No Plan Survives

"No plan survives contact with the enemy"
According to my search, the quote above can be attributed to Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke

This quote is applicable to Quality Assurance.  Not that we are dealing with 'enemies' as such, but we may be dealing with resistance.
We have been discussing this and how to address it in our latest Blog series on Quality Assurance Centres-of-Excellence.

Part of an Assessment is to make plans for changes that are required to improve the ROI.  Those plans require changes in the way people work and thus they may encounter resistance.  The plans 'have encountered the enemy' and may need to be changed as a result.

Flexibility is one of the major attributes of Quality Assurance (contrary to what you may have heard).


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CSTE Exam Preparation Course:  Prepare yourself for the CSTE Exam with this course covering all 10 Skill Sets and providing exam examples. Based on the 2014 STBOK.
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CAST Exam Preparation Course: .  Prepare yourself for the CAST Exam with this course covering all 10 Skill Sets and providing exam examples. Based on the 2014 STBOK.
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In our last newsletter we posed the following 5 questions:
  1. Do you know what your Quality Assurance personnel are doing?
  2. Are you getting value from your Quality Assurance personnel?
  3. Do you get the results you want and can use
  4. Can you measure their effectiveness?
  5. Do you know what to ask?
Over the next few newsletters we will post some of the answers we received and what to do with them.
We know what to ask and what to do with the answers.  Contact us to improve your ROI.
Quality Assurance

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