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Meghan Markle Becomes What I Thought She’d Never Be – a Whiner

The excerpts from "Finding Freedom" have confirmed that Meghan Markle is nothing more than a spoiled complainer. Stop crying, Meg!
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$11,000 Bitcoin Just Happened: What’s Fueling the Massive Pump?

After months of quiet, the bitcoin price has exploded higher in the last 48 hours. It's now trading above $11,200 for the first time since 2019.
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Jeff Bezos Is Worth $179 Billion – And He’s About to Get a Lot Richer

Jeff Bezos is already worth nearly $180 billion. Four Amazon stock price target hikes suggest he's about to get even richer.
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Dow Ekes Out a Gain as Weaker Dollar Bails Out Stock Market Bulls

The Dow Jones Industrial Average eked out a gain on Monday as a weakening U.S. dollar gave stock market bulls a bailout.
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Gold Hitting Record Highs Is Bad News for the Dow – Here’s Why

Gold prices are surging because the economy is in trouble. That scenario doesn't bode well for the Dow Jones.
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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are Trapped in a Mess They Created

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are at it again. They created this mess, and I'm not convinced they hate it as much as they want us to think.
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This PS5 Leak May Reveal Sony’s Most Customizable Console Ever

Leaked workshop images of detachable PS5 outer shell plates suggest Sony's next-gen console could be the most customizable PlayStation ever.
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‘America’s Dad’ Tom Hanks Is Cheating on the U.S. – And We Deserve It

Tom Hanks just received Greek citizenship. This means America's Dad is "seeing someone else," and the worst part is we deserve it.
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Why Silver Will Outperform Gold Before the Precious Metals Rally Stops

Gold has hit a new all-time high, but silver still has a ways to go. One key indicator can show when investors should take profits in silver.
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How Amazon’s Earnings Could Disappoint This Week

The fact that Amazon benefitted from the pandemic in the first-quarter does not guarantee that Q2 will be a repeat of the same.
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Does Anyone Really Believe Kanye West Is Sorry?

Kanye West recently "apologized" to Kim Kardashian for his recent public outbursts. Does anyone actually believe he is sincere?
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PS5 Production Estimates Tease Sony’s Best-Selling Console Ever

The ambitious aim of shipping 170 million units within five years could see the PS5 become Sony's best selling console ever.
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Ray Dalio Warns of a Dollar Drop; Stock Market Correction Could Follow

Billionaire investor Ray Dalio believes the U.S. dollar will soon decline. If history is any indication, the U.S. stock market could drop in tandem.
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As Stimulus Dries Up, Americans Are Staring Over an Income Cliff

While a pandemic stimulus check would provide some liquidity to Americans, a sharp drop in unemployment benefits is a greater concern.
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Meghan Markle Craves Her ‘Movie Moment’ – and Prince Harry is Ruining It

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem to want different things from their post-royal life. It's about time they got on the same page.
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The Dow Is Climbing Because the ‘Everything Bubble’ Is Back

The Dow Jones rallied on Monday along with the broader stock market and gold prices. Are bears right to warn that this is an "everything bubble?"
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Joe Rogan Finally Loses the Plot With His Flip-Flop Game Theory

Joe Rogan has claimed that video games are a "waste of time," but he's holding them up to standards even his own podcast fails to meet.
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Mystery Xbox Series X Controller Leaks – And We Have Questions

Redditor claims to have come across a white variant of the next-gen Xbox controller at a party hosted by the child of a Microsoft employee.
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Forget GTA 6: Rockstar Milks GTA Online with ‘Biggest Ever Update’

GTA Online is about to recieve its "biggest ever update." Could these new features tide over gamers waiting for GTA VI?
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Airline Stocks Fly Into Turbulence With Europe’s New Travel Curbs

Airlines are declining. Airline stock prices are struggling to recover to pre-March levels, with most dropping by 50% to 60% in four months.
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Leaked Nintendo Game Boy Advance Pokemon MMO Died Too Soon

Nintendo source code leaked this weekend, revealing a once in development Pokemon MMO that used a Game Boy Advance as a controller.
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