December 9, 2020

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NCTR Releases Its Annual Report

The National Center for Teacher Residencies (NCTR) released its
Annual Report today. The Annual Report indicates that the teacher residency movement has grown in scale and influence with NCTR’s partners graduating over 1,000 residents last year. Representing a 75 percent increase since 2017. Preparing more teachers of color than ever before, 62 percent of residents in NCTR partner programs identify as persons of color, compared with 22 percent of all new teachers nationally. The report also highlights NCTR’s Black Educators Initiative (BEI) a $20 million effort (funded by the Ballmer Group) to recruit, prepare, and support 750 Black educators over the next five years. In the first year of the initiative, NCTR granted over two million dollars to eight residency programs to support 280 Black residents. 

The report also highlights research from Glass Frog Solutions that found that hosting a resident in the classroom was positively associated with higher teacher effectiveness scores--a benefit unique to the NCTR model. Other external research found compelling evidence that the residency model has a positive impact on students, enhances teacher effectiveness for mentors, and recruits and prepares diverse and effective graduates. 

The report points out that graduates of teacher residencies are highly likely to work in low-income schools, and more often than not, the schools they train in as residents. In fact, 87 percent of residents work in Title I schools, and 87 percent are hired to work in partner districts. They are also better prepared--a data point residencies are known for and one school superintendents and principals find compelling. “The opportunity to see a resident teach every day for a year before you make a hiring decision is significant. That along with knowing that the resident has been trained alongside an effective teacher you know is effective is one of the reasons why residents end up being hired in the schools where they are trained. Principals know what they are getting. A very well-trained, day one ready teacher” said Anissa Listak, CEO of NCTR. The data bare this out. In addition to a high percentage of residents being hired, 100 percent of principals surveyed for NCTR’s Annual Report indicated that mere participation in a residency program positively impacts the school’s culture and 97 percent reported it improved student achievement. 

Teachers trained in residencies are also filling jobs in traditionally hard-to-staff positions such as special education, science, math, and classes for English Language Learners (ELL). 25 percent of residents trained in NCTR partner programs are prepared to teach special education (compared to 12 percent nationally), 26 percent are prepared to teach ELL, and 21 percent are prepared to teach STEM (compared to 8 percent [math] and 6.8 percent [science]). “Residencies have been traditionally focused on filling gaps so our most vulnerable children have access to the most rigorously trained educators,” said Tabitha Grossman, Interim Chief External Relations Officer at NCTR. 

Resources and Connections

Glass Frog Solutions (Glass Frog)

As a follow-up to the brief, NCTR and Glass Frog Solutions (Glass Frog) co-released last week, Glass Frog is dedicating an entire Podcast episode to discussing teacher residencies. Be sure to check it out. 

BEI Social Media

NCTR has launched social media accounts for our Black Educators Initiative (BEI). Please be sure to follow them to keep up the latest news on BEI as well as information on what BEI-funded residencies are doing to support Black educators. You can follow us on
Twitter @BeiNctr  on Instagram @NCTR_BEI and on

NCTR Social Media 

NCTR now has an Instagram account and if you are not following that, please do. You can find us @NCTResidency. 


Teacher Spotlight

Teacher Spotlight will honor the tremendous work of teachers from our partner programs. We will showcase both what residents are doing to learn and grow as they prepare to become full-time teachers and the mentors who are dedicated to supporting these novice educators. Each week we will spotlight a teacher nominated from a residency program within our NCTR Network. We are excited to elevate the great teaching happening around the country to serve students, families, and communities. 

Christina Flores (Resident)
PEBC Teacher Residency

Christina Flores doesn’t shy away from difficult topics but tackles them head-on, encouraging her students to think critically about the content they consume. Christina believes that “literature is an access point to the heart of humanity. We don’t read books to make ourselves smarter, but to better understand humanity. That’s what I would hope for my students above all else - that they understand reading and writing are not just things we do to get grades or get into college, but they’re things that help us push our thinking and be critical, open our hearts, and hold ourselves accountable.”

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