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OCTOBER 26, 2020
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LinkedIn rolls out new virtual event features based on early adopter requests

LinkedIn has been host to 200,000 events and 10 million attendees since its launch 7 months ago. Now they’ve rolled out four new features based on early adopter requests and initial stats are impressive. With an exhausted Facebook Live tool, we may see LinkedIn Live rise to the top if they continue to make updates and integrations. The new features include organic discovery like automatic notifications for followers most likely to attend, lead-generation with the ability to add free registration forms, post-event nurture campaigns with retargeting and custom audience creation, and sponsored content and reporting for event promotion. #virtualevents #LinkedIn #socialmedia

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Consumers are ditching cities but where are they going and what are they missing most?

We probably all know someone who's had to make a change to their living situation in 2020 with more than half of Americans saying the virus has influenced their living situation. As people are ditching cites for the burbs or rural areas here's an interesting infographic look at moving trends and what consumers are missing most in their new zip code. I think this is a nice little entryway into the contextual view of consumer lives right now. Even with everything so available online, the simple comforts like a local Target still matter to these consumers. #relocation #covid #data

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There’s a new decision-maker in town, and it’s not the consumer.

An opinion piece but fascinating nonetheless, highlighting the magnitude of tech disruption to traditional marketing and its antidote: AI. On Ad Week's digital stage, Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard’s chief marketing and communications officer, spoke to the hijacking of marketing by voice tech. With 1 in 4 households use of a smart speaker, more than 70% of which were used to make a purchase this year, we have a new decision-maker in town and their name is likely Alexa. This takes the purchase funnel and SEO to a whole new level. Where we used to capture a family's attention in the family room, now we must think of those scenarios in the context of autonomous vehicles. He poses a serious question to all marketers: do we have an ecosystem for this environment? It's a dimension that demands a different kind of marketer. #AI #marketing #voicetech #data

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COVID can't cancel the holidays but has it crushed shoppers' spirits?

Deloitte published their 35th holiday retail survey results on shopper trends and here's what they found out. While holiday traditions may change this year, shoppers are still intent on spreading cheer and making the most of celebrating at home. 47% of shoppers are not planning to shop on major holiday retail event days but holiday spend is just down 7% YoY.  #holidays #retail #shoppingtrends

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