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December 2020 - Issue 1  

Welcome to the first issue of Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust’s Our future FHFT Newsletter. This week has seen a refresh of our strategy and you may have spoken to one of our team who have been out and about across our sites speaking to teams about how they contribute to Our future FHFT
We will be using this newsletter to keep you updated on our progress on the Trust’s future strategy - to make sure we continue to be a leading NHS Trust with the best possible staff providing the highest levels of care to the patients we serve. 

Firstly, we want to start by saying a huge thank you for everything you have done during the most challenging year in our history. Your collaborative effort, dedication and unbelievable hard work will take us into 2021 as a much stronger Trust, with a brighter future based on everything we have learned during Covid-19.

The implementation of Our future FHFT was originally due to commence last April but our need to manage our response to the Covid-19 pandemic interrupted our plans. However, we were able to continue with our plans and, in many cases, accelerate them. We introduced technology in a variety of ways including extensive use of MS Teams, virtual consultations, robotic surgery and increased use of AI. We supported our respiratory teams with home monitoring equipment for our cystic fibrosis patients. We worked collaboratively with our ICS partners to set up joint working groups for both elective and non-elective care. We also continued our work on our Heatherwood development and many more. We have learnt much from the experience and this is reflected in the key objectives of our refreshed strategy. 

Our exciting and ambitious strategy provides us with a roadmap for the future, to ensure we deliver our vision of ‘being a leader of health and wellbeing providing exceptional services for our local communities’. Our future FHFT provides us ALL with the opportunity to contribute to the delivery of this vision using our six strategic ambitions as a guide to everything we do each and every day. 

As we move forward during the next few months, we will send out regular updates focusing on each of our strategic ambitions. We want you to have access to as much information as you need, so you will have access to a range of strategy-related resources via our website Your views and opinions are a vital part of this process and the website will give you the chance to feed in any ideas about how we can improve the Trust and the care we provide for our patients. 

Below, we have provided a summary of the strategy and what it means for the future of the Trust. We hope that you will take the time to read it, as this is what we will all be building towards during the next five years.

Bring on 2021 and let’s do what we do best and work together to make this happen. 

Neil Dardis
Chief Executive Officer
What is Our Future Strategy FHFT about?
In September 2019, the Trust published and launched our strategy for the next five years; Our future FHFT. This strategy has been produced with the input of more than 3,000 staff and stakeholders. Our future FHFT provides a clear vision and direction for the organisation over the next five years. Our objectives for the next five years are:
Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust has a proud history and heritage of high performance and great patient experience delivered by dedicated and motivated staff. We are NHS trailblazers in applying new and transformative ways of working and best practice. Our strategy builds on this reputation for outstanding care - it will equip, drive, and guide the Trust, our people, patients, and stakeholders through our next phase of excellence in the 2020s.  
Building on our Covid-19 response
The strategy was originally launched in September 2019 and due to be implemented April 2020 at the height of the first wave of Covid-19. Everyone at FHFT performed brilliantly; we lived our values and made our vision of providing exceptional health and care services to our communities a reality in truly challenging conditions.  
Our Future FHFT Six Strategic Ambitions
Using our six strategic ambitions as a framework, we have incorporated our experiences from the pandemic into the strategy making it more robust and relevant than ever. Our strategic ambitions equip us with the tools to deliver the highest quality health and care services.

Each strategic ambition represents a core part of how we work, where we work, the quality of our work, the resources we work with, the impact of our work and the benefit of our work.
Our patients’ safety, outcomes and their experience and dignity are the ultimate measure of how we serve them. Improving satisfaction and outcomes and avoiding harm will be key measures of how we improve quality. We are underpinning this commitment by investing in a new dedicated Continuous Quality Improvement Programme, Frimley Excellence, for staff.

Our objectives:
  • Improve safety performance
    • Falls – reduction of 40% by March ‘22
    • Deteriorating patient – reduction of Serious Incidents relating to deteriorating patients by March ‘22
    • Infection control – top 25% of all Trust by March ‘22
  • Improve patient experience score from current position of 62nd to 40th in the country by 2022.
  • Equip staff with the new Frimley Excellence programme tools, applying Quality Improvement methodology to problem solving and harnessing innovation.
Our people are key to delivering our strategy and making Frimley Health one of the leading Trusts in the country. Supporting our people is a key priority and has become more so in the wake of the response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We want to be the employer of choice in our region; not just in the NHS, but across the range of industries and businesses that surround us. The Trust has a real focus on innovative recruitment and retention initiatives which we will continue to build and develop for the future.

Our objectives:
  • To make the Trust the best place to work locally.
  • To improve our leadership culture to make the most of the talents and potential of our diverse workforce.
  • To develop a diverse and inclusive workforce which is fit the future.
The health and care needs of our population are changing, and we are incorporating what we have learned from Covid-19 into how all parts of the NHS meet those needs. A key part of that is how we can collaborate together to improve services in a way that reduces the need for people to have to attend hospital and, if they do need to attend, reduces the amount of time they need to stay there.

Our objectives: 
  • We will work together with our health and care partners to keep people healthy and reduce the need for hospital care.
  • We will increase day case emergency care, planned operations, diagnostics and testing so that people do not need to stay in hospital. 
  • We will transform access to all our services to ensure that patients have access to the most suitable services referred through the appropriate routes.
Frimley Health has a range of expert teams working across our hospitals and their skills are in high demand. We will review our clinical services to ensure that are organised and supported to maximise their benefits to patients. As ‘One Frimley Health’ we will deliver high-quality services with consistently excellent outcomes across all of our sites. Incorporating our learnings from Covid-19, we are transforming the way we operate, such as the use of telephone and digital consultations and remote monitoring of those with long-term conditions, reducing the need for many people to come to our sites.  

Our objectives:
  • Transformation of outpatient model - 40% of appointments to be non-face to face.
  • Provision of safe, streamlined pathways and services offering consistent service and outcomes across all FHFT sites.
  • Build Heatherwood Hospital Elective Centre and implement models of service provision.
  • Ensure a consistent high-quality experience for patients, wherever and whenever they need as ‘One Frimley Health’. 
We will continue our track record of making every penny count and controlling our costs.  We will grow our income from research funding and private patients’ income which adds to the resources we must invest in NHS services.  

Our objectives: 
  • We will deliver a breakeven position leading to future surplus to invest in further improvements.
  • Secure and grow alternative and additional income streams to invest in our NHS services
  • Improve our position as one of the most efficient Trusts in the country.
Our One Frimley Health programme will be underpinned by digital technology providing an integrated patent record, improved data quality and information and simple and powerful digital access for staff and patients. The benefits of digital technology span both our systems and also our direct patient services which at their most revolutionary are in robotic surgery which Frimley Health aims to be a leading centre for, meaning our patients will be amongst the first in the country to benefit.

Our Objectives:
  • Deliver integrated patient record to support Trust-wide, 'One Frimley Health' Electronic Patient Record
  • Improve the quality and quantity of data with single point of digital access for clinicians and patients
  • FHFT to become a leader in the field of robotic surgery including becoming a leading demonstration site.
Looking to the future
Our Future FHFT is all about delivering our vision for the future, ensuring that our local communities have access to exceptional health and care services when they need them, delivered by exceptional people.

We are now putting our strategy into action and implementing our ambitious plans to achieve our vision of being ‘a leader in health and wellbeing, providing exceptional services for our local communities’.

More information will be coming out in the new year so watch this space…
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