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Happy almost Valentine's Day!

Well, okay, not quite. Still, it's almost February, and February has only two things going for it: You have an excuse to eat chocolate on Valentine's Day, and it's not January.

Whenever people talk about what to get their loved ones for this holiday, I always suggest either my romantic comedy novels, or the humor anthology My Funny Valentine. Why? Well, because both have something written by me in them, of course, and I selfishly want people to read my stuff. But let's face it: flowers wilt, and candy is fattening. Jewelry? Well, it's more expensive than books, isn't it?

I still have a few print copies of My Funny Valentine, but you can order them either from me or the publisher, or as an e-book, on our website:

When my copies are gone I'm not buying more, so if you want my graffiti ... um, autograph ... now's the time.
"But what about those free short stories you promised them?"
Okay, fine! pushy dog.

First of all, I sold a short story to an online science fiction magazine, which you can read for free here:


"Everybody Knows Your Name" is the story of a scientist whose worst fears about his new invention prove baseless ... instead, he's got a whole different problem.


The next one takes a bit more explaining. Fanfiction, for those not aware, is when stories are written about someone else's universe. I used to write a lot of fanfiction based on characters from the TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", for instance, and if you search "Ozma914" and "fanfiction" you'll probably find me.

Or not. Hold on ... yep, there I am.

I've largely given it up to concentrate on original fiction, and you can't sell stories set in another writer's sandbox. But I thought of something one day: What if Tim Taylor, the character played by Tim Allen on "Home Improvement", met Mike Baxter, the character also played by Tim Allen on "Last Man Standing"? It might be fun!

Just two days later I discovered an upcoming episode of "Last Man Standing" had that very meeting, but by then I'd already written my story. Honestly, they did it better than I did, but they have a whole room full of writers! Anyway, I can't make any money from fanfic, but I can sure try to entertain people:

You can also go from there to read my other fanfic, if you care to, and I dive into several other fandoms.

Meanwhile, I'm continuing to work on a couple of new novels, and I'll keep you posted. Hopefully next time you hear from me the weather will be better!
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