Issue One Hundred and Fifty Eight - March 21, 2019
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If it has to happen, IT HAS TO HAPPEN NOW! If it does not happen now, it will never happen. If it has to happen, IT HAS TO HAPPEN HERE! If it does not happen here, it will happen nowhere! And if it has to happen, IT HAS TO HAPPEN THIS WAY ALONE! And if it is not this way, it will not happen. So, the way that Swami has decided, the time that Swami has decided, the place that Swami has decided is perfect to achieve what needs to be achieved. Irrespective of whether you praise it or blame it, you help it or you obstruct it, Swami's WILL will prevail, will succeed AND THERE IS NO OTHER WAY!                                                                                                                                                                      -Baba
With the Blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, we are delighted to present our One Hundred and Fifty Eighth issue of Ananda Vahini. The weekly newsletter includes interesting musings and short excerpts from the week's events.

In this issue, we bring you the Second part of the updates on Bhagawan's ongoing overseas visit. 

In this week's INNER VIEW, Sri Madhusudan shares an interesting moment between Bhagawan and students.

- Sathya Sai Grama Communications Team.
By Sri Madhusudan 
      Good name lasts forever          
As Swami was walking past the classrooms of the students at the Jaypura girl’s Campus, He heard them call His name and so He entered one of the classrooms. All excited, the children welcomed Swami with great joy and even showed off some of their talents of drawing, painting and poetry. The state-of-the-art digital classroom with remote conferencing facility was also showcased to Swami and the guests. 

Swami turned around and asked the children as to when were their winter vacations would commence. The girls responded in chorus about the dates of their holidays, when Swami asked again as to what would they bring Him when they return from their holidays. 

“Whatever You want Swami”, was the unequivocal answer of all.

Swami was happy and told them, “Don’t bring Me flowers for they will fade away, don’t bring Me fruits for they will rot soon and smell foul, don’t bring Me sweets too for they will turn stale soon, but bring Me good name from your parents which will last forever.” 

He advised them to conduct themselves well during the holidays and get a good name for themselves, their institution, and above all for Swami!

Swami often quotes, “Sathyam Keerthi Dwayam Sthiram”, Truth and Good name alone are permanent in this otherwise ephemeral world.

Before the students could go home for their holidays, Swami drew this point straight home through a simple chat - good name lasts forever.    


 MARCH 12 AND 13, 2018   


Swami’s entourage landed on the night of March 12th in Kuching, in the beautiful State of Sarawak in Malaysia, the next destination after Kuala Lumpur. Brothers Tony Bong, Julius Tan and Hamish Ravindran along with other devotees welcomed everyone at the Kuching International Airport, as they landed at 9 p.m. A short 15 minutes drive is ‘Sai Love’, Swami’s residence in Kuching. Mrs Magdelene Tsai, wife of Brother Tony, Mrs Uma Tan, wife of Brother Julius, along with many other devotees welcomed Swami traditionally, and were soaked in bliss as they were in the presence of God yet again! After blessing everyone and partaking His dinner, Swami urged all to rest, assuring to meet them the next morning after breakfast.

The next morning, March 13, Swami proceeded to inaugurate SWAMI HOME (Sunshine Welfare Action Mission) in Kuching, the first outside Singapore, while all the staff and students were taken on a tour of the city and a cultural village. SWAMI HOME was established in the year 1986 in Singapore. In 1979, SWAMI HOME started off as a community service initiative, which turned into a Nursing Home Project. After six years of regular visits to the aged and aged sick in the various Nursing Homes, a group of volunteers decided that it was time to consolidate their community work, with the objective of providing nursing care and shelter for the sick, aged sick and handicapped from the lower socio-economic sector. The HOME in Singapore started with only 20 residents, 32 years ago, and today with 265 staff, they care for more than 300 elders. Home help, home medical and nursing services are also offered, and all together every single day SWAMI HOME touches the lives of over 1000 elders! Swami had mercifully blessed the Home during His visit to Singapore in August 2018. In His discourse He mentioned that He would like a similar facility to be established in Kuching. Immediately, Brothers Tony Bong, Julius Tan and Hamish Ravindran started working on the project with the help of Mr Low Chang Yee, Chairman of SWAMI HOME, and his entire team. An appropriate piece of real estate was required, and an old school friend of Brother Tony Bong, Mr Sim Meng Chiok, and his brother Mr Sim Kiang Chiok came to the rescue. They currently have a very large Development and Construction...  

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March 12, evening: Upon arrival at ‘Sai Love’, Swami’s residence in Kuching 
March 13, morning: Sunshine Wellness Centre
Opening of Medical Outreach International and One Youth Skills Development Centre
Launch of the website
Satsang in progress
March 13, evening: Satsang at 'Sai Love' Prayer Hall
Divine Discourse

 MARCH 14, 2018   


A red-letter day for all devotees of Sai in Malaysia, as Swami was inaugurating the Ashram in Malaysia which would stand as a beacon of hope, provide succour and steer many generations of people on the path to finding the divinity inherent within each heart. Students and staff proceeded to the National Park close by to see Serawak’s famous Organgutans in the morning. Soon after lunch, around 3:30 p.m. Swami along with all the staff, students, and devotees proceeded to Bau. Close to two hundred devotees from various parts of Malaysia, and other countries had gathered to witness the auspicious inauguration.

Spread over close to six acres of stunning greenery, atop a hill, stands the first phase of Vishwaniketanam Ashram in Bau, close to an hour away from Kuching. The location of every Ashram in the world is nestled in the lap of Mother Nature, and this Ashram is no different. With stunning views of the surrounding mountains, and never-ending vistas of lush green foliage, Bau was originally a gold mining town. When Swami visited Kuching to perform the Bhoomi Puja in March 2017 He spoke about how two dragons, a white and a green, have been guarding the land for a very long time! Swami said that these two dragons are like the guardian deities of the entire place. Swami has also commanded Brothers Tony Bong and Gan to build a shrine for the Dragons behind the Ashram, and the story of the dragons as revealed by Swami is quite baffling.

A grand traditional welcome with lion and dragon dance awaited Swami. As soon as the Lord of the Universe alighted from the car, the entire place transformed in to a haven of divine energy, a feeling very difficult to expound in mere words. The ceremonial lamp was lit, the red ribbon was cut, and Vishwaniketanam Ashram or the ‘Universal Home’ welcomed the Creator and joyfully caressed Him in its bosom! Swami walked around giving further instructions to the team. Some more interior work and final touches are required, which would all be completed within the next three months.

Swami took His seat on stage at the Prayer Hall, and commanded Brother Hamish Ravindran to welcome all the guests and talk briefly about the genesis of the Ashram. Thereafter, Brother Tony Bong....  

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Inauguration of Vishwaniketanam Ashram in Bau
Traditional welcome with lion and dragon dance
The red ribbon being cut inaugurating the Ashram
Brother Hamish Ravindran wecoming the gathering and speaking about the genesis of the Ashram
Brother Tony Bong sharing his experiences
Brother Henry Gan, the donor of the land sharing his experiences 
Sri B N Narasimha Murthy speaking about the existing, and upcoming Ashrams around the world
Divine Discourse

 MARCH 15 AND 16, 2018   


‘Sai Love’ in Kuching was abuzz with activity from 3:00 a.m, as the kitchen team which comprised of a few ladies who had specially flown to Kuching from various parts of Malaysia, were busy preparing breakfast for Swami and His entourage who were departing by an early flight to Singapore. After Mangala Arati, and blessing all the devotees and promising them of a visit very soon, Swami proceeded to the airport along with His students. Lord Sai can simply ‘walk across the sky’, and so He bids farewell to His entourage, when they reach the airport! The excitement of the students was quite palpable for they would finally be seeing Singapore, and of course Swami’s ‘Singapore Gang’! Upon arrival in the afternoon, everyone were welcomed with much love, and soon were on their way to their respective accommodations. In the evening, Swami and His entourage made their way to the residence of Brother Umashankar and his wife Smt Vidya for Satsang and dinner. Before arriving at their residence, Swami first blessed the home of Brother Krishnan Varadarajan and his wife Smt Vasundhara. After spending more than 45 minutes at their home, Swami proceeded to Brother Umashankar’s home. He entered amidst Bhajans which continued for close to 45 minutes in the Divine Presence. Swami beckoned Brother Umashankar to speak to everyone gathered. He thanked Swami for His presence and spoke about the purpose of life, which he believed was – ‘to give or give it up’! He went to speak about the beauty for giving, and urged everyone to selflessly serve fellow beings.

Swami then called upon one of the University students Madan Kumar to speak about his heart ailment, and how he was cured in His hospital. He thanked Swami profusely and said that he was cured by the Lord, and hence wanted to dedicate his entire life serving others in His divine mission. Swami then asked for Nirvana Shatakam....    

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March 15, morning: Departure from Sai Love, Kuching
March 15, evening: Visit to the residence of Brother Umashankar and his wife Smt Vidya, Singapore
Satsang in progress
Madan Kumar, University student expressing his gratitude to Bhagawan
Divine Discourse
Blessing the students
March 16, evening: Public Satsang at Sai Anandam, Singapore
Talk by Sri B N Narasimha Murthy
Divine Discourse

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