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Election Integrity Bills Head the the Governor


Several election integrity bills that increase transparency, consistency, and uniformity in our election processes have passed both houses of the legislature and are now headed to the Governor's desk. Senate Republicans have passed nine election integrity bills this year.

Democrats are reflexively saying these bills make it harder to vote. It's just not true. These bills do make it harder to cheat, and clean up loopholes that were exploited last year. It's important that every voter's ballot should count equally, and that's why election integrity matters. 

To learn more about the pending legislation, bill details and more, visit: Click.

Second Amendment Sanctuary

This week, the Senate gave final approval to a bill protecting the constitutional rights of Wisconsin gun owners. Assembly Bill 293 prohibits any Wisconsin law enforcement agency, or any other Wisconsin entity, from enforcing a new federal gun law, rule, regulation, or order.
I am a proud Second Amendment supporter, and have promised to defend, protect, and expand Second Amendment rights. As we’ve seen, every time a Democrat enters the White House, there is another attempt to restrict Second Amendment rights of legal gun owners. Just this week, President Biden announced a crime package that seems more focused on penalizing law-abiding gun owners than criminals.
Make no mistake – those illegally possessing and misusing firearms should be prosecuted. But leave lawful gun owners alone!

Wanggaard Police Improvement Bills Signed into Law

Accountability, community involvement, and transparency are the cornerstones of any civic organization, and the PACT bills signed by Governor Evers today reflect those principles. I am proud to have worked with my colleagues, Senators Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) and Alberta Darling (R-River Hills), and Representative John Spiros (R-Marshfield), to introduce these bipartisan bills to improve policing in Wisconsin.
It is curious, however, that rather than celebrate the bi-partisan agreement on these bills, Governor Evers signed these bills in private without even notifying my office, as is customary. Instead, he put out a press release complaining that he hasn't gotten everything he wanted and pushing for unneeded and dangerous ideas. 

This was a great opportunity to showcase Republicans and Democrats (and his) ability to come to agreement. For someone who claims he wants Republicans and Democrats to work together to improve Wisconsin, he once again shows otherwise.  
On Wednesday, Governor Evers signed the following bills:
  • Senate Bill 121 -  Prohibiting the authorization of chokeholds in a use of force policy except in cases of self-defense or life-threatening situations (2021 WI Act 48)
  • Senate Bill 122 -  Requiring police departments to allow online access to Use of Force Policies (2021 WI Act 49)
  • Senate Bill 123 – Requiring law enforcement entities to report Use of Force incidents, and for the Wisconsin Department of Justice to publish an annual report about such incidents (2021 WI Act 50)
  • Senate Bill 124 – Creating a Community-Oriented Police (COP) House grant program (2021 WI Act 51)
The bills were part of a bipartisan package of seven bills unveiled last year by Senators Wanggaard, Taylor and Darling known as the “PACT.” “PACT” is an acronym standing for Police Accountability, Community Involvement and Transparency. The remaining bills are expected to pass the Assembly in the coming weeks.

 Fentanyl Bill Passes Senate

This week the Senate passed Senate Bill 352, a bill which I co-sponsored with Representative Billings, which would increase the penalties for fentanyl use, manufacturing, and distribution. I discussed this bill a few weeks ago when I testified on it in committee. It is now available for scheduling in the Assembly. 

Fallen Firefighter from Caledonia: 
Jeffery C. Erickson

On June 23rd, I adjourned our Senate Session in honor of Firefighter and Paramedic Jeffery C. Erickson of the Caledonia Fire Department who succumbed to medical issues received in the line of his firefighting duties. Jeff taught CPR for the fire department and Children’s Hospital and continued to serve the public for as long as his health allowed.  He died on June 14th, 2021, a duty related death, after a long and courageous battle with lymphoblastic leukemia. Jeff is remembered as someone who loved to live life to the fullest. He will be missed by many.
Issue 231
June 25th, 2021

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