To Such Conclusions Jump
"Nay, Nay You Must Not Hastily To Such Conclusions Jump"
According to my search, the quote above can be attributed to Lewis Carroll

Obviously the Short-Term thinking, which some Quality Assurance people have been commenting on, is not new.  Jabberwocky, the poem from which the above quote comes, was included in Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There in 1871.  Some things do not change!

Assessments  are a critical part of removing the short term thinking from a lot of activities.  Even the knowledge that an assessment is going to be carried out either during the project or at the end has an impact on how people plan and work.  Starting next week on our Blog we will be looking in detail at Assessments and  what they actually mean and what should be included.  


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Courses to June 2016
  • Test Leadership
  • Bootcamp for Software Quality
  • Test Planning
  • Foundations of Test Automation
  • Web Application Security Testing
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Session 2 - starts March 29, 2016.
CSTE Exam Preparation Course:  Prepare yourself for the CSTE Exam with this course covering all 10 Skill Sets and providing exam examples. Based on the 2014 STBOK.
CSQA Exam Preparation Course: 1 Prepare yourself for the CSQA Exam with this course covering all 10 Skill Sets and providing exam examples. Based on the CBOK.
CAST Exam Preparation Course: .  Prepare yourself for the CAST Exam with this course covering all 10 Skill Sets and providing exam examples. Based on the 2014 STBOK.
EMST - Essential Methods of Software Testing   Beginner and mid career testers can gain valuable information for better testing.

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The Quality Assurance Assessment is an investigation of the processes that include software development and quality control. The Software Testing assessment provides expert evaluation on all aspects of software testing based on industry best practices


NVP’s assessments provide guidance to improve your processes and the quality of your software.


  1. More efficient IT service saving money.
  2. More effective IT service saving money.
  3. Resolves client dissatisfaction resulting in more business.
  4. Fixes where current processes are not working.

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QAI QUEST - April 2016
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