Half the money I spend...
"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half.”   The above quote is attributed to various people.  We want to tie it to the Quality Assurance field.  Projects are (almost) always on a fixed budget.  Wasted funds or resources are not helpful to that limited budget.  We want 100% of the expended resources or funds to be useful and effective in bringing the project to a successful completion. 

Quality Assurance is one of the areas where people (not in QA)  feel that resources or funding are wasted since they see no immediate benefit.  Avoiding problems in the first place is not nearly as obvious as fixing errors that that can be seen.  Although 'Prevention is better than cure' is also a well known saying; it can be difficult to quantify.  

Every problem avoided is one less to fix.  When creating Quality Assurance processes and applying them to any particular situation, it is necessary to think about the problems we are avoiding.

Software Testing solves problems for yesterday and today.

Quality Assurance solves your problems coming tomorrow!

Contact to talk about how NVP Software can help your organization solve tomorrow's problems.
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Test Lead Course
October 20 - 21 2016 - Toronto, Canada 
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Course details can be found at by clicking here.

The last LVC (Live Virtual Courses) for 2016 start September 6, 2016.  See details below.

KWSQA has finalized their speakers for Targeting Quality 2016 on September 26 - 27, 2016.  Register now for the best conference in the KW area.
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Test Lead Course - October 20 - 21, 2016 - Toronto, Canada - Contact for further details and to register.  Course details can be found at:

Fall courses will come out  this month.

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2016 QAI LVC Courses - Online - Instructor Lead 
LVC (Live Virtual Courses) available anywhere you have a connection to the Internet!
Session 3 - starts September 6, 2016
CSTE Exam Preparation Course:  Prepare yourself for the CSTE Exam with this course covering all 10 Skill Sets and providing exam examples. Based on the 2014 STBOK.
CSQA Exam Preparation Course: 1 Prepare yourself for the CSQA Exam with this course covering all 10 Skill Sets and providing exam examples. Based on the CBOK.
CAST Exam Preparation Course: .  Prepare yourself for the CAST Exam with this course covering all 10 Skill Sets and providing exam examples. Based on the 2014 STBOK.
EMST - Essential Methods of Software Testing   Beginner and mid career testers can gain valuable information for better testing.

Visit the Training Schedule or Contact Neil Price-Jones.


Finishing the Project

Long term projects can be a problem for most organisations.  Personnel change, the project undergoes changes in scope, and the effort starts to increase.  In addition, people start to lose interest as the time drags on and either put forth less effort or try to get themselves moved off the project.  When you lose your current QA manager (who was not supposed to be a QA manager in the first place) with 7 weeks to go on a two year project you may be in trouble.

This situation occurred recently and we were asked to pick up the pieces.  While many items were in place the effort involved in getting the final testing completed was substantial.  Fortunately there was a lot of knowledge in the organisation and tapping into that information lead to a successful install.
Quality Assurance Solutions

Do you know what Education is available?
Do you know what you want?
Can you find the courses you need?

The answers to the above three questions will impact your career for years to come.  You need to think about your own education and the education of your group.  Education provides the following benefits:

  1. More efficient IT service saving money.
  2. More effective IT service saving money.
  3. Resolves client dissatisfaction resulting in more business.
  4. Fixes where current processes are not working.

See our Blog series on Education at

We know what to ask and what to do with the answers.  Contact us to improve your ROI.
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