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Welcome one and all to the June 2021 newsletter from Rural Youth!

In this newsletter, we have updates from our State President, Rural Youth CEO and Agfest Chair, as well as reports from some of the amazing clubs from around the state. Everything you have grown to love from our physical newsletters - now in digital form. We hope you enjoy it!

G'day! As an organisation, we strive to excel in our forward-thinking, passion for new ideas and our many dedicated hours of hard work to bring together what is arguably one of the biggest events in the Tasmanian calendar.


It has been a big 12 months leading up, but with the generous support from the Tasmanian Government, Rural Youth pulled off the biggest event Tasmania has seen since the start of COVID-19 and I could not be prouder of what our dedicated and valued members can achieve in such a different environment, given so many new regulations and policies involved. We had volunteers everywhere from out in car parks to donning the green COVID vests and keeping our event running smoothly, we would be lost without you all!

Rural Youth members have been flat out since our last newsletter, with so many attending working bees to prepare the site, attending other club’s meetings and AGMs to just catching up for a weekend away. Rural Youth is more than just an organisation, we're a big family. Every member not only contributes hours to Agfest but hours into the internal running of the organisation and so many people are willing to get in and help others when needed. There were more members from other clubs than Westmorland members at their last meeting to get in and lend a hand and assist when needed, now that’s dedication!

Quercus Park, as always is still continually being utilised as a community hub, alongside our long-term site hirers there is always something happening, which is great to see such an asset being used to its full potential. Our newest asset the accommodation building behind the function centre has proven a great hit, with different organisations taking up the opportunity to hire them out and of course with great feedback. Our passion to make Quercus Park a community hub is now proving its worth with many new applications to hire our site coming in.

In the upcoming months, you will see the highly contested Nutrien Ag Solutions Young Farmer Competition heat up with 12 finalists making it through to the Finals which will be held at Quercus Park on the 14th of August. Make sure you come along on the day and watch the competitors battle it out for the name of ‘Young Farmer of the Year’ followed by a dinner to be held at the function centre where the winner will be announced!

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for upcoming club and state events... you will not want to miss one!

Jake Williams
State President

The Rural Youth world has been a blur since our last newsletter! Agfest preparation, participation and pack down, in addition to, reviews and debriefs have left little time for anything else!


Congratulations to Ethan and the Committee, the staff, volunteers and all involved, we delivered the largest free-moving event in Tasmania since the pandemic hit. This was a massive effort by all concerned. I would also like to acknowledge the support of all our exhibitors and sponsors, it was great to have you all back in the paddock with us! The Agfest dinner was two years in the making and was an epic celebration. Sunday was a challenge for some! Planning has now turned to Agfest 2022, we have learned a lot from this year’s event and we are looking forward to delivering a bigger and better event next year for all concerned.

As the dust settles on Agfest we are excited to have the Nutrien Ag Solutions Young Farmer of the Year competition back this year. Run-offs will be run and won by the time this newsletter goes out. I hope you can make it to the dinner on Saturday August 14 or you can come to Quercus during the day to support the finalists.

We will soon be entering the ‘silly season’ of annual meetings and AGMs, some will step down from their roles and others will take on new ones. I would encourage anyone who is considering taking on a role to catch up with someone who has recently done it or been involved so they can give you the good, bad and ugly – it always helps to be prepared!

Budget setting is also coming up, this will continue to be a complex balancing act as the needs are definitely greater than available funds at present. The Rural Youth Board and staff are working hard on future-proofing the organisation from a financial and membership perspective. Have you heard our ads on Chilli and affiliated stations over the past couple of months? We have had great feedback from getting our name out there! On a side note congratulations to Tamar Club – they are on the lookout for a new meeting room as their club numbers have grown beyond York Street!

I hope winter treats you well and I see many of you at the Agfest Annual Meeting, Young Farmer and AGM in September.

Karen Robinson

G’day everyone! Well, what a ride Agfest 2021 has been, from stating back in September 2020 that we will be having a crack at being back in the paddock to closing the gates on Saturday and opening the gates to the cloud for the second time around. It certainly been one for the ages.

The Agfest Committee has certainly been busy since the last newsletter went out, everything started to get real in February, our exhibitors were all notified of their site placements and allocations, working bees had once again started after a Christmas break, line marking was back up on the jobs list along with general site maintenance. March quickly flew by with lines on the ground ready for the marquees to start rolling in on 1 April.
April saw us push hard for an increase on our numbers cap of 10 thousand people, we petitioned Public Health and all government parties to no avail. On that note, it would not have been possible without the amazing help from the Tasmanian Government, and I sincerely thank our elected members for their ongoing support and commitment to Agfest.

To all our exhibitors, contractors and sponsors – a huge thank you to each and every one of you for your generosity and commitment to being part of our field days. It is the small, medium and large businesses that come together to create the unique spirit of Agfest.

From bump in to bump out, most of our exhibitors and patrons understood and believed in our check-in process with the Check In TAS app, our ticket system on event days and the additional crowd management requirements for social distancing. We certainly learned plenty along the way, especially when exhibitor traffic came to a standstill on the highway first thing Wednesday morning. After some slight adjustments to our internal traffic plan, we had it running like clockwork for the following three days.
We have received plenty of feedback from exhibitors and patrons on how well the four-day event went, as well as suggestions on where we can improve for following years. We are always open to discussion on how to make Agfest better, especially considering the new rules and regulations that all events are likely to be subjected to moving forward. It is a new 'normal', but we have proven that large-scale events can be delivered safely and compliantly.

Agfest in the Cloud was another huge success running from 8 – 15 May with over 110 thousand page visits, patrons spent over 1,000 hours wandering the streets of the cloud checking out all the amazing Agfest specials. People from around the world visited including people from US, UK, Germany, New Zealand and Canada.
For me now coming to the end of my second term as Chairman I can reflect on a challenging and stressful few years. It has been an incredible ride and I could not be prouder of my committee, volunteers and staff for leading Agfest back into the paddock and in the cloud. One thing for certain is that Agfest is unbreakable, and we will be around for many years to come.
This is it for my Agfest Chairman chapter, it has been one amazing journey and one that I would not change for the world. From the countless emails and phone calls to being the first Chairman to cancel the event and then being the first Chairman to have Agfest online, it has definitely been an experience that’s for sure.
Until next time, stay safe and I have no doubt I will see you all at Quercus very soon!

Ethan Williams
Agfest Chair


Hagley Rural Youth recently held their AGM at Quercus Park in early June with a great turn out!

Welcoming the new leadership team to 2021/2022:

  • President - Jackie Harvey

  • Treasurer - Ethan How


Motions were moved during the meeting to have, Secretary - Sam Pogorzelski and Vice President - Rory Eaton once they become Hagley financial members.

Unfortunately, due to COVID, Hagley has had to keep quiet on the events side of things. But many discussions have been had at our meetings lately on new ideas to keep active in the community.

In saying this - we are also hoping to create a sporting event roster to verse other clubs, if any clubs are interested in this please get in touch with Jackie Harvey - Ph: 0409 803 650
We've also been busy looking at some new merch for our club to look the part!

To keep up to date with us and to find out when/where meetings are on find us on Facebook - Hagley Rural Youth.

Hagley Rural Youth Club


Hey all, once again, the best club in the land (Kingborough-Huon) has been busy over the last few months with all things Rural Youth.

Since our last report in March we have obviously been busy with Agfest and then celebrated hard at the dinner at the end of May. Well done to all involved with this year’s event and good luck to those taking on roles on the new committee at the upcoming AGM!

Since Agfest, many of our members have also been busy with uni exams. This is a stressful time, but no doubt our members will all come out with High Distinctions as we’re high achievers in the south!

We held our AGM a little earlier than normal this year, a Sunday at Harlequin in Lenah Valley. We shared some yummy food and even had the State President and a carload of minions arrive to attend our meeting. Our new Leadership Team sees Jackson Sutherland take over as President, with Dale Hayers voted his Vice. Tobias moves to Treasurer and Amanda McDonald will be our Secretary. Congrats to all the outgoing leadership team over the last year and particularly Tobias, who has stepped down after a long term as President which has seen many older members of the club leave and the club reinvent itself with new faces.

Rhiannon announced at the meeting that she is moving to the mainland in July. Whilst this is sad, we know Rhiannon will be back at some stage and wish her all the best with her adventure!

In the coming months, we are hoping to book in a bowling comp, whilst our members will be seen at the Young Farmer Run-offs and Agfest Brainstorming. Contact Jackson or Amanda for details on our next meeting.

Finally and as always, don’t forget to Get A Boot Out of Life!

Kingborough-Huon Rural Youth Club

North Motton

The North Motton Club has been busy with all things Agfest most of this quarter!

But let’s take it back to the 1st April where we held a pot luck dinner and meeting at Kelsie Brown’s residence up in Preston. We were lucky to be joined by some members of other clubs which is always nice! On the 6th of April Jake, Hayden and Caitlin attended Tamar’s meeting.

We have organised some new hoodies for the club and are just waiting on these to be embroidered! At the end of April we heard the results of the Veggie Comp! Let’s just say that the NW Coast, as we already knew, grows the best produce with Yuri taking out the biggest tomato and Caitlin taking out the novelty with some funky potatoes!

Most weekends were spent at working bees readying for Agfest, and boy we were all so pumped to be back there. Agfest was a massive effort from everyone and NM were represented by a lot of important roles. Agfest Chairman Ethan Williams, Media and Promotions Dylan Bellchambers, RY Feature Tent Jake Williams, Equine Entertainment Georgia Pearce, Equine Exhibitors Caitlin Radford, Assistant Personnel Lauren Kay, Assistant Features Hayden Richardson, fork lift extraordinaire Josh Weeks and Yuri Wolfert, and general volunteer Phoenix Allen.

After Agfest we decided to have a catch up and go to Musical Bingo at Molly Malones! This was a ripper of a night and we were so glad to be joined by a lot of Devonport members. Good pub meal first and then good laughs during bingo. Definitely something we will attend again! It was great to have Courtney home for a short visit too after she moved to the mainland for work.

The Agfest Dinner was next on the list and was a great chance for everyone to dress up and let their hair down after a massive effort with Agfest.

Some members attended the Campbell Town Show the next day to show off their utes in the Oatlands Ute competition and watch the Tamar Dog High Jump.

We are now looking forward to our AGM on the 18th of June and will be running a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle on Sunday the 20th of June! Stay tuned to find out who our new office bearers are for the next financial year!

North Motton Rural Youth Club


A busy couple of months have been had by all at Oatlands Club. We have had members volunteer at Agfest and help out in the lead up as well as attend the annual Agfest dinner.

What a weird and wonderful Agfest this year was. It will certainly be a great story in years to come that we were all a part of the first-ever four-day Agfest. Our members thoroughly enjoyed their time volunteering and are already looking forward to 2022!
Since Agfest we have been busy working on a couple of community events. On the Saturday of Campbell Town Show we ran a Ute Competition and Dog High Jump in conjunction with our friends at the Tamar Club. Both events were a great success with RECORD NUMBERS entered in the Ute Comp. We had a grand total of 23 utes entered which is awesome to see! The Dog High Jump went equally as well with great numbers of dogs entered in all three categories! A big shout-out to all of the other Rural Youthies state-wide for their support on the day!

We were again asked to run the gate for the annual Woodsdale Cracker Night held at the famous Wallaby Park Football Ground at Woodsdale. The cracker night is run in conjunction with Oatlands Golf Club and Rural Alive and Well as a community get-together/social activity. The day started off extremely wet and miserable with a fair bit of rain recorded so we packed our wet weathers and headed out expecting a very wet and cold night. We arrived at the ground early to ensure enough time to gather some firewood so we could keep warm which in itself resulted in us all getting very wet, but we had fire! About an hour before the crackers were due to begin, the rain stopped, the clouds cleared, and the people came! We had a massive crowd come along to watch the show, we filled the Wallaby Park, Car Park and were parking cars in the bush! If you think parking cars at Agfest is hectic, come to the Woodsdale Cracker Night next year for an experience!
Next came our AGM, we had 27 members from all corners of the state come along to our meeting (just reinforces the fact that we are the best club). We had a great night mingling with everyone at the Huntington Tavern, Kempton. It is great to see members getting out and about to visit other clubs and sharing ideas! This year our leadership team will nearly stay the same (why change a good thing hey?) with the exception of the Secretary’s position, this saw Jody Jones come on board to take over the role. We would like to thank Renae for her contribution over the last 12 months and welcome Jody to the role.

Oatlands Rural Youth Club


Doesn’t time fly when your having fun, we have made it through the first half of 2021. Club members have been busy hop, skipping and jumping around the state to attend other club meetings.

Along with this, another batch of our fundraising club cattle tags have arrived, our Easter egg guessing competition was a success, we again participated in the 50ks in May, held a dog high jump at Campbell Town Show and made it through Agfest back in the paddock.

We are really proud as a club that restarted in 2017 with only a handful of members to have now quintupled our numbers four years later. On top of this we had a great number of these members volunteering at Agfest, with three having coordinator roles, two with assistant roles and nine general volunteers, these numbers make up more than half our club.

We would also like to formally welcome our new office bearers to their roles within the club. Josh Mison will take on the role of Club President, Charli Stone will be the trusty assistant as Vice President, Emily Nixon will be supporting the club in all things secretarial and Kashmir Taylor will be handling the club finances in Treasurer. The club will now begin planning our events for the next 12 months. Exeter Show has been locked in and it looks like we have added another popular show to our Dog High Jump calendar, so keep your eyes peeled on our social media and get those pooches ready to show off their skills.

Congratulations to all the clubs on a successful year, we are looking forward to seeing what is to come and working with you for the remainder of 2021 and into 2022.

Until next time,

Tamar Rural Youth Club


Over the past few months our club has been quiet as we have all been consumed in our own lives. However, four of our members held a BBQ outside of the Seabreeze IGA in Nubeena, making a profit of $296.35!


At the end of March, Maddy organised for those in our club who didn’t already have a boat licence to get theirs, with everyone passing it was a huge success!

A long-awaited project of ours was finally completed with our Tasman Rural Youth sign getting put up on Bangor Farm (who we can’t thank enough!) which is clearly visible on the highway in Dunalley as you enter the Peninsula.

As for Agfest, it was the first Agfest for our members with a total of nine from our club volunteering. At our first meeting back after Agfest I must say that I didn’t hear any bad feedback and we all had a lot of fun and really enjoyed meeting heaps of new people!

For the Agfest dinner five of us put on some tidy clothes and had an amazing time dancing the night away.

We are currently organising a raffle comprised of prizes from local businesses in hopes of bringing some people down to support our locals.

We have also welcomed five new members to our club within the last few months and we would also like to congratulate our Vice President Maddy Wade on being awarded the Rural Youth Scholarship for 2021.

Tasman Rural Youth Club


A different year for Agfest 2021 as we got back to the paddock during the COVID pandemic, as many new rules had been set. As a team we managed to make Agfest a great four-day event!


As a few of us went and volunteered for Agfest who enjoyed their time and made plenty of new friends and memories, it was soon followed by the annual Agfest dinner. We are all looking forward to what 2022 brings us.

Not long after Agfest was our AGM and we had a great turn out and it has been wonderful to see many members from different clubs all over the state come and support our club. Our leadership team are all different and are all keen to see what the new year brings us.

Westmorland Rural Youth Club

Rural Youth Tasmania would like to acknowledge the following sponsors for their support to our organisation and members – it is greatly appreciated!

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