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Moving Beyond Warren Buffett: Who Can ‘Oracle’ Tech Stocks?

You can't teach an old dog new tricks, not even Warren Buffett, the top dog in capital markets since 1964. And the high tech world is changing faster than ever.
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Does Game Pass Mean a More Expensive Xbox Series X?

What if Game Pass justified an extra-expensive Xbox Series X? A pricey box doesn't look so bad next to 100 games for a low monthly fee.
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The Stock Market Is About to Plunge. Here’s What Will Save It

The current environment points to a stock market crash, but that won't happen as long as these three things hold true.
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Elon Musk’s Stimulus Idea Is Great for the Stock Market – and for You

Elon Musk's plan for more direct payments would be good news for both Wall Street and Main Street alike.
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It’s Official — Khloe Kardashian Played Us All, Just For TV Ratings

It's officially unofficial: Khloe Kardashian is back with Tristan Thompson. That just confirmed that the youngest Kardashian played us all.
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Meghan Markle is Taking on the Queen – And There’s Only One Winner

With Finding Freedom hitting the shelves next month, Meghan Markle has seemingly drawn battle lines with the Queen. Not a smart move.
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AOC Stomps Yoho for Cursing. She Defended Tlaib’s Potty Mouth in 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed the GOP's "faux outrage" when her "sis," Rashida Tlaib swore at Donald Trump. Tlaib said, "Cursing shouldn't be a distraction."
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Scientology – And The Tom Cruise Connection – Is Hollywood’s Last Taboo

Scientology is a destructive cult, yet its most powerful members — including Tom Cruise — seem untouchable. Why is that the case, even today?
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What Is Qanon? Here Are 5 Core Beliefs of the Shocking Conspiracy Theory

QAnon began less than three years ago, yet it's already gathered a religious following. We break down the central beliefs of this sprawling conspiracy theory.
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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Don’t Deserve This. Archie is Off-Limits

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry are suing a photographer for taking a private photo of their young son, Archie, & invading their privacy.
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The Tetris Movie Could Be Hollywood’s Best Game Adaptation Yet

They're making a Tetris movie starring Tarron Egerton and while you might not expect it, the plot actually sounds amazing.
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Elon Musk Lost It on Twitter Again. Another Reason to Sell TSLA Stock

Elon Musk's bizarre Twitter rant only adds to the case that investors should sell and take profits on Tesla stock before it falls off a cliff.
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