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Dear Melissa:

The past month has been a mixed bag of emotions and hard work. My 80-year old father was hospitalized a few weeks ago for injuries suffered in a serious fall he took while exercising outside. Thanks to a passing good Samaritan who called 9-1-1, he received the help he needed and is recuperating nicely at home. If not for the kindness of a total stranger the outcome would have been much different, a lesson in caring that serves as a timely reminder of the importance of watching out for one another in the crazy world we live in today.
Profound sadness marked this past week. Johnson County lost one of our great patrons, Ben Craig, to cancer after a rich full life, while a colleague and his family lost their 10-year old son in a tragic accident. Attending both funerals caused me to pause and reflect on the fleeting nature of life and the need to make our time here worthwhile. For me, a profound sense of the importance of community was woven through both services. It is clear that the Schwab family’s strong faith and connection to their community – friends, fellow church members, colleagues and family - is supporting them through this dark and difficult time. Ben Craig’s lifetime of service to our Johnson County community creates a beautiful legacy for so many people.

Election Update
August 2 was primary election day. Thank you to all of you who turned out to vote. I was not opposed on the primary ballot but certainly appreciate the support many of you showed me with yard signs, campaign contributions, house parties and ultimately, your vote. I will continue to focus on making connections with constituents and welcome your involvement. 

From Rally Mantis and the Royals to the many inspiring storylines from the Rio Olympics, we see the results of optimism, teamwork, persistence and hard work. Long-range goal setting and commitment to the work required to achieve those goals is never easy. We get impatient and want instant gratification when usually the greatest reward is years in the making.
I look forward to returning to Topeka with a new roster of legislative teammates to tackle the serious problems that face our state. Statewide, as well as right here in Johnson County, we saw significant change in the roster of legislators chosen by voters. The message seems clear – Kansans voted for a course correction. A significant number of people who voted in lockstep with the governor lost their seats on August 2nd. I am very excited by the slate of candidates selected by the people and look forward to working with this new team.
From a new school finance formula to a balanced, equitable and sustainable tax plan that funds our budget priorities appropriately, it will take pragmatic thinking and consensus building to put us back on the right track. We must set appropriate expectations and work for long-term solutions that transcend political gamesmanship.
Your Vote Matters!
Please prioritize voting in November. Countywide turnout showed a slight increase this year over 2012 and 2014. Johnson County hit 20% turnout on August's primary election that, for the vast majority of races in Kansas, determine who wins in November. Not to be outdone, however, I'm proud of the 25th District! Thirty-one of my 35 precincts had better turnout than the countywide average, despite no active primary elections in our area! My district had an average of 27% turnout.

I am in a contested race and need your support. My opponent is building a campaign that appears to be focused on nothing more than my party affiliation. My focus remains on serving this community with the courage to put good policy ahead of political games, and spearhead common sense problem-solving to help get us back on track.
If you would like to help, please visit my website or simply respond to this email.  There are many low-pressure, high-impact opportunities to help me ensure victory in November.
As always, I encourage you to connect with me if you have questions or concerns. I am honored to serve.


Rep. Melissa Rooker
Kansas State Representative, District 25
Serving Northeast Johnson County
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