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Greetings from One Stop!

Well, 2016 is in full swing here at One Stop. Becca, Lee, Paul, and I have had a very fast-paced start to the year, gearing up for our upgrade in March. We have a few different things on the go, and this update will be glorious!

Out of all the new features coming, one I'm most excited about is a set of Timeline and Structure Tools we're building. I'll be honest, I'm a bit like that kid at Christmas who is so excited for THE BIG DAY he rushes off to see if he can find where the presents are hidden. So, when Lee send me a video walkthrough of one of the tools in development, the Structure Map, I...sort of took a few screenshots. And if one or two of of those accidentally fell into the newsletter, the world won't explode, right? 

Of the 5 Timeline and Structure Tools, the Structure Map (pictured above) is really the crown jewel. Many of you will recognize Master Story Consultant Michael Hauge's 6-Stage Plot Structure, but for those that do not, I am so excited that in a few short weeks we'll be able to bring the two of you together. This powerful structure model looks at the story not only through external plot elements, but also internal character development.

Thanks to Lee's techno-wizardry, it will soon be available to subscribers at One Stop, with helpful instructive content to lead you through the key turning points and stages of plot so you can create a stronger, more powerful story. (And if you're a Pantser, don't worry, we didn't forget you! Our Timeline and Structure Tools have something for all levels of planners. Stay tuned!)


NEW Feature: Bookmarks!

    You may have noticed a few new stars around One Stop. We have implemented the ability to bookmark your favorite description entries from Thesaurus Collections and ideas you wish to use from the Idea Generator, saving you valuable time as you write. Simply click the star next to the title of a Thesaurus entry or next to a Generated Idea to save it!

All of the saved bookmarks can be found under "My Bookmarks" and you can add or delete bookmarks as you like. Pretty handy, right? We hope you enjoy this new feature at One Stop!

Please Keep Us Out Of Jail

Email jail, that is. Occasionally we will get a note from a user who has not gotten a confirmation message at sign up. When this happens, nine times out of ten, the message is actually in the user's mail box, either in spam, or another folder that the user's email provider has automatically chosen. Other times, the user's own email provider (Comcast, for example) has blocked the email.

So if you haven't seen a confirmation, check your folders & spam. If you still don't see it, add our email to your contact list. After all, shouldn't YOU decide what email comes to your inbox, not your service provider? 

Along with this, know we answer all email requests for help that come to, but if we're being blocked, you won't see our response. So again, adding us as a contact, putting us on a safe sender list, etc. will ensure you get the help you need. If for some reason email isn't getting through, send us a Facebook message through our One Stop Page, which we always monitor.

Something you may be interested in...

Occasionally Becca and I are contacted by writing coaches and other book industry professionals who have special projects on the go pertaining to writers and authors. Currently our book editor, C.S. Lakin, is teaching writers how to better identify, target and write to a specific genre so that authors write what they love while narrowing their marketing to a specific audience. 

Becca and I have not taken this course, but C.S. Lakin is exceptionally knowledgeable as our editor and has had a lot of success with targeting genre herself, so if you are trying to improve your chances of hitting the bestseller lists, you might want to take a look. If you follow this link, you'll get a 25% discount offered to our readers specifically. (Note: This isn't a sales pitch. Becca and I will not be getting referral kickbacks or anything like that. So check it out if you like, no strings.)

Here's to many new words on the page!

Angela, Becca & Lee
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