Two new varieties, ready for a(u)ction!

A green and a red variety that are here to stay!

Two weeks ago we have spent many hours during both trade-fairs in Aalsmeer and Vijfhuizen. We had a great time meeting a lot of growers. It was very inspirational, especially with all the new varieties. Among all those varieties we saw two new bouvardia's. Below you can find the two brand new flowers, Red Winter and Crazy Green.These two bouvardia's are part of the "Brilliant Selection" by our member Chrywijk! 
The variety Red Winter, a new addition to the "brilliant selection" red varieties, next to Ruby Red and Fire Red.
The variety Crazy Green, also a new addition to the "brilliant selection" by Chrywijk.

Bouvardia "Red Winter" 

As its name suggests, this bouvardia is perfect for the coming winter months. With the deep red color it is suitable for Christmas arrangements! It is characterized by its long vase life, a big amount of flowers per stem which gives it a great appearance!


These varieties are already limited available on the auction, but starting december the production will grow. Right in time for your Christmas bouquets. You can find them in our app under the Bouvardia section or by using the 'x-mas' tag. Please contact your local supplier for the buying options!

Bouvardia "Crazy Green"

This variety earned it's name because of the shape and the color green obviously. With the edgy shape it looks a lot like his pink sister called "crazy pink" the big difference is of course the color! This green bouvardia is the first and only green on the market. With this discreet color it is easy to use in arrangements. This color is also known as "greenery" and it is color of the year by Pantone®. "A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings" is what they say about this color, we can only agree on it!


With the big amount of flowers per stem, Red Winter really stands out! Check out more images!
The edged shape of the "Crazy Green" variety make it looks like it's sister called "Crazy Pink". 
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Both varieties are part of the "Brilliant Selection" grown by Chrywijk, whose assortment is in the app and also shown on their website! The Brilliant selection is recognizable by the green sleeves, a length of 70cm and many flowers per stem.
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The 'X-Mas' Collection

The X-Mas collection is something that we initiated last year, where we try to give inspiration to our users by providing new and classic products that can be useful for the Christmas period. One of our newest articles is the Everlasting White, which we showed on Instagram last week. Find this one in the app! Contact us for more info on this product, if you are interested! 

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