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Monthly update message from Hannah Every-Hall

What a month we have had. MPA took a National team of 13 to the UIPM Laser Run World Championships. Our team performed incredibly. We had 12 PB Laser Times, 11 finalists, 1 Gold Medalist (new World Champion - Zara!), 1 Bronze Medalist (Gen), 1 Team Gold Medal (Zara, Gen & Tully), 1 Bronze Relay Team medal (Zoe & Max) and two 4th places (congratulation Finn & Vicky). An incredibly performance for our first World Championships in 3 years. The whole national team did so well.


The whole trip was finally here, and it seemed like a long time coming to arrive in Lisbon, Portugal. Arriving three days before the competition allowed us to fully orientate ourselves to the venue and the location of the venue from the hotel (it was only a 600m walk to the warm-up range). The weather was warm (18-27 degrees most days). We had a number of youth members of the team, who experienced their first long-haul flight, but managed themselves well.

The course’s atmosphere,  vibe and set-up lent itself to being fast. Music played the whole time, and many spectators were cheering along the sidelines.

Our U15 girls started our international campaign, all producing personal best times Matilda Mason (22-second PB), Indigo Harris (37-second PB), and Peyton Lee (23-second PB). With Matilda and Indigo’s Run, they qualified themselves for the final, where they finished 19 and 22, respectively.

Next were our 3 Junior Competitors, Tully, Genevieve, and Zara. They all came out firing on all cylinders, and from the outset, you knew they all meant business. All three ladies shot incredibly well, but our own Zara Temesi leads from start to finish to claim gold with a convincing 17 seconds over the athlete from GB. Genevieve was also in a commanding position all race and fought off compellingly a late surge from another GB athlete to claim the bronze medal. Tully’s consistently strong performance earned 5th place in a field of 18 and, collectively, a team gold medal. A team medal is awarded to the country with three athletes with the accumulative fastest time.

U17 competitor Zoe Addinsall competed in a straight final of 26 athletes. Zoe shot beautifully from 10 metres and finished in a remarkable 6th position with a strong PB.

The following day saw our four boys begin their international debut. First up was Finn in the U13 event. Finishing in a blistering 2nd position, he was primed for a solid final and didn’t disappoint. With a 3X300m course, there is little time to think, and Finn performed amazingly in the final, shooting well and running consistently, finishing a commendable 4th position!

Next up saw our two U15 boys of, Mitchell and Jack, compete in separate heats, qualifying for the final in 5th and 8th position, respectively, and posting significant PBs in the process. The final was always going to be tough, but the boys shot and fought well in the running to post a final position of 12th & 21st.

Our final race for the day was Max in the U17 boys. He ran like the wind and missed qualifying for the final by just one place. He was ready to make mend in the relay’s the following day.

Australia had four mixed relay teams compete on the final day of the competition. One under U17 team (Zoe and Max)  and three U15 teams (Matilda & Mitchell; Indigo & Finn; Peyton & Jack). All the teams competed so well in a hot field, finishing 10th, 15th & 19th respectively.

Our final race of the competition was the U17 relay. It was an exciting race, with Zoe and Max in the lead bunch for the whole duration. Both athletes shot well and ended up in 4th place, earning them a bronze medal. Under UIPM rules, no two teams from the same country can stand on the podium. Hence, as GB finished 2nd & 3rd, the podium position rolled down to our fabulous Australian team. What a terrific way to complete the competition. A bronze medal to Zoe and Max. 
A special mention needs to go to our incredibly gallant team member Analiese Murphy, who unfortunately was unable to compete due to injury but was there as a vital member of the team. She was an integral part of all the training camps and events leading up to the competition and was the biggest supporter to everyone throughout the week. We all wish Analiese a speedy, strong recovery, and  I am sure she will come out the other side more robust and a more fierce competitor. 

A special thanks to our super coaches, Adam Temesi and Eszter Hortobagyi, for their guidance and diligent coaching of these young athletes. Knowing that Laser Run is exceptionally vital to the overall point score in Modern Pentathlon, there is undoubtedly a bright future ahead for Modern Pentathlon in Australia.

Three of our athletes (Tully, Gen, and Zara) stayed in Europe for a couple more weeks. Zara headed to Hungary, and Tully and Gen headed to Drzonków, Poland, for their respective training camp. They competed in the Junior World Championships in the fantastic facility in Drzonków, Poland.



Women’s Relay
The event started with the women’s relay, comprised of Tully Watt and Zara Temesi amongst 12 teams from 10 nations. The pair had a terrific performance to put themselves into 5th place. After the fencing, the girls saw themselves in the riding arena, riding Cantilla & Rasputin. Both women rode exceptionally well, with Tully leading the way as rider number 1 and Zara confidently and calmly riding in the second position. The pair only incurred 15-time penalties (a total score of 285 out of a possible 300), which saw them with the 4th  highest riding score. It was then back to the fencing hall for the bonus round, where they added an additional 4 points to their overall point score. They were then in the final heat of the relay, with Zara leading the team off the blocks and laying down a PB 100m time. Tully, with the anchoring leg, secured the 7th swim place. The laser run discipline was run under lights, with Tully leading off Team Australia in 2nd position. With a strong run and shoot from both ladies, the opposition of France, Poland, and Italy was just too strong on this occasion, with them taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively.

I have been told that 4th place at the UIPM Junior World Championships is our strongest female team result. We are all incredibly proud of it, and it gave us tremendous confidence moving into the Individual event two days later.
Women’s Relay Results (top 5)
Position Country Overall Point Score
1 France 1236
2 Poland 1226
3 Italy 1219
4 Australia 1199
5 USA 1128

Women’s Individual
Having three women represent Australia in the Junior World Championships is a great representation. This was the first World Championship Pentathlon in over three years for Australia.

The competition started in 2 groups Tully in Group A and Gen and Zara in Group B. All of our girls fenced well in the Qualifications. Tully started with a solid fence, finishing 10th(11V & 11D). Zara was 9th  (13V & 10D), and Gen had an extraordinary day, finishing a long way in front with 22V & 1D. This saw Genevieve have a commanding lead heading into the Laser Run, starting in the first position, with a staggering 16 athletes starting off 90seconds. The swim saw Zara achieve a PB, and Gen and Tully both had strong performances. All our girls ran well, with the final result seeing Tully finish 20th in Group A. Genevieve and Zara finished 1st and 3rd in their qualification rounds, ensuring (the top 15) progress to the next round. Zara moved into Semi-Final A and Gen into Semi-Final B.

The semi-finals begin with 36 athletes completing a full fencing ranking round. Learning to back up day after day, our athletes again performed well in the fencing, with Gen placing an equal 9th  (19V & 16D) and Zara equal 22nd (17V & 18D).
The bonus round saw both our girls win three rounds, adding another 6 points (6 laser run seconds) to their scores. Extra points are always welcomed. Both girls again had a good swim, with Genevieve posting a PB, putting her into first position heading into the Laser Run. Zara entered the Laser Run in 16th position, just 49 seconds behind the leader. With only the top 7 progressing (plus the next 4 with the highest score) to the final, she knew she had to post a solid run to qualify. Starting 16th, she flew around the 5 X 600m track in 11:45 and finished in 9th. Knowing she had given it her all (1 second outside her PB that she posted in Portugal a couple of weeks before), Zara had to wait until Semi-Final B had been completed to see if she managed to secure a coveted finals spot.
Genevieve started in position one and had a 1-second lead, ahead of an incredible running field in Semi-Final B. Genevieve shot incredibly well (9, 14, 8, 6) but unfortunately was outrun and finished outside qualification for the final.
After the completion of the Semi-Final B, it was apparent that Zara was going to be the 2nd of the four additional qualification positions to make the 18 finalists in the Junior World Championships. What a fabulous achievement.

It was an inspiring day having the green and gold colours represented in the final of the Junior World Championships. There was certainly a buzz amongst the team. For context, the Semi-Final and the Final format are under the new format, the continuous format. So the day started with a time-restricted warm-up and then straight to event 1, the riding. Zara rode brilliantly upon Kasaja. She looked confident and poised throughout the round, posting a perfect score of 300 points. It was then off to the fencing bonus round. Zara looked happy and relaxed and won 5 bonus rounds, adding 10 points to her score. It was straight off the piste and into the pool, where she performed consistently all week. Then out of the pool and to the final event, the laser run. Zara started 14th, just 50 seconds behind the leader. The pace was red hot right from the start, as were the shooting times of the top athletes. The positions changed regularly, but our Zara was consistent with her shooting and running again. She managed to gain a place to finish 13th in the final at the Pentathlon Junior World Championships. What a remarkable achievement for this 16-year-old, due to turn 17 at the end of the month. Congratulations, Zara, what a fantastic achievement all around.

A massive congratulations to our whole team, Zara, Gen, Tully, and Eszter, and working consistently, and demonstrating that working together well on home soil, illustrates we can be competitive on the world stage. I was super duper proud to be part of the Australian Modern Pentathlon team over the past three weeks. Congratulations team. Thank you.

Gen is now fortunate to take on a fantastic opportunity through a relationship between INSEP and AIS and is heading to Paris to spend a few weeks training at INSEP (French Institute of Sport) to gain more experience, support, and learning from established international bodies. We look forward to Gen sharing her experiences with us, along with all the Junior team members, bringing their learning back to Australia to share with the whole community through their training and competition environments.

Knowing that our athletes are matching it with the best in the world enables us to take some confidence in the training and preparation we are achieving here on home soil. To create an excellent standard here at home, where we all push each other to be better each day in training and replicating that in competitive environments will ensure the edge we need when competing on the world stage. But keeping each other accountable day and day out is necessary to compete on the world stage. After all, in high performance, we are looking at being the best in the world, not just within our own country.

Training consistency and monitoring are vital components of performance athletes.
So, while our National team will go into a period of downtime for a couple of weeks, the rest of our community should have consistent weekly training schedules. And our National team should remember that while they are on a break, this period should still contain some training and regular activity.  

I wish the whole MPA community the best for some solid and consistent training. Remember that the consistency of that training is critical.

Remember, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right”.  – Henry Ford.

Train smart


Hannah Every-Hall

Training Tips - Nutrition

Please see this month's Sports Dietitian's Australia ReFuel Magazine

This edition of ReFuel is aimed to help you ‘get back on track’. Whether it’s injury, a change in season or a bigger life change, we all occasionally need to hit the reset button, and these articles will help you do just that. 

Take particular note of the great articles in here;


Time Trials

Congratulations to all those that completed the September Time trial. The results can be found here.
These Domestic Time Trials (along with other parameters) will form a part of athlete categorisation and thus may impact national selection. Therefore, as athletes (along with your coaching team), you must become aware of dates and requirements and consequently be good at assessing, monitoring, and evaluating where you are in your sporting performance pathway. Ensure you check the calendar below, share it with your coaches and put the dates in your calendar

It is not expected nor supposed that you taper for these trials. They should form a part of your regular weekly training schedule. Over time, along with consistent training, we want steady monitored progression. Though they should be given importance and priority within the week, they should be executed at the highest intensity possible. It should be a priority session of your program for that week.
Domestic Time Trials will consist of a:

  1. Age-specific Laser Run,
  2. Age-specific Swim
  3. 100 shots
  1. They should all be completed within a day of each other (over 24 hours)
  2. They should be in line with the distances listed in the table below.
  3. They should be on the day/s specified on the Domestic Calendar.
    1. If you are required to complete them during a different period, please ensure you indicate why on the submission form.
  4. Results should be submitted online. A link will be provided each month. It is up to the individual to ensure their results are submitted online and on time.
    1. The link for October is HERE
  5. Those National Team members that competed in the World Championships are not expected to complete a time trial in October.
It may be valuable, if possible, to complete the same laser run course each time trial, as this will allow terrific comparisons over time for you and your coaching team. It would also be incredibly valuable to try and complete these trials with a group of athletes in your regional area.

Category Age (Birth Year)
 Birth Based on next season 23!
Running sequence Shooting sequence Distance to the target Swim  
Under 11 2013-2014 2 X 300 2 X 5 hits
(two hands)
5m 50m  
Under 13 2011-2012 3 X 300 3 X 5 hits
(two hands)
5m 100m  
Under 15 2009-2010 3 X 600 3 X 5 hits 5m 100m  
Under 17 2007-2008 4 X 600 4 X 5 hits 10m 200m  
Under 19 2005-2006 5 X 600 4 X 5 hits 10m 200m  
Juniors 2002-2004 5 X 600 4 X 5 hits 10m 200m  
Seniors 2001+ 5 X 600 4 X 5 hits 10m 200m  

1993+ 3 X 600 3 X 5 hits 10m 100m  

For Senior, Junior and U19 age categories, the first lap (individual or relay) has no shooting

MPA Selection Policy

The 2023 National Team selection policy has just been released. Please head to the MPA website for all the information you need for next season’s National Team selection requirements.

Selection is not a ‘moment’ in time. Selection is an ongoing process over time. The first step is understanding the selection policy and what is required and expected. Speaking to the National Pathways and Performance Director and your coaching team is vital to ensure athletes (and parents) are aware of their relative position in relation to the requirements and have focused areas for improvement in relation to possible Selection.

The objective of MPA’s Selection Criteria is to implement a framework of performance pathway to ultimately ensure that athletes are selected to represent Australia with the best chance of producing podium performances at pinnacle events in the short and long term. The primary target events are the 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games, 2026 Youth Olympic Games, and the World Championships benchmark events (Senior, Junior and Youth) leading up to each of these Games.

Please ensure you (athletes and parents) read the selection policy carefully, and if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact Hannah or an MPA board member.
You can find all the documents online on the MPA Website

Sydney International Fencing Camp

To be hosted by
: Sydney University Sport & Fitness on the Campus, the University of Sydney in Bryden’s Stadium. Easily accessible by car, taxi or railway. Near Sydney Airport, Youth Hostels, Restaurants and all amenities.

Information :

Dates: 9 Camp days between 3-13 January 2023, (with rest & tourism days on the 6th & 10th January)
Schedule: 10 am-6 pm typically — further information closer to the date
Camp fees: $850 The Camp (Fencers) $275 Professional Development (Coaches)
Designed For: Foil, Epee, Sabre fencers and Coach Professional Development. The Camp is for fencers of all capabilities but must be aged 12 & over (unless very fit/technically capable). Participants will be divided into weapon & competency groupings.
Format: The Camp is a collaboration of coaches from different clubs, states and countries. It is about bringing people together to work intensively and cooperatively, to develop skills, confidence and networks.

For more information HERE



MP Victoria Winter Championships (Geelong) 16/17 July 2022
AFF – 2022 Australian Youth Circuit (Melbourne) 13-14 August 2022
Domestic Time Trial 24/25 September 2022
2022 UIPM Laser Run World Championship
Lisbon – Portugal – AUS Team
22-25 September 2022
AFF – Australian Fencing Circuit #3(Perth) 30 September – 3 October 2022
2022 UIPM Junior World Championship
Poland – Zielona Gora – Genevieve, Zara & Tully
2-9 October 2022
Domestic Time Trial
(Those attending LR WC or Junior WC exempt)
24/25 October 2022
Modern Pentathlon New Zealand - Pentathlon 29 -30 October 2022
AFF – Australian Fencing Circuit #4  (Melbourne) 29 -31 October 2022
MP Victoria Laser Run & Triathle Championships (Geelong) 19/20 November 2022
Domestic Time Trial 19/20 November 2022
AFF – 2022 Australian Youth Circuit Final
Senior & Veteran Championships (Adelaide)
25-30 November 2022
MPA Categorised Athletes (and HP invitational) Training Camp (AIS) 11th – 17th Dec
Bill Roland & Elli Welling – Ultimate Fencing & MP Camp Sydney Uni Fencing Club (Sydney) 3-13 January 2023
MP Victoria State Championships (Geelong) February 2023
Domestic Time Trial February 2023
MPA National Championships 21-23 April 2023
MPA National Laser Run & Triathle Championships  (QLD) 10-11 June 2023
2023 UIPM Laser Run and Pentathlon World Championships
Bath, Great Britain
21-28 August 2023
2023 UIPM Biathle/ Triathle Championships
Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia
26-29 October 2023
Domestic Events  
UIPM - International Events (MPA Selection Required for Representation)  
AFF - Australian Fencing Federation  

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