Insufficient Facts... - April 22, 2015
Insufficient Facts

“Insufficient facts always invite danger.” — Spock, Star Trek: The Original Series

I am not the Star Trek expert in our house so cannot give the Episode and Season from which this came but i suspect that some experts could. 
However, this is an excellent quote for our current blog (see link below) series on Measurements and Metrics.    Many people have impressions about how well processes or products are working (sometimes referred to as the Smell Test) but these do not work as well as statistics.    An objective measurement provides irrefutable evidence of how things are working.

Insufficient facts are dangerous.  Having the facts always helps.


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Metrics and Measurement can be difficult to implement in an organization.  They appear to cost a lot to set up and gather and the return on the investment is not always obvious.

Our current Blog Series dealt with this topic and included the following:

Quality Assurance Metrics
Examples of QC & QA Metrics


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NVP Software Solutions partners with organizations providing complementary services or products to aid in improving Quality Assurance and Quality Control activities.

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Tellerium is a cloud-based testing solution answering all of the above questions. Easily create, modify, execute and generate reports from anywhere on any device. Unlimited run minutes. No installation required.

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