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The Wymondham Athletic Club Newsletter


The Monday coaching programme is available on the website 
Event: Thetford Trails
Date: Sunday 25 October
Distance: 10k
Location: High Lodge, Thetford
Time: Entry Wave Time
More information:
See this link
Event: A 5k near you!
Date: October
Distance: 5k
Location: Strava!
Time:To suit you
More information: see this link
WhatsApp Groups
All our coaching groups have a dedicated WhatsApp group, to keep each other up to date with training programmes, news about club nights and advice.  If you are not involved already, and would like to join in, have a word with your coach/leader on club night -
Tracey or Jo for Beginners/Development Group,
Katie or Cindy for Development/ Improvers Group,
Rob for Progression Group,
Tony for Intermediate Group, and
Martin for Advanced Group.

There are also WhatsApp groups for cross country (ask Tony Beales, or follow this
link), and parkrun (ask Tracey Salisbury, Katie Whitmore, or follow this link).

Note: these links will only work on a phone  with WhatsApp installed!
Wymondham Athletic Club Kit is available to purchase on club nights from Andrew Lane - He will take payment by cash or cheque, or you can use bank transfer - but please do remember to use your name and the item as your reference when making your bank transfer to enable our treasurer Rob to keep track!:-

WAC club vest/singlet - £20

WAC Hoodie - £30,


Crop Vest

Buff (Neck Tube) - £4

Bobble Hat - £15 

Hi Viz Running Top - £25 

To order, or register interest, please send an email here.
Tony Beales (Chair)
Katie Whitmore (Vice Chair)
Cindy Burgess (Secretary)
Rob Winner (Treasurer)
Mark Banfield (Child Welfare Officer)
Michelle Barker (Deputy Child Welfare Officer)
Steve Ely
Tony Gentry
Andrew Lane
Richard Morris

Tracey Salisbury
Ian Sturgess

If you've any thoughts about how the Club might be improved please let one of the Committee members know. The Committee usually meets every four to six weeks.

If you're keen to join the Committee or you'd like to offer practical support in some other way please contact the Chairman or Secretary.
Race Director Katie Whitmore 
Race Secretaries Anneke Cook & Sam Grainger
Membership Secretary Tony Gentry 
Head Coach Kim Reader
Club Captains Mark Banfield & Jet Watkinson 
Cross Country Captain Tony Beales
Press Officer Richard Morris
Newsletter Tracey Salisbury
Records Secretary Eva Osborne
Club Points Co-ordinator Gavin Hall
WAC Code of Conduct
We have a Code of Conduct for all members of Wymondham Athletic Club (WAC), which states the expectations for members of Wymondham Athletic Club, and provides guidance on the club’s representation and reputation.
Please take some time to read the Code of Conduct and learn how it might apply to you. It is available on our website under “Members Information”/”Members Area” where you will also find all our other policy documents

October 2020 Newsletter

The weather has suddenly changed, and it appears that Autumn is now well and truly with us. Revised Government Covid guidelines announced last week have certainly put a dampener on things, and it would appear that those excited with the prospect of the return of parkrun have now had their hopes dashed, with the announcement that parkrun won’t be returning in October as previously intended. Running generally doesn’t seem to have been too badly affected, as long as we stick to groups of 6 and we exercise good social distancing.
The WAC Working Group met earlier this week to discuss the recent Government and England Athletics Guidelines and what this all means for us going forward.  The organised structured WAC Coaching, having trialled a Monday evening session, with a view to getting back to club nights, was very successful, so more sessions are planned - full details below.
Participation at all these sessions is via pre-booking only, and only for paid up members - and on that subject, this will be the last newsletter sent out to last years members - please  do get your renewal in soon!

As many of you will have seen, the Mid-week XC is now a virtual event (for the time being anyway), more of this below.

Please remember to wear your hi-viz when out running in the early evenings and early mornings and if you’re running in a group of up to 6, then please remember your social distancing.
Tracey - On behalf of the Committee

Please do send articles of interest to for consideration - it would be lovely to have photos and articles to lift the spirits at this unsettling time!

WAC Charity of the Year 

Following our request for nominations for the WAC Charity of the Year, we are pleased to announce that the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) has been chosen to receive our support this year, and possibly next year too. 

WAC Membership Renewal 2020/21

6 months of membership is now available, and will run through to 31st March next year. 
Membership will be required for all members wishing to participate in our new structured coaching sessions, and to receive the Newsletter from November.
For members who have already renewed this year, at the full price, the committee have agreed that when renewal comes round again next year from 1 April, the 12 month membership will be charged at the 6 month rate in the interests of fairness and balancing.
The cost for the 6 month renewal is £25.00, which includes England Athletic affiliation, and is £10.00 if you are a 2nd claim member. 
On behalf of the committee, we hope this renewal solution meets with approval and look forward to your continued support.
Kind regards
Tony Beales - Chairperson
Membership forms can be downloaded from our website here

Club training sessions

As many of you will have seen, there has been no change in government guidance on outdoor sports. We have therefore agreed to run another block of three weekly sessions: dates below, on Monday evenings.
Here is a reminder of how they work:
  • We will conform with government and England Athletics guidance at all times.
  • We will try to run in groups no bigger than about 8 runners plus a coach / leader. (The maximum allowed is 12 plus a leader.)
  • We will run in our normal five groups (Development, Improvers, Progression, Intermediate, Advanced) as far as possible.
  • You will need to book in advance and we may need to ration places, depending on demand and on availability of the coaching team.
  • Once we confirm your place, we will tell you where to meet. We will not all be able to meet at the same point, because of crowds. This time we will use Ketts Park and Central Hall.
  • You will need to keep two metres distance from members of your group at all times.
  • You should not arrive more than 10 minutes before the start time and we will need to leave soon after the end of the session.
  • You will need to provide a mobile number or email address so that we can contact you quickly if we hear of subsequent cases of coronavirus.
This last point is very important. We are required to observe the government’s test and trace regulations and here is the link to the key document.

The dates and times of the next sessions are as follows:
  • Monday 5 October at 18.30
  • Monday 12 October at 18.30
  • Monday 19 October at 18:30
There will be a special Health and Safety briefing at the beginning of each session.

I will be again be organising the bookings so please email me using this link  if you would like to participate. Please let me know which sessions you would like to attend, and which group you normally run in. I will then email you two days before the session, with details.
Andrew Lane
27 September 2020

WAC Cross Country News

Hello everyone, since I last wrote in the newsletter there have been some changes to the proposed rescheduling of Race 10 in last season’s EACCL.
You will all recall that last month it was the EACCL’s intention to finish off the 2019/20 season on the beach at West Runton in late September or early October - the organisers had everything in place in order to do this, but with the rise in Corona cases during early September it was decided to once again postpone this race until it was safe to do so.
So, with staging events proving difficult to do at this time with the current guidelines and possible forthcoming changes to these guidelines, the EACCL have come up with an interim plan, and that is, to hold a virtual series until it is safe to stage races.

Below are the proposed dates and locations for EACCL 20/21 had the league been going ahead in the usual way.
Race 1 - 14 October - West Runton Beach
Race 2 - 4 November - Whitlingham Park
Race 3 - 18 November - Caister Beach
Race 4 - 9 December - Whitwell Station
Race 5 - 20 January - Blickling Park
Race 6 - 3 February - Thetford Forest
Race 7 - 17 February - Stowmarket Rugby
Race 8 - 3 March - Marham
Race 9 - 17 March - Nowton Park
Race 10 - 31 March - Catton Park
(Other EACCL locations to consider; UEA, Chantry Park, Mousehold, Bacton Woods, Cart Gap beach, Great Yarmouth North Beach, Brandon Country Park, Orwell Park, Marsham Heath, Horsford Woods, Bradwell Woods & Knettishall Heath)

The idea is that you go out on these dates and run a cross country anywhere, but you can also use any of the above locations as well and there are some of the old locations that EACCL have used in the past just below those dates. Please get as muddy as possible. Men to run 10k and ladies to run 5k, do a run at any time of the day on the above dates.  At this time my understanding is that you run your distance and post the time to me as your XC team captain and I will collect all the times and post all our results to the race officials. This is very much a trust system and the organisers feel this is better than no runs at all.

Here is the important bit - EACCL have stated that this Virtual Series is only open to those runners who registered & participated in the 19/20 season (ie. last season), the reason being is that there is a lot of manual administration work involved with the organisation of this, they hope you all appreciate and understand this decision. The additional criteria to participate in this series also is that your WAC membership must be renewed, all paid and up to date through to March 2021.
Whilst reading our group chats, it appears that some of you can’t remember if you registered or ran in the 2019/20 series or not, and that is quite understandable, as in some cases its nearly a year ago, so the EACCL have produced a register, which lists WAC runners who are eligible to take part in this Virtual Series, available here

If you are going to be involved with a few friends, then please observe the current COVID safety guidelines and keep safe.

I would like to finish by congratulating our WAC Runners who took part in the Socially Distanced Thetford Trails 5K on 12th September and I would like to wish good luck to anyone else taking part in the next Thetford Trails Socially Distanced Race which is a 10k on 25th October.

That is it for now, as soon as I have any more news relating to the EACCL virtual series, then I’ll be posting on the XC Group Chat and Facebook.
Have a great month and stay safe

Race Reports

Aylsham Epic 5k
This was first of a mini-series along with the EPIC North Walsham 5K. EPIC Norfolk and Total Race Timing teamed up for a 5K race around the town of Aylsham. They had to adapt the race this year due to the Covid-19 restrictions, by expanding the race over a month and asking competitors to complete an agreed route (this one) any time between 1 – 31 August 2020. 
Christine Williams sent in this photo of herself on the route

Christine says "I don't know if you want personal achievements for the newsletter but I have attached my certificate for gaining first place in my age category and pic at the beginning of the Aylsham Epic 5k...  
Although this was a virtual race, it actually took place on a planned 5k route in Aylsham.  I've only been running for about a year so I was really chuffed to receive it and was one of three runners from the club to run this event.  I also entered the North Walsham Epic 5k, and got a better time of 28:58!"  Well done Christine!

Thetford Trails 5k - 12 September

This was a lovely day to trial a socially distanced race around Thetford Forrest - and I was pleasantly surprised to see how well organised the race was, and how easy it was to achieve social distancing!
The race was run in waves of around 30, setting off every 45 minutes, using the chip timing system to enable everyone to leave a 2m gap between each runner.
I was in the 10 am wave, along with several other WAC members, and here is our socially distanced team photo!
It was lovely to be at a real race again, rather than a lone virtual run, so I will definitely be looking out for more of the same!
150+ Points Scheme 2020

Not much change to the points table for this month, so no update until the next newsletter. Click on this link for points table up to end of August.
Points totals may not be 100% due to not being able to review the racebook on a Monday evening; however, the option to use the mailbox remains if you have any concerns.

Please email in your results to 

Gavin Hall

The points scheme is explained on the website

Dates for your Diary

October 2020
Sunday 18 October - Blickling Half Marathon
Sunday 25 October - Thetford Trails 10k
Wednesday 28 October - Deadline for articles for November Newsletter

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