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‘I Went Back to Spain to Learn about My Sephardic Roots’

When this entertainer and his wife went on their honeymoon tour of the world, it was their time in Spain - and his deep roots in that country - that really stood out for him...Read More >>

The Converts film: Another take

We recently reviewed the movie Converts: The Journey of Becoming Jewish, a Holyland Productions film, which follows several non-Jews from around the world as they go through the conversion process. Our review, however, is incomplete without a piece by Rabbi Reuven Tradburks, the director of our our Machon Milton...Read More »

Learning Ladino to preserve Sephardic culture for future generations

Ladino, or Judeo-Spanish, is the language initially spoken by Jews from Spain. It travelled and developed with them after they were expelled from Spain in 1492. How a young woman with Sephardic roots has made her own efforts toward preserving the ancient language...Read More »

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