Don't fix bugs later; fix them now.
"Don't fix bugs later; fix them now "  or "Never put off to tomorrow what you can do today".  This seems so obvious but try doing it in a project when the dates are tight; the budget is exhausted and no one wants to spend any more time on the current project.  Everyone has moved to the next Phase.  

However, we know the problems are going to come back and frequently worse than they are currently.  Fixing them now or at least scheduling a fix and adhering to it is better than the usual response.

Software Testing solves problems for yesterday and today.

Quality Assurance solves problems coming tomorrow!

Contact to talk about how NVP Software can help your organization solve tomorrow's problems.

2017 Course Schedule coming shortly.

Don't see the Quality Assurance or Software Testing  Course you're looking for? Give us a call and we can chedule one to suit your needs.


Redundant Processes

Processes grow over time and frequently become more complex and intertwined.  Eventually people lose sight of why they are doing any particular process and what it provides to the final product.

NVP recently evaluated the processes for a service provider.  An inventory of the existing processes was created and they were mapped to the business and technical requirements of the organisation.

We were able to eliminate many of the processes without any increase in risk to the project or the organisation.

Don't get caught in this!
Review your processes frequently.
Quality Assurance Solutions

Quality Assurance evaluations are difficult sometimes.  They seem nebulous to some people and hard to launch to others.  However, they need to be done. 

Do you know what Evaluations are  available?
Do you know what you want from your Evaluation?
Can you find the correct person to do the Evaluation?

The answers to the above three questions will impact your efficiency and the efficiency of your organisation for years to come.
  1. More efficient IT service saving money.
  2. More effective IT service saving money.
  3. Resolves client dissatisfaction resulting in more business.
  4. Fixes where current processes are not working.

We know what to ask and what to do with the answers.  Contact us to improve your ROI.
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Strategic Partnerships 

NVP Software Solutions partners with organizations that provide complementary services.

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Contact us if you have a complementary service that would help both your clients and ours.
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