October 15, 2018
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To the Noble Shambhala Sangha,


As we enter our final days as the Kalapa Council and the legal board for Shambhala, we are reflecting on what we have all been through together. These past months have been painful and traumatic for many in our sangha. People who have experienced harm are coming forward with bravery. People who have felt silenced may be finding space for their voices. Some have found it hard to express their experiences in the recent atmosphere of intensity. Others who felt disconnected from some issues of the times may now be more curious and interested in learning.


We find ourselves feeling vulnerable and open. This Kalapa Council is a group of very different people, with different experiences on the path of practice and on our paths of leadership. It’s somewhat hard to speak from common ground since we are all going through different feelings, but there is a shared moment of dissolving occurring.


All of us came into service with inspiration to serve the community and teachings. Some of us have yearned for change that this disruption may bring into being. Some of us have had our character and intentions attacked. Some of us have seen places where we did not serve our community well.  All of us are quite heartbroken.


We have been honoured to serve together.  We’re grateful for the support and friendship that we have had as a team.


We hope that healing can occur in the Shambhala community, in our relationships, and for anyone who has been harmed. It’s our wish that anyone impacted by sexual misconduct should have access to support and care through An Olive Branch, through the new Code of Ethics, or other means.  


We share an aspiration that the Shambhala community can evolve, and arise fresh in a way that supports and cares for all who participate. We also hope that leaders can emerge who feel clear and focused on their roles, and that they can be appreciated and given the benefit of some trust to find their way. While the last chapter of our tenure has been painful, we also celebrate the many good works, relationships, and initiatives that have occurred.  We feel enormous respect for the many people that we have served alongside in Shambhala, and thank everyone for their generous dedication.


The teachings that drew all of us into Shambhala and helped many of us to improve our lives, uplift ourselves and find community deserve to continue and be accessible to others who resonate with them. May those inspired to continue on a path that includes Shambhala teachings have ways to do this that feel true and bring benefit.  We supplicate the dralas and protectors to support Shambhala and those who practice here.


We are thinking of the Sakyong, Sakyong Wangmo and their family as they travel through a painful journey, and wish them care, clarity and space for reflection.  Our personal love and inspiration remains linked to the Sakyong lineage.


Each of us will continue on our personal paths in ways that are right for us, and will find ways to offer service to the community, teachings and teachers that we love. Only time will tell how the Shambhala story will be written. Everyone in Shambhala has a role to play in what unfolds.


With love for all of you,


Jane Arthur

David Brown

Wendy Friedman

Jesse Grimes

Mitchell Levy

Adam Lobel

Robert Reichner

Christoph Schönherr

Josh Silberstein

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