HWNI is pleased to invite you to
2022 Berkeley Neuroscience Conference
October 14-16, 2022

Asilomar Hotel and Conference Grounds

Register now for this year's conference in Pacific Grove, CA
Registration deadline: Mon., August 1, 2022
(Cancellations made after the deadline will be subject to charge.)
Arrangements include a shared room for graduate students and/or postdoctoral fellows, a single room for faculty members, as well as meals from Friday evening through Sunday morning. Principal Investigators are responsible for paying the expenses for attendees from their laboratories, with the exception of rotation students.
If you know people who did not receive an invitation but would be interested in attending the conference, please send them the link!
Keynote Speaker
Open Q&A for students and postodcs following David's talk.

David Julius, PhD
University of California, San Francisco

Professor David Julius studies the molecular biology of sensory transduction and ion channels, and won the nobel prize for his work on pain sensation in 2021.
If you wish to speak at the conference, ask your PI to nominate you. Speakers will be selected from a list of nominations provided by faculty. Faculty, please watch for nomination form soon.
A detailed event schedule will be sent closer to the conference date.
If you have a car PLEASE sign up as a driver!  Transportation is not provided. Carpool arrangements need to be made by attendees. (A list of drivers and passengers will be sent out after registration closes.)