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Governor Ducey recently released his administration's proposal to make changes to the Arizona HealthCare Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). These changes adversely affect people experiencing poverty across Arizona, and the community's voice must to be heard in the coming days and weeks as the public input process unfolds.

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Here is a short outline of what Governor Ducey is proposing. His administration has yet to release full details on the plan. Also, in case you missed it here is a link to Sam's op-ed on the issue from last week. This is clearly the wrong reform at the wrong time.

Brief Overview of Proposed Changes to AHCCCS
Use This Information to Develop Questions & Comments for Upcoming Forums

Over 1.7 million Arizonans are enrolled in AHCCCS. These proposed changes would affect up to 350,000 Arizonans. The community can provide input at upcoming Community Forums and/or submit written comments to AHCCCS about how these changes will impact you, your family or your clients. AHCCCS must receive permission from the federal government to implement the changes so your comments, concerns and suggestions are an integral part of this process.

If you are unable to attend one of these forums, please send those comments, concerns and suggestions to

Key Proposed Changes & Concerns

Proposed Change - AHCCCS Members will have to pay up to 3% of income for copayments.

Key Concern - Individuals experiencing poverty deal with many barriers including access to food, access to safe housing and access to transportation among many others. Why is Governor Ducey adding another challenge to achieving independence?

Proposed Change - AHCCCS Members will have to pay a premium of up to 2% of income to an account that operates in a similar fashion to a Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

Key Concern -  Recent research from the Kaiser Family Foundation and others indicate that premiums and cost-sharing programs have been shown to act as barriers to obtaining and maintaining health coverage. In addition, premiums and cost-sharing programs have been shown to lead to adverse health outcomes. Governor Ducey has often talked about his desire to promote "opportunity for all." This proposal does the opposite.

Proposed Change - AHCCCS Members will be penalized for failing to make copayments & premium payments. Members will potentially be dis-enrolled or “locked out” of AHCCCS for up to 6 months. To restore eligibility the person must pay off debt and meet work requirements.

Key Concern - These penalties will not lead to better health outcomes. Period. They are unnecessarily punitive and provide further challenges to achieve independence. If Governor Ducey really desires opportunity for all, this proposal should be rescinded.
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