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RTR (Richmond Teacher Residency) and Virginia Commonwealth University were featured recently in a CBS-6 news report on how universities are helping Petersburg schools fill vacancies.
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NCTR’s Instructional Rounds propel the residency model forward

This month NCTR partnered with the Nashville Teacher Residency (NTR) and the East Harlem Teacher Residency (EHTR) for our 2019 Instructional Rounds, an annual gathering of our partner programs for professional development and collaborative problem solving.

Instructional Rounds play a critical role in the sharing of promising practices and innovations, while also engaging partners in collective problem solving. This helps to elevate the effectiveness and impact of the residency model.

More than two dozen attendees from 14 partner programs attended Nashville rounds, exploring NTR's approach to mentor teacher development with a focus on mentor development of resident content knowledge.

"From participating in Instructional Rounds in Nashville, I made a new tool (a Clinical Instructor Coaching Plan) based on the NTR’s ‘Big Take Away’ tool,” said Susan Gonzowitz, the Founding Managing Director of the East Harlem Teaching Residency. “I am going to show this to my clinical instructors to add to it."  

In East Harlem, 30 attendees dove into EHTR’s resident assessment process and systems, examining the quality, clarity, consistency, and utility of the feedback residents receive. Participants visited schools to see and provide feedback on mentor-resident huddles, and they observed a Resident Academy meeting and a Grade Team meeting.  

NCTR Network partners share a commitment to the continuous improvement of their programs and the field. The collaboration, reflection, and commitments to the level of work that occurs at Instructional Rounds feeds this cycle of improvement.

"Instructional Rounds are invaluable due to the time, energy and wealth of knowledge of colleagues to examine our current practices and continually improve our residency program," said Danaya Franke, Program Coordinator with the St. Paul Urban Teacher Residency in St. Paul, Minn.

NCTR thanks our hosts and staff in Nashville and East Harlem for making the 2019 Instructional Rounds energizing and valuable learning experiences.
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