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“More Than a Training Platform”

Did you know that the Safety Made Simple Learning Management System (LMS) is a real big hit with Human Resource departments? Company specific policies and procedures such as new substance abuse, attendance policies, etc can easily be added to the LMS! They can then be assigned to employees just like a training course, and an employee acknowledgement of understanding is then tracked in the LMS. In addition to the HR department being able to very quickly and efficiently implement new policies and have a permanent record, it also provides a very quick and easy – simple – way for HR to see who hasn’t acknowledged an updated document!

“Simple = Success”
Everyone at Safety Made Simple believes that “simple” goes hand-in-hand with “success”. As a member you understand that our courses assist with your compliance needs. You also appreciate how our training reinforces safety culture issues and addresses real life behavioral challenges such as the importance of not taking shortcuts. Our goal is to communicate the critical safety issues about each topic in programs that are easy to understand and that promote safe habits as part of daily activities. That’s Safety Made Simple!


We continue to release new courses each month. Check with your Safety Made Simple administrator for the complete list of courses available in your portal.


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Featured Course

Lockout Tagout - Complex Procedures

This new course focuses on complex lockout tagout procedures and activities. Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to recognize the importance of lockout tagout and apply best practices to properly isolate equipment. The course also discusses requirements for equipment specific procedures and procedural inspections, stored energy, group lockout and lockout device removal.


New and Updated Courses in 2021

We will be releasing at least one new course per month in 2021. These new courses will cover topics such as personal protective equipment, grain handling equipment maintenance, food safety, grain-bin entry, scaffolds, job hazard analysis and DOT/Driver safety. According to content expert Joe Mlynek, “Back in August we engaged our clients to get feedback on their training needs. We are pleased to include several of their suggestions in our 2021 course development plan. In addition, we will continue to update our existing content to include new voice talent, animation and increased interactivity.”

This Month’s Safety Simplified Blog: “Root Cause Analysis and a Fishbone?”    

In this month’s blog, Joe Mlynek discusses using the Fishbone Process to assist with incident analysis. This process analyzes six separate causal factors to identify the root cause. To read this and other blogs, go to:

"Take-5" Safety Message

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA): “Only approved containers and portable tanks shall be used for storage and handling of flammable liquids.” This rule applies to flammable liquid quantities of five gallons or less, such as gasoline storage containers. This Take-5 covers storage container requirements and safe handling practices. This and other “Take-5’s” can be accessed by your Safety Made Simple administrator at any time in the “Take-5” Resources section of your portal.

Is It Safe?

No way! The angle of repose of a granular material, such as grain, is the steepest angle at which a material can be piled without slumping.  At this angle, material on the slope face is on the verge of sliding (caving-in). Workers or vehicles in close proximity can be engulfed or entrapped. The angle of repose varies based on the commodity handled: 
  • Corn:                approximately 21.5 – 23 degrees
  • Soybeans:        approximately 25 degrees
  • Wheat:             approximately 25 degrees
  • Oats:                approximately 28 degrees.
If you have a photo of a workplace situation that you would like to share, send it to us! We may use it in the Safety Scoop for others to learn from!

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“Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity, and sound speech…”
Titus 2:7

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