IGS News January 2016
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Guri Rørtveit

Dear all,

My first month as Head of Department has been a mix of joy, excitement and slight confusion. By visiting research groups and academic groups (faggrupper) I am slowly gaining insight into the various fields of research and education where we have responsibilities. I am truly impressed by the activity and the commitment I see at all levels of the Department! Additional to the visits, I spend time getting into new routines and understanding the finances. The budget situation is as you know quite difficult. I hope we can all act as a team to make ends meet this year, without losing momentum. Outside the Department, I am a member of HelseOmsorg21-rådet (a council for the national government to follow up the 2014 strategy). In our meeting this month we discussed ways to organize and fund research and education to strengthen primary care in Norway. The council is ambitious, and the suggestions discussed may have high impact on our Department in the future.
Guri Rørtveit

Lancet Series: Every child everywhere benefits from breastfeeding 

21st Century women – in rich and poor countries alike – do not receive the support they need to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding plays a vital role in health and development. It has a multitude of positive benefits for both women and children. Jose C. Martines and Nita Bhandari, both affiliated to CISMAC, are two of the authors of a newly published paper in The Lancet entitled: "Breastfeeding: Why invest, and what it will take to improve breastfeeding practices?".
Benefits of breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is one of the best preventive interventions for both mothers and their children, regardless of where they live.

Challenges and barriers
Breastfeeding is a collective responsibility. Despite a growing body of evidence, numerous daily challenges and barriers hinder or limit women from breastfeeding.
Read more about the study here.
BREAKTHROUGH: Cecilie Svanes has found that the aging of the lungs is influenced by factors early in life, such as the time you were born.

Children born in winter have vulnerable lungs

Professor Cecilie Svanes has recently discovered three development factors that influence aging of the lungs. “Having a mother who smoked when she was pregnant with you will affect your lungs in a negative way. The same is the case if you were born during the winter months, or if you experienced a severe respiratory infection at a very young age,” Svanes explains. In her latest research, she has been studying people aged between 40 and 70 years, to find out if conditions in early life also affect the lungs’ aging. Read more about the study here.
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Publication: Access to surgical services in rural Ethiopia - balancing health, finance and equity

Surgical disease cause a high disease burden and there is limited access to surgical services in low- and middle-income countries. In a new article published in Health Policy and Planning, a DCP-Ethiopia and Priorities2020 team examined how policies to expand access to surgery in rural Ethiopia would impact health, impoverishment and equity. Associate professor Kjell Arne Johansson and Master Student Dawit Desalegn from the Global health priorities research group are two of the authors on the article. Read more here
GH Priorities

Supplemental folic acid in pregnancy and risk of maternal and childhood cancer 

A new study from IGS shows no association between folic acid use before and during pregnancy and the risk of maternal and childhood cancer. The study included more than 430,000 women and 690,000 children in the period 1999-2010, and 3,780 women and 800 children developed cancer. Information on supplement use was obtained from the Medical Birth Registry of Norway. PhD candidate Jan Helge Seglem Mortensen (picture) from the Genetic Epidemiology Research Group is the first author of this study. Read more.
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Greater likelihood of self-reported food intolerance after a giardiasis-outbreak

More than 3 out of 5 of those who had had acute Giardia infection in 2004 reported that certain types of food and / or drink could give them stomach pains three years later. - We cannot make specific dietary advice on the basis of this study, but establish that Giardia infection appears to be a risk factor for developing perceived food intolerance, says lead author of the study, Sverre Litleskare (picture). Litleskare is a researcher at Uni Research Health and a PhD Candidate at UiB. Read more at the Uni Research website.
Anja Ariansen

Staff and personnel news

We have the pleasure of presenting many new employees this month. We have already presented Guri Rørtveit in our November issue, and from January 1st she is officially IGS’ new Head of Department.
Rolv Terje Lie was Head of Department for eight years and has now returned to his professorship.  We thank him for his contribution to the department through all these years and for the great collaboration.
In the administration we also have a new face in Tonje J. Sperrevik. She is our Ph.D.-coordinator while Jorunn Hvalby is on maternity leave.  We also have two new permanent administrative project leaders at two of our centres. Anja M.S. Ariansen  (picture) is now the administrative leader at «Health Registries for Research». At our Centre of Excellence, CISMAC; Marte Emilie Sandvik Haaland is the new administrative leader. Last, but not least; Gunhild Koldal is now a permanent employee in the IGS administration.
At the Core facility for Biostatistics and Data Analysis we have two new permanent statisticians. Øystein Ariansen Haaland  went from being a Postdoctoral Fellow to a permanent employee at the department. Dagrun Daltveit Slettebø (picture) is a new employee at the University of Bergen.
In the Physiotherapy research group,  Jon Joensen (Associate Professor) will work as a substitute for Professor Jan Magnus Bjordal who is on partial leave this semester. Joensen is also working as a researcher on two projects together with Bjordal. In one of these projects, focusing on laser treatment of wrist fractures, Humaira Sæbø is a newly employed researcher. Another new addition to this research group is Cathrine Nøttingnes, employed as researcher. Please also note that Jan Magnus Bjordal is the leader of the physiotherapy research group from January 1st.
In the research group for general practice,  Eirunn Thun has started working as a researcher on the project WOW - Working hours, health, well-being and participation into working life.
Additionally, Christian Ritz is employed as a researcher on the project TB Trials, Inger Lise Teig is now permanently employed in 70 % (addition of 20 %) as Associate Professor and Sandhya S. Visweswariah is a new Professor II at the project EtecVac.

 New Doctors

Jan 15 Abebe Animut Ayele (picture) - thesis: Anopheles species and malaria transmission risk in a highland area, south-central Ethiopia PhD press release
Jan 26 Ingrid Kvestad - thesis «Biological risks and neurodevelopment in North Indian children. Results from a randomized controlled trial on vitamin B12 and folic acid» PhD press release.

Congratulations from IGS!

Upcoming disputations 2016

Feb 9 Phyllis Awor (Picture, Trial lecture 8th of February) – Thesis: Drug shops in integrated community case management of malaria, pneumonia and diarrhoea in Uganda. Appropriateness of care and adherence to treatment guidelines
Feb 12 Merete Røthing - Thesis: Towards improved partnerships between health professionals and family caregivers in Huntington’s disease: a qualitative study
Feb 26 Ragnhild Bjarkøy Strandberg – Thesis: Psychological well-being, diabetes’ impact on daily life, and glycaemic control in adults with type 1 diabetes thesis: Anopheles species and malaria transmission risk in a highland area, south-central Ethiopia

Fire Prevention Course in March

According to statutory law in Fire and Safety Regulations all employees (also important for students) at UiB are obliged to complete a theoretical and practical course in fire prevention.

At Center for International Health the course is offered in English 11 March at 1200 to 1400, one hour with theory (in Seminar Room 234 at ODH) and one hour practical firefighting afterwards.

Please register by sending an email with completed form (click here to access the form) and “Registration” in the subject field to:

Fire Prevention courses at IGS Spring 2016:
In English at Årstadveien 21 (SIH) 11 March at 1200 to 1400
In Norwegian at Kalfarveien 31, 9 March at 0900 to 1100, OR 1130 to 1330
If you are prevented to participate 11 March there is an English course at the Student Centre 28 April. 

Mitt UiB: Ny læringsplattform klar for MOF

Studenter og ansatte ved MOF tar i bruk Mitt UiB fra våren 2016.
Alle våremner ved IGS er nå publisert på Mitt UiB
Les mer om læringsplattformen her.
Utlysning Visjon2030: Innovative prosjektidéer for helse- og utdanningsbistanden
Sammen med Forskningsrådet og Innovasjon Norge lanserer Norad en felles utlysning for skisser til innovasjonsprosjekter i utviklingsland. Prosjektene skal bidra til å oppnå de nye bærekraftsmålene innen utdanning og helse. 
Les mer om utlysningen her.Frist: 17.februar 2016

Falch-fondet - utlysning juniorpris og forelesning
Fagmiljøene inviteres til å fremme forslag til Juniorpris for unge forskere (under 40 år) og til Falchs forelesning (The Falch lecture) 2016. Les mer om Falchs forelesning og Juniorprisen. Forslag sendes til og behandles av styret i Konsul Søren Falch og øyenlege Sigurd Falchs fond for medisinsk vitenskap. Frist 1. mars 2016


Feb 1.-3. Konferanse: Forskning på psykisk helse og rus - muligheter og utfordringer, UiO, Oslo.
Feb 3 19:00 Filosofisk poliklinikk: Fødsel, død og skandale - Har pressen fordreiet virkeligheten om fødselsomsorgen i Bergen - og hvem kan i så fall korrigere pressen? Dialog mellom Frøy Gudbrandsen, Agnethe Lund og Helle Karina Johansen, Litteraturhuset
Feb 15 14:15 Lecture by the new Professor at IGS: Ingunn Engebretsen - "Food for thought: Research on Early childhood nutrition interventions for child development in Low Income Countries", in the Canteen, Kalfarveien 31


See the full calendar here. 
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