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We gave King a place where ideas grow

Last time we teamed up with leading game development company King (creator of delicious online game Candy Crush) it resulted in a ”Kingdom” and the success got worldwide recognition. For this new project we went back to the roots with inspiration sprung from the Swedish nature.

To make the most of the natural light in this
studio we made the glass-roofed well a local hero
The Forest, the centerpiece of this office. Rolling hills, a wall covered with lichen, hanging basket-chairs are some of the features completing the strong vision for this studio. Combine that with unique solutions such as interactive floors making streams turn into ice as the season changes and you meet the reality at K36.

”It was not an option to create
just another traditional office”

Adam Schaub, studio manager after seeing
the empty space for the first time

Like a plant needs a good place to grow strong, so does a good idea. With that in mind the project grew into something that would focus on how the creative mind evolve with recreation, as well as inspiration, which is essential to accomplish great work and succeed in the online gaming industry.

Every project has its
challenges. But with the right people, innovative solutions and technical excellence, we managed to work alongside the disadvantages and make them a part of the concept.

As a result of this project, Adolfsson & Partners gave King an office space where ideas grow big and better.
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Press release 
Press release
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Privat tour in
The Forest

We would be more than happy to guide you through The Forest, just send us an email and let us know when you'd like your tour.

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