No matter how much you do, you never do enough
“No matter how much you do, you never do enough"

Is the above true for your workplace?
Do you feel that your efforts never pay off ?
Can it be helped?

The answer to the third question is a definite YES and goes back to a question of managing expectations from the beginning.  If you start out by assuming that Quality Assurance can solve all the problems of the project then you are lost from the beginning.  If you start out by assuming that Quality Assurance is a limited role that cannot solve any of the problems then you are equally lost.  But somewhere in between with an emphasis on problem solving can go a long way to making a lot of projects a lot more fun.  The key point is to plan from the beginning and expect the usual problems to occur.  At the, so called, 10, 000 foot level (3000 metres) most projects are very similar.  At the one foot level (30 centimetres) there are masses of details that vary between and within projects.  As Quality Assurance we need to maintain the larger picture while solving the details.

if you want to influence projects, join Quality Assurance.  You will certainly get a chance!



2015 Courses

Are you still working on your training budget or trying to determine what would be best in Quality Assurance and Testing?  Give us a call and see what is available.  We offer a lot of flexible options to suit any schedule along with a variety of instructors.

Fall 2015

CSTE - Classroom - We have several requests for a CSTE course and now have a room in Mississauga.  We are working on dates (October) that are accessible to all the currently enrolled people.  Contact us  for information.

2016 QAI LVC Courses - Online - Instructor Lead - Start 2016 off right!

LVC (Live Virtual Courses) available anywhere you have a connection to the Internet!
Sessions coming for 2016.
CSTE Exam Preparation Course: 11pm - 12:30pm EST. Prepare yourself for the CSTE Exam with this course covering all 10 Skill Sets and providing exam examples. Based on the 2014 STBOK.
CSQA Exam Preparation Course: 12:30pm - 2pm EST. Prepare yourself for the CSQA Exam with this course covering all 10 Skill Sets and providing exam examples. Based on the CBOK.
CAST Exam Preparation Course: 2:30pm - 3:30pm (First 6 weeks).  Prepare yourself for the CAST Exam with this course covering all 10 Skill Sets and providing exam examples. Based on the 2014 STBOK.
CMST Exam Preparation Course: 3:30pm - 4:30pm (First 6 weeks).  Prepare yourself for the CMST Exam with reading and then this course.  Based on the 2014 STBOK
EMST - Essential Methods of Software Testing -  2pm - 4pm (2pm - 5pm, first week only) (Last 6 weeks of Session ).  Beginner and mid career testers can gain valuable information for better testing.

Visit the Training Schedule or Contact Neil Price-Jones.

Other 2016 Courses

The schedule for 2016 is being finalized.  Contact us for more information.
Quality Assurance Solutions
Do you want  to start Quality Assurance in your existing organisation but do not know where to start or feel that it is all overwhelming.  Call us and we will create order out of chaos and set out the path for the best and most cost effective implementation.  Get going down the right Software Quality Assurance path and take a look at our current Blog series.

Or are you still in Sales mode, trying to convince recalcitrant colleagues of the need for the initiative in the first place.  Maybe a Lunch and Learn will help.  We offer a variety of Lunch and Learn seminars that can be customized to suit your particular needs.  Contact us. 

Are you a Startup that wants to find out if you need Quality Assurance?  Call us for an initial consultation and we will assess the situation in light of your needs and based on extensive experience.  Start your Quality Assurance the right way.

Identify cost reduction opportunities and improve quality assurance effectiveness and  through NVP Software Assessments.

Save money and increase results with the help for Quality Assurance and Quality Control Consulting from NVP. 

Complete projects with the help of NVP's experienced Management Solutions tailored to your company's specific needs.
NVP Upcoming Presentations
KWSQA Targeting Quality Conference 
Friday, Oct 9 - Crowne Plaza, Kitchener, Ontario
Platinum Sponsor & Speaker
Presentation Topic - Communications In Testing
Click for details. Registration now open!

London -  September 24, 2015 Peer-to-peer group Tech Alliance
Quality Assurance

Communication - The underrated skill of all time.  Rumour has it that we are taught a lot about how to speak but not so much about how to listen.  The latest blog covers the communication aspects of testing.

Communication in Testing and QA
Communication in Testing and QA - What

Next week "Communication in Testing - How
Strategic Partnerships 
NVP Software Solutions partners with organizations providing complementary services or products to aid in improving Quality Assurance and Quality Control activities.

Security:  Security testing needs to be both Static and Dynamic to ensure that we have addressed all the vulnerabilities.  If your organization has concerns about security (and who doesn't) contact us to determine the best level of security analysis.
  September 2015 - Events, Meetings & Conferences    
KWSQA Monthly Meeting - next meeting is September 30, 2015
TASSQ Monthly Meeting - next meeting is September 29, 2015

London Tech Alliance  Peer-To-Peer
- September 23, 2015 8:00 a.m.   Contact us for further information.

2015 Conferences 

KWSQA - Kitchener/Waterloo - October 8 & 9 2015
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