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8 80 Streets Pineway: One Year Anniversary

We know that road safety is an issue that extends beyond the downtown area in any city. This is why last year we partnered with the local North York community on a traffic calming pop-up project on a typical suburban street for the 8 80 Streets Pineway project. Road design is one of the most effective ways to make our streets safer from car traffic for everyone regardless of age or ability. Special thanks to Councillor Shelley Carroll,  Pineway Public School, and our fantastic volunteers for their support during the past fall.

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What to Expect When We Talk About Winter and COVID-19

If Summer 2020 made best-sellers out of such backyard pleasures as potting soil, inflatable pools, and sidewalk chalk, what should Winter 2020 see a run on? The time is coming, and while the leaves start falling, our very own Sr. Project Manager, David Simor, talked to Bloomberg about what to expect for the season. 

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A Look at New York City's Homeless Students
The percentage of families experiencing homelessness in New York City are very high. This crisis exposes not only the difficulties of disadvantaged groups but the cracks in the system. In this article, Samantha M. Shapiro (The New York Times Magazine), discusses the challenging lives of about 100, 000 public school students without a permanent home.
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Action and Awareness are Keys to Safer Communities 
AARP Director of Livable Communities, Danielle Arigoni, recently discussed Livable Communities’ work with AARP Texas State Director Tina Tran, on this conversation that covers the support to local leaders and advocates to promote change in the areas of housing, transportation, parks, and public spaces to make them safer, more attractive and accessible for people of all ages.
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Six Ways Cities Can Make a Difference for Their Youngest Residents

The number of children that die daily in road crashes or get injured in vehicle collisions around the world is alarming. Streets and public spaces have to be safe for our cities' most vulnerable residents.
"A child-friendly” city should be a commitment to improving the lives of children by realizing their human rights as articulated in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and considering their needs in public policy processes and decisions", say, Nikita Luke, Rohit Tak, Ariadne Samios and Claudia Adriazola-Steil (The CityFix).

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New Document on Parks Recovery and Resilience During COVID-19

World Urban Parks Pathway to Recovery: Wellbeing & Resilience is a live updated international guide of resources, insights, and community perspectives on parks. This document aims to help connect parks agencies, community organizations, individuals, cities, and park conservancies to better navigate a path towards recovery, equity, wellbeing, social justice, and resilience in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Let's Get It Right: How to Talk About Older Adults During COVID-19 

Dr. Anna Dixon, Chief Executive of the Center for Ageing Better takes a look at some of the language used with regards to older people amid the pandemic, and the negative effects of ageism.

"Older people are seen variously as incompetent, hostile, and a burden on society – and our aging population is portrayed as nice, but incompetent", says the expert. This report shows that as a society, while we’ve made huge progress in challenging prejudice and discrimination, we are still far from getting it right. 

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