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March 2021
Lodge Office Phone - (360)779-5209
Trolls' Den Phone - (360)779-2384
Poulsbo Sons of Norway 2-44 - President's Message
Hi everyone from the California desert!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Looking forward to Ruby Patterson's special Corn Beef and Cabbage dinner in honor of her Mike!  It will really be something, I'm sure.  Plan to come on down on the 12th of March and be sure to wear your green. 
March is one of my favorite months of the year. Not only are the days getting longer and a bit warmer, it welcomes SPRING!!  I'm not a winter person--so the snow we experienced for Valentine's Day was enough already!  Even with the snow and treacherous roads, I managed to get on a plane and find the sunshine!!  Sunshine is good for the soul.  Soon the warmth of the sun will come to Poulsbo and it will be time for daffodils and crocus blossoms and sunny mornings and days getting longer and longer.  Spring is invigorating and brings a heightened anticipation for warm and wonderful times ahead.  Part of that will be the renewal of our "normal" lives as we are allowed to enjoy each other and come together again to work and play at our lodge.
I continue to be thankful for the wonderful members who have kept our lodge going through this trying Covid pandemic.  They have also picked up the slack since I had to get out of Dodge for a bit!  Speaking of picking up the slack, would any of you be interested in helping us cover the office from 9 to 11 on weekdays?  We do have a small nucleus of members who have been helping but we'd like to broaden that base to make the demand less on everyone.  If you would like to help a day a week or a day every two weeks or a day a month, give the office a call at 360-779-5209 or you can call or text me at 360-710-0565.  I would also like to thank our members who continue to be generous in their donations to the lodge.  This is helping your board keep the lodge going.  We will stay the course and celebrate soon!  Stay well and look forward to fun times at the lodge.  Remember, its a New Dawn, a new Day, a new life.
Sherry White"
Order On Line
We are wrapping up our successful winter soup series; not a single item was purchased by the lodge for these soup nights, meaning that 100% of your payment benefitted the lodge.  Many thanks to all of our soup crews for not only volunteering their time, but also their personal funds and the spirit they had in keeping the Friday Nights going during this historic time.  We appreciate all the cold-hearty patrons for purchasing made-from-scratch soups, weeks on end!
A heartful thanks to soup crews leads:
Alisha Anunson
Christina Webster
Jim & Linda Laughlin
Julia Weston
Karen Zabinski
Lizbeth Doving
LaVonne Block
Lorena Maxwell
May Mathieson
And here's the repertoire they created:  
Moroccan Beef Lentil  •  Beef Taco  •  Thai Chicken/Rice Curry  •  Norwegian Beef Barley w/Winter Roots  •  Shrimp Chowder  •  Minestrone  •  Chicken Tortilla  •  Split Pea  •  Oyster Chowder  •  Ginger Carrot  •  Pozole  •  Zuppa Toscana
For March we are transitioning to more substantial, yet not our typical full-sized Friday Night Dinners. We now welcome 25% of our capacity to dine indoors. 
One amazing exception:  Ruby's Corned Beef and Cabbage.  Ruby Patterson is very generously donating food for this event, meaning that 100% of your $16 dinner fee will benefit the lodge!  Prepared by Chef Arnie Fleck and Ruby Patterson in memory of Mike Patterson.
Order online NOW since dinners are limited.
Please contact Paul at  to talk about joining or starting a crew in 2021.
Friday Dinner Up-date
We can now welcome 25% capacity to dine indoors at the Trolls’ Den.  Our fabulous volunteers will continue to offer light meals on Fridays through March.  Order on line to reserve your Corned Beef & Cabbage dinner! 
Watch our facebook page for the latest information.
Order On Line
2021 Coming Events
26 - Pozole by Lorena Maxwell
5 - Zuppa Toscana, by Christina Webster
9 - Lodge Meeting
12- Corned Beef and Cabbage by Ruby Patterson in memory of Mike
      Special Bagpipe performance (buy the piper a Guinness and he might play longer)
19 - Frittata with Bread Pudding and Whiskey sauce for dessert
26 - Cottage Pie
See our website at or our facebook page for the latest information.
Our Facebook Page
New Sports Pins
As you might be aware, Sons of Norway encourages all members to engage in a lifetime of fitness in line with the Norwegian concept of "friluftsliv." Our Lodge awards shiny pins for all kinds of physical activity (cycing, cross-country skiing, walking, swimming and general fitness). Each discipline comes in four levels (bronze, silver, gold and enamel), with requirements differing by age group, and each level has to be completed within any 365-day period. For example, a 35 year-old cycling has to complete 150 miles for bronze, 300 miles for silver, 450 miles for gold, and 600 miles for enamel. The general fitness category includes any sport or fitness activity you participate, from basketball or kayaking to aerobics or weightlifting.
New this year is the general IDRETTSHELTEN medal ("sports hero") awarded to those that have already passed each of the four standard levels if they can complete double the enamel level in one year. Also new is HEDERSPRIS (outstanding sports achievement award) awarded to anyone that has completed the four standard levels in at least three different disciplines. To get started, log in to with your membership details or contact the lodge office to obtain forms. 
~Your Sports Directors, Colin and Ingunn Kuester

Legacy Donors ($100 + Donations)
Lorna and Jeff Griffin
John Miller
Keith and Mona Williams
Susan Baxter
Larry and Beth Farley
Sherry White
Diane and Doyle Clouser
R. J. Siegrist
Bob and Janet Finley
Shane and Susan Shisler
George and Glo Palmerton
Presidential Donors ($500 + Donations)
Rob Gelder
Alive Covenant Church
Donald Vagstad
"Grave Looter" Revealed
Earlier this week, local authorities, newspapers and enthusiasts sounded the alarm. Unauthorized persons had allegedly entered the famous Viking grave field at Vang in Oppdal and drilled deep holes in 17 of the Viking graves.
Several feared the worst on behalf of the grassy national treasure in Sør-Trøndelag: grave looting.
NTB [Norsk Telegrambyrå: The Norwegian News Agency] reported via the local newspaper OPP, which first mentioned the case, that there were varying depths in the holes, which "appeared to have been dug with a special drill." Furthermore, it was said that except in one case in 2014, there has been no looting in the large Viking burial ground since the 19th century.
“It's awful! Many organic finds have been lost, and objects can be ruined when air enters the graves,” said Thora Nyborg, curator at Vitenskapsmuseet [the Science Museum].
“It is incredible that we should experience this,” added county archaeologist Kristin Prestvold.
Badger suspected
On Friday morning, however, the police closed the case, according to the newspaper. The suspected criminal turns out to be difficult to reach.
“It seems to be a badger behind it,” said a smiling cultural consultant in Oppdal municipality, Sjur Vammervold, to Dagbladet [newspaper].
“It’s good that it wasn’t done by people. The badger is quite innocent and probably has completely different purposes than a grave robber,” he adds.
Probably badger holes
Vammervold says that it has not been 100 percent confirmed that it is the characteristic black and white marten that has ravaged Norwegian cultural heritage, but the suspicion is strong enough to go ahead and rule out that two-legged miscreants are behind it.
“Based on how badgers dig holes, this may be an explanation,” he says.
The municipality's website informs that most of the burials in Vang are from the Late Iron Age or Viking Age. That is, between the years 750-1000 A.D. Many valuable discoveries have been made in the area.
Do You Have Retirement Insurance?
Insurance helps replace a financial loss when the unexpected happens. Life insurance helps us make ends meet when we lose a loved one. But what about when the market takes an unexpected downturn?
Annuities can be viewed as a kind of retirement insurance—they offer the stability and predictability of income you can always count on. Call your Sons of Norway Insurance Professional today to find out how you can add a safety net to your retirement plan. 

Just for Fun!  Since we missed our adorable Poulsbo Vikings for Valisblot, a viking Valentine celebration, enjoy this brief trailer: "Valisblot. A Viking Story." Featuring the Poulsbo Vikings.

In Memory
Dean (Kenneth) Robinson
Leonard Hirshberg
James Boyle
June Breiland
Nadine Kvinsland
Maurice Michalek
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