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Greetings Members and Friends,

As 2021 draws to a close, I’m sure you have become accustomed to check in, mask and social distance as appropriate for our COVID19 companion. I wish you Christmas greetings and hope those of you who can, will meet with family members again – some, I know who have not been able to catch up since COVID19 began.

Since our September Newsletter volunteers of the Heritage Society have been busy with behind the scenes work and yet able to hold an Open Day with Norma Green and the 21st Birthday Celebrations, as well as make plans for an interesting 2022. Carolyn Brammer and Jo Comerford acknowledged Remembrance Day by laying a wreath at the service.

Carolyn and I had a wide-ranging conversation with Elizabeth Rankin, President Progress Association. We wished the Progress Association well on the future of the bus project and we all look forward to both organisations working closely together. We plan to have a meeting in January to organise the Flinders’ weekend.

Kate Barker and I had an enjoyable morning with Margaret Anderson viewing DVDs and photos of the Bicentenary Celebrations. Margaret and Norma Greene shared the organisation of the celebrations that were a wonderful success. We thank Margaret for sharing her stories and donating the videos and photos of the event and giving copies of other documents relevant to Coochiemudlo’s past for copying.

What the volunteers are doing

Some time back the Heritage Society was gifted an herbarium of many plants of the Island, compiled by a group of volunteers, the ‘Press Gang’. You may remember that the Queensland Herbarium visited the Society, commented on the specimens and gave instructions for storage.
Professor Roger Shivas with Press Gang and Society members in October 2019.

The digitisation is nearly complete, the photographs of the plants are beautiful, presenting as botanic art. The Society will frame selected photos and hold a special exhibition thanking the Press Gang. We may also display them at the Mangrove Festival. Many volunteer hours have been spent in this project. We thank the Redland City Council, Councillors grants and Lance Hewlett, for the grant for framing the photos, Rae Wear for applying for the grant, Peter Wear and Kevin Childs for taking care of the photos and Angela Hobson for entering the data. It is almost unique for a small heritage association to hold such a collection.

Emerald Fringe succession planting
The Society’s application for a grant for succession planting at Main Beach was not successful. However, we will prepare another application for the February round of grants.

Redland Museum partnership
The Redland Museum celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2022 and we will join with them for some of those activities. As arrangements become confirmed we will let you know. Do check out their website

Covid pandemic oral histories
The State libraries are creating a national archive of oral histories on personal experiences of the Covid pandemic, for use by researchers in the future. The Queensland State Library requested regional councils to cooperate in this large project and Redland City asked the Coochiemudlo Island Heritage Society and others for help. The Committee nominated David Paxton to conduct interviews. Eight Island identities gave their time to be recorded for posterity. Their interviews will be transcribed for the archives. 

David is also submitting a diary of poems that recorded his impressions of the pandemic. Here's an example, called  'Demo-lition'.

On behalf of everyone
born or unborn under the sun
anti-vaxxers demonstrate
for the right to not vaccinate.
Just what do they find amiss
since that right already is?
These gnashers, wailers and weepers
are they their brothers’ keepers?
Are they spitting out the dummy
at long suffering Mummy?
Are they seeking to irritate
whom they see as the nanny State?    

Perhaps not …
Activists may seem vexatious,
they may not seem perspicacious,
but the times do seem over-ripe;
perhaps there’s justness in their gripe?
The golden goose has long since laid,
the debts accrued still to be paid.
The present may die intestate,
the future sorely left castrate?

 However …

Our kids’ future can’t be a wraith,
must be knowledge, hope and faith.
Those choosing not to vaccinate
should not, at this time, congregate.
26 July 2021

 Emerald Fringe Subcommittee
The Emerald Fringe Subcommittee will begin its meetings in January 2022 with new and ongoing members: Kevin Childs, Annette Drennan, Toni Cannard, Rae Wear and Jan MacIntyre.
Mangrove Festival
The Mangrove Festival is going ahead in 2022 on Saturday July 16 and is already in preparation by the subcommittee of Rae Wear, Bryan Dyball, Heather Smith, Gary Morganson, and Annette Drennan .
Collections Subcommittee
Those involved in preparing the displays for the Birthday were so taken with the records that they have agreed to volunteer to the Management Committee to form a subcommittee to continue the work. More on this space and if you would like to join us please phone Jo or me.

What's on soon
Members, friends and volunteers’ day
Please keep Saturday January 29, 2022, 5-7pm free. We plan to have a social get together to say thank you to all of 2021’s hardworking volunteers and to say hello to members and friends as we look forward to the 2022 calendar year. A sausage sizzle and salads will be provided by the Management Committee and BYO drinks, chairs, and any food you’d like to share. A reminder will be sent out closer to the date.
Herbarium photographic display
Another date 18-20, March 2022 to keep free is the Herbarium photographic display as mentioned earlier. It will begin with a with a wine and cheese reception Friday March 18, 2022 and be opened for viewing Saturday and Sunday. Details will be notified when arranged.

Other dates to keep in mind
13 January Management Committee meeting
26 January Australia Day markets display
30 January Members, friends and volunteers’ day
17 February Management Committee meeting
19 February Open Day 10am -12pm
18, 19, 20 March Herbarium Display
15 April Good Friday
21 April Management Committee Meeting

What’s been on
21st Birthday
60 people attended the very social 21st Birthday Celebrations on November 6, 2021, meeting up with long-term residents and those who returned to share the birthday celebrations. The opening of our History Room, the attendant displays downstairs, the Power Point of old photos, and the displays upstairs gave an insight into the work of the many volunteers of the Heritage Society. We thank those residents who shared their photos and Jo Comerford for copying them on the evening for the Society’s records as well as creating the Power Point which will soon be viewed on the Society's web page.
We thank the speakers who spoke interestingly as they toasted the Society: Des Peters, a member of the inaugural History Society committee, who shared some of his recollections; Rachael Krinks, who shared her vision for the island and what the Society could continue to do to ensure the heritage remains intact; David Paxton, a past president, who shared a little of the growth and changes of the Society; and Robin Dixon, the daughter of early settlers, who shared parts of her parents’ diaries. We thank Kate Barker, a published performance poet who treated us to two poems as she contemplated the value of heritage and what those present at the Celebration wanted for the future of Coochiemudlo.

Kate Barker presenting a poem

I thank the team who worked so hard in gathering old photos, buying the supplies and ensuring all tasks were completed, Carolyn, Jane Beatty, Jo, Kate and Yvonne Symes. We thank Joe Alhalaby from Curlew Café for the donation of the food and Annette Drennan for helping Yvonne at registration. Those guests who helped clean up and put away deserve a huge thank you for making a big job smaller.

Open Day 09.10.21
The Heritage Society’s Open Days are usually intimate affairs where we open our History Room and often have a speaker or display to share, with 10-15 guests. The Open Day of October 9 was to follow this format when we were fortunate to arrange for Norma Green, a long-term identity of Coochiemudlo, to share her memories on her retirement from 25 years’ service to the Coochiemudlo library. This event grew into a wonderful celebration of Norma and the Coochiemudlo community, attended by about 50 people who listened and asked questions of Norma who responded with some amazing stories. One story Norma shared about a brick and an outstanding library loan was received with awe and is well worth asking her to repeat.
We thank Councillor Lance Hewlett and MP Kim Richards for attending and making a presentation to Norma. Rae, Jo, Jan and Peter helped set up, Yvonne manned the door, the library ladies and friends supplied a delicious lunch and as usual those present helped the clean-up.

Pam Shultz presenting Norma with flowers. Norma sharing her tales

From time to time the Society receives email notifications from other Historical Societies, sharing their upcoming events and programs. One such group is the Queensland Historical society. If interested you may like to have a look at their website Home - The Royal Historical Society of Queensland ( or follow them on Facebook

That's all for now. Best wishes for the Festive Season.If you would like to help in any of our activities or have an idea for one, we welcome you and your new ideas. Ring Jan MacIntyre, President 3820 8419, or Jo Comerford, Secretary, 0448 152 090.

Jan MacIntyre
"Heritage contributes to our sense of place’ and the aim of the Coochiemudlo Island Heritage Society is to reflect our mission that encompasses indigenous, settler, and environmental heritage, including caring for what we have today so it can become the heritage of tomorrow."
'We acknowledge the traditional rights of the Quandamooka people over 
Coochiemudlo Island, and their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. 
We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging' 

Coochiemudlo Island Heritage Association
IA Number 29695 ABN 3380 6762 02 
President Jan MacIntyre

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