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Fearless Prose March Newsletter

Thanks for subscribing to my newsletter. I have a special announcement!

You are among the very first members of the public to see the 'Autumn Leaves' anthology (to be officially released tomorrow).

For more details, see the 'Autumn Leaves' anthology page on my website (and below).

Well, we didn't have much of a summer in Adelaide, South Australia, so it seems like autumn has beat the anthology. The grape pickers have almost finished stripping the vines of their luscious fruit and the heavily laden tractors bumping along the roadways, bound for the wineries are few and far between. I even saw a few rust-coloured leaves on the vines. However, the crushing is in full swing, so the aroma of 
fermenting fruit is thick in the air.

How wonderful it is to live in a wine producing area, to see the frenzied activity of the harvest and enjoy the vintage.

"Inheriting Fear kept me up 'til 4 am."

Rowena Holloway

'Inheriting Fear' available from all good eBook retailers
Autumn Leaves
Is yours for FREE!

Sometimes the end is just the beginning...

It is an anthology of six short stories, tied together by the themes of autumn and leaving someone/something. Just log into the 'Behind the Scenes' page on my website for your free advanced copy.

Each story has been produced by a different Australian author, so you can sample a variety of works. So, curl up on the couch with a glass of cabernet sauvignon (or a warm cuppa) and enjoy this collection of colourful chick literature.

My short story is called 'Deluge'

Carly returned to Cockatoo Flat because her mother needed her. Being a part of the community makes her realise this is the life she wants, and Elliot is the man she wants to spend it with. The trouble is, he hasn't forgiven her for jilting him more than a decade ago.

An act of God will force them together, but can it reconcile their hearts?

Behind the Scenes

As a newsletter subscriber, you  are entitled to secret gossip! Access this members only area of my website using the link you were previously sent and the password you chose. If you have any difficulties, don't hesitate to contact me. (Keep an eye out for my email and if it lands in your junk mailbox, remember to mark me as a safe sender.)

This function is new, but I will be expanding it regularly with information about my writing process, how my books came to fruition, and what drives my characters. 

This month Meet Carly Shaw from the 'Autumn Leaves' anthology.
My Passionate Philosophy

At the Links Lady Bay Resort, Normanville, South Australia, on Sunday 12th April, includes afternoon tea and John Lennon music

Bookings essential

Speakers include...
Tania Ingerson (Telstra Business Woman of the year nominee, owner of Talk Technology a professional development business)
Elise Lavers (bravery award recipient for rescuing a friend from a Great White shark, member of the Youth Climate Coalition)
Keitha Haycock (founder of the Seed Freedom Food Festival, organic gardener, photographer)
Karen Montgomery (horticulturalist with a passion for healthy communities, writer and radio announcer)
Jennifer Russell (co-founder of GreenD online source of eco information and green businesses)
Julie Wallace’s (yoga teacher)

And me!

Afraid of Public Speaking?

During March and April, I'll be sharing my experience of public speaking, on the Fearless Prose blog. You can be certain that I'm as terrified as the next person to stand in front of a crowd of strangers and present information that they're interested in.

And yet I accepted an 
invitation to participate on a Festival Fleurieu panel with 5 other extraordinary women. We will be sharing our motivations and how our philosophies have been shaped by events/people of our time. 

What was I thinking? I was abiding by my philosophy of 'nothing worthwhile comes easy'. So, visit my blog and I'll share everything that I learn through this experience, including the fear and the tears.

Suspense with Attitude

'Inheriting Fear' is a story about over coming adversity and learning to trust someone enough not to have to do it all yourself.

Mya Jensen is independent, loves her motorbike, kickboxing, and is the guardian of her disabled mother. She doesn’t need a man in her life, especially her cocky new neighbour, Detective Luca Patterson, linking her to his latest investigation.

Luca has never crossed a professional line — until he meets Mya. She is sexy, feisty, and so many kinds of wrong, but he can’t stop thinking about her. Maybe because every time he’s onto a lead in his latest case, her name pops up. But is she a victim or a suspect?
A sizzling interlude with the hot detective puts Mya's desires and goals at odds, especially while she’s receiving menacing threats from someone willing to follow through. Will this independent woman try to fight her way out of this one, or finally open her heart?
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