus lies on the border between Georgia and Russia. Mount Elbrus is technically not a mountain, but rather an inactive volcano, but nonetheless forms the highest peak on European soil.
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Q: Which place is home to the world's largest population of giant tortoises?
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