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In NCTR’s continued partnership with 100Kin10, Associate Director Erica Hines is participating in an initiative that is examining how to diversify the STEM teacher recruitment pipeline. Erica’s team includes math and teacher education professors, school district administrators, and partnership directors for universities and nonprofits. At the end of its six-month effort, Erica’s group hopes to produce a white paper of evidence-based recruitment and pre-service strategies that result in a more diverse STEM teaching force. Erica will also build her own knowledge about recruiting diverse STEM teachers and take away learnings relevant to NCTR’s partners and programming.

Partner updates

A resident in Chattanooga is blogging about her residency year experience. Her most recent post looks ahead to the spring semester.


A Fair Chance: Simple Steps to Strengthen and Diversify the Teacher Workforce, released last week by the National Council on Teacher Quality, reveals both high numbers of elementary teacher candidates failing their licensing tests, as well as evidence that teacher preparation programs give scant attention to the content knowledge candidates need.
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Video Resource: Resident Recruitment and Selection

The recruitment and selection of residents is one of the most important components of a teacher residency. Selected candidates are the future teachers in a program’s community and district. Creating a rigorous, effective and measurable recruitment strategy is critical to the long-term success of any residency program.

Each week this month, NCTR is making available a new video on one aspect of an effective resident recruitment and selection process. Program partners in Colorado and Dallas sat down with NCTR to discuss their recruitment processes, how they ensure a strong pipeline of candidates, and the attributes they look for in applicants that lead to strong residents.

You can access the videos by clicking the thumbnail image or through NCTR’s Resources for New and Existing Residencies page on our website. Look for the "Video Library" drop down menus. They’re also available for viewing and sharing on our YouTube channel. A user’s guide highlights the main idea of each video series and suggested audiences for the key messages.

The resource library was funded through NCTR’s 2015 Supporting Effective Educator Development grant from the U.S. Department of Education. As part of our commitment to support a high quality network of teacher residencies and to share the best practices and lessons learned with the teacher preparation field, these videos are being made available to members of the NCTR Network of teacher residencies and other educators and advocates.

Coming next month, we’ll release four videos on the recruitment and selection of mentors and teacher educators.
In the News
Texas governor raves about Dallas' teacher incentive pay program. But it's hard to replicate
Texas Tribune
Dallas “floods” its low-performing schools with effective teachers and principals. It works, and now the governor wants to do it statewide.
With Bug-in-Ear Coaching, Teachers Get Feedback on the Fly
Ed Week
It’s being compared to football, where coaches are communicating with the quarterback via a radio headpiece during the game.
St. Louis Teacher Residency Finds New Careers For Transitioning Professionals in Inner City Schools
HEC Media
A new program in St. Louis is seeking out professionals looking to find satisfaction in the classroom.
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