Constant Vigilance
Constant Vigilance

For those of you who are familiar with the Harry Potter series, you will recognize the above quote.  
While in theory we should not have to be constantly vigilant in the world of QA, there are frequent occurrences where QA gets dropped if someone is not watching.

The half life of a QA department is about 18 months according to some studies.  After that someone feels the need to change things.  Those changes do not always support the QA concept and can have deleterious effects on the long-term (and sometimes the short-term) QA programs.  

The best way to avoid this is to ensure that the programs are set up properly and showing value at all times.  That means designing them correctly, for the long term.  NVP's assessments are completed with that long-term consideration in mind. They stand the test of time.

The alternative is Constant Vigilance.

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2016 QAI LVC Courses - Online - Instructor Lead 
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Session 3 - starts September 6, 2016
CSTE Exam Preparation Course:  Prepare yourself for the CSTE Exam with this course covering all 10 Skill Sets and providing exam examples. Based on the 2014 STBOK.
CSQA Exam Preparation Course: 1 Prepare yourself for the CSQA Exam with this course covering all 10 Skill Sets and providing exam examples. Based on the CBOK.
CAST Exam Preparation Course: .  Prepare yourself for the CAST Exam with this course covering all 10 Skill Sets and providing exam examples. Based on the 2014 STBOK.
EMST - Essential Methods of Software Testing   Beginner and mid career testers can gain valuable information for better testing.

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How do you prove the test tool works
Many years ago we had a test tool called Data Communications Applications Test System.  An online search does NOT show it up.  The question that was posed was to determine if the test tool was doing what it said it was doing. i.e. was it actually running transactions and capturing results.  The odd
thing was:

1.        We could see the transaction on the screen.

2.       We could see it in the database at the back end.

3.       We could see the response on the screen.

4.       We could even watch it go down the line (you can tell how long ago that was since it was plain text).

But it was still questioned.  Eventually we let it run all night and came into a sea of paper the next morning.  The tool printed three pages for every difference - a bit map of the expected screen; a bit map of the actual screen and a bit map of the difference.  Suffice to say we had no way of masking out the date and time which appeared on every screen.
Quality Assurance Solutions

The Quality Assurance Assessment is an investigation of the processes that include software development and quality control. The Software Testing assessment provides expert evaluation on all aspects of software testing based on industry best practices


NVP’s assessments provide guidance to improve your processes and the quality of your software.


  1. More efficient IT service saving money.
  2. More effective IT service saving money.
  3. Resolves client dissatisfaction resulting in more business.
  4. Fixes where current processes are not working.

We know what to ask and what to do with the answers.  Contact us to improve your ROI.
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