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Governor Signs Tax Cuts - Vetoes Bigger Paychecks


Last week, the Governor signed the $2.4 billion income tax cut sent to him by the Republican Legislature. This was a dramatic change in tax policy for the Governor, who proposed increasing taxes by $1.5 billion just a few months ago. What he didn’t tell you was that he vetoed allowing you to see your tax cut in your paycheck.
In order to see the tax relief in your paycheck, tax withholding tables must be updated, so that less money is taken out of each paycheck. Unbelievably, Governor Evers vetoed the change in the withholding tables.

This means instead of seeing tax relief now, you won’t see the benefits until you get a refund next April. In essence, you’ll be giving the state a no-interest loan for the next 9 months.
The Governor can claim he’s all for tax relief, but between proposing a massive tax increase a few months ago, and refusing the tax cut to be effective now, he’s proving otherwise.

Tragic Death, Hero Deputy and Missed Opportunities

Tuesday's tragic events are still fresh in the mind. My heart goes out to the family of Anthony Griger, of Elkhorn, who was brutally murdered at the Pilot Travel Station in Franksville. 

We also saw what true heroism looks like on Tuesday. A Racine County Deputy was able to engage with the suspect at another gas station down the road, and saved countless lives in the process. Tuesday was another example of our local law enforcement going above and beyond and risking his own life to save the lives of others. He deserves everyone's praise.

This is obviously a great opportunity to highlight the great things the police do. Unfortunately, Governor Evers hasn't said one word about the Racine deputy who saved lives only mentioning the victim. Worse, the Racine Journal Times labeled the deputy's actions as a "homicide." There is no equivalency between the actions of the deputy and the cold-blooded murder. The Journal Times should be ashamed of themselves. And Governor Evers should take off his anti-police blinders and recognize a true hero. Neither the Journal Times and Governor Evers has any excuse!

Wanggaard Bills Signed into Law

Earlier this week two bills I co-authored this session were signed into law. The first is Senate Bill 174 (Wisconsin Act 68), which extends the time for Mount Pleasant to utilize the Electronics and Information Technology Manufacturing Zone (EITM) TIF funds from 84 to 180 months.
As you may be aware, this TIF District was created in September of 2017, as part of the Foxconn development in Mount Pleasant. Since that announcement, Mount Pleasant is seeing tremendous growth, and not just because of Foxconn. Businesses and residents are rushing into Mount Pleasant, changing the footprint of Mount Pleasant. New homes and businesses are springing up all around Mount Pleasant.
Under the TIF law for the EITM Zone, Mount Pleasant would have to begin the process of designing, purchasing and building a fire station now, before the growth and development is completed. It is putting the cart before the horse. This bill allows Mount Pleasant to use the EITM TIF growth at any time during the TIF’s existence rather than in the next 3 years.

The second is Senate Bill 66 (Wisconsin Act 65), which would allow voice recording testimony as a basis of an application for a search warrant. This bill will help the courts streamline their proceedings by eliminating an unnecessary provision regarding telephone-sworn search warrants that can hinder Wisconsin’s circuit courts. 
Issue 233
July 15th, 2021

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