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Dear Studio Families,

As we continue to shelter in place, juggling children and their schooling, trying to concentrate on work commitments and carrying out so many household responsibilities, we are left to manage very difficult and pervasive feelings of fear, anxiety, and grief. We are in a strange place inside and out. We continue to struggle with the heartbreaking reality of the coronavirus and the devasting effects it is having on the people we love and care about.

We are all coping in our own ways, trying to keep it together and keep it going, while there seems to be no end in sight. All of us are trying to adapt and cope; some are more vocal about their frustrations and disappointments, while others are more inward and silent, not coming forth with how this pandemic is affecting them. No matter what our coping styles are, there is no escape and most of us have reached the point in this crisis where we are ever more cranky, confused, and anxious.
Our children, parents, and teachers need something more, as week eight approaches. The cacophony of mixed emotions, along with a new way of living, often clouds our days and yet, like the sun that is trying ever so hard to shine, I know we will, too. So, how do we keep it all together in an atmosphere that is so uncertain and is one which we cannot control? Whatever we are going through now, how we process and express our own emotions and real-life situations is a model for our children, being aware that children learn what they live.

Will this shelter-in-place ever end? Yes. And when it does, how we lived through it and how we all transitioned out is what will matter. We all are coping and moping, zooming and maybe grooming, moving and grooving, and more. Remember, we are all doing the best we can and that it is just fine. With everyone’s support, care, and love, even when it is difficult to have patience, we will learn from this pandemic experience and see things in new ways, with new possibilities.
Janet C. Rotter
Head of School
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