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Suspense with attitude
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A detective interviewed for my next book; a disturbing local crime; and keep an eye on the events page of my website.

Detective in Disguise

I can't show you his face, but here's how the interview went

Senior Sergeant Hammond of SAPOL is my 'go to' guy for everything police related. Without his guidance my characters would be doing all sorts of unrealistic things and no doubt be tossed into a cell by the end of the book.

SSH is a veteran of the police force and has held various roles thorough his career, from beat cop and detective to auditor. 
Recently I interviewed SSH about my current work in progress 'Custody Combat'.
It is only when I start to write a scene involving the police, that I realise just how little I know. It's the little details that add realism to the story. Of course, the answer is never simple, because it depends on the situation and location.

So, I go through my list and SSH SSH patiently answered my questions for nearly an hour. - without any hint that I'm stark raving mad <smile>.

I need to know things like "Are there handles in the back of a police car?". The answer: yes, but depending on the type of vehicle and criminal being put in the back, a child lock is used to prevent the doors being opened from the inside. Protocols for the first responders at a scene is critical and must be sculpted to the individual situation. Just in case the critical fight scene in 'Custody Combat' was too straight forward, I've located it at a dangerous location with all manner of bad guys lurking nearby. Phew, thank goodness SSH knows how to get out of these sticky situations and help my heroine stay out of jail! 
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Suspense Sisters

We'll be appearing at the Hamra Centre Library on Thursday 27th August at 2 pm.

Come along and hear
Rowena Holloway and me talk about our writing journeys, love of strong heroines, and our fast-paced suspense novels. There will be a book signing and cuppa afterwards.

Crimefest weekend

Last weekend I attended Crimefest at the SA Writer's Centre, Adelaide. Wow! What a collection of literary talent and crime-fiction-related information.

On Saturday panels chatted about all things suspenseful and spent the majority of their time answering questions from the audience, so we learnt heaps. In the evening the SAWC graciously hosted a 1920's murder mystery dinner. Wouldn't you know it, the victim AND murderer were sitting at my table. It's a dangerous world out there <wink>.

On Sunday two workshop streams ran simultaneously (beginner and advanced). I was honoured to have Gabrielle Lord and Angela Savage imparting their knowledge to me.

Romance Writers Conference

The Get Fresh conference is in Melbourne from 21st to 23rd August 2015

I have an full itinerary for this exciting Romance Writers of Australia annual event, including workshops, speaker panels, a cocktail party, presentation dinner, book signings and best of all, plenty of networking.

The Australian Romance Readers have a great Facebook page for lovers of romance fiction.

Continual improvement


As an auditor of quality management systems, continual improvement is something I am always looking for. It is also relevant to individuals. Who isn't trying to improve himself/herself?

At the beginning of my fiction writing career I had to work hard to learn the basic skills to take me from hobbyist to published author. 

But craft development doesn't stop there. Most authors will tell you that you NEVER stop learning. There is one pitfall though, just because someone else had success with one technique, doesn't mean it's the only way to success.
Believe in yourself!
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