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Issue 95 – 31 October 2017

Welcome members and friends

With the new Government now in place we now need to demonstrate to them the opportunities bioenergy can deliver of the Paris greenhouse gas emission reduction target.

The Bioenergy Association Board has developed and agreed a strategy for moving forward growing the wood and waste to energy market and will be presenting this to the new Ministers. However the effort by the Board needs to be backed up by individual member actions. By all of us in the sector acting collaboratively we will have more influence in what will be a very crowded policy development market. The new Government has outlined a large number of areas for change but we are fortunate that bioenergy is in one of their priority areas for attention - climate change.

To get attention on bioenergy we need to be clear on what policies and programmes would most assist to overcome the market barriers to greater use of bioenergy solutions. The Interest Groups have each identified a number of actions we can pursue ourselves to improve the efficiency of the bioenergy market. The Interest Groups have also identified the recommendations that are to be put to Government of where government policies and programmes can best assist to speed up the transition to a low carbon economy.

The adage "Think global, act local" is very important and we encourage members to profile  the local bioenergy successes so that what we can offer is recognised. If we want people to transition from fossil fuels to using biomass energy then we need to show decision makers  the successes that are in their own neighbourhood.

We also need to know where the regulatory barriers are so that they can be addressed.

We now have a supportive political environment so lets make the most of it.

Brian Cox
Executive Officer

Bioenergy NZ

Scion take on IEA Bioenergy responsibilities
Paul Bennett was elected Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee of the  International Energy Agency’s Bioenergy Group. This group develops strategy of the programme, maintains interfaces with other activities through IEA and others, and monitors progress and budgets of the technical tasks.  This is a two year position supporting the Chair who is Jim Spaeth from the US Department of Energy.

IEA Bioenergy Group provides technical co-operation over a range of bioenergy activities, including liquid biofuels, bioenergy and feedstock market, sustainable bioenergy, biogas etc. This is done through Task Groups which are each formed for a specific piece of international research and each exists only for the life of the project.

The Task Groups collate international research and publish the information in a wide range of reports. Many of these are held in the Association's Bioenergy Knowledge Centre.

23 Countries including, US, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Finland, Japan etc contribute to the NZ$ 8 Million budget, and indirectly there is access to the outputs of the national programmes of the partners.

Improved monitoring of biomass use for energy
The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has updated its methodology for assessing the amount of industrial bioenergy demand in New Zealand. The methodology has been used to estimate the data for the 2016 statistics -

Details of the new methodology are outlined in the documentation below. MBIE will update total industrial bioenergy demand on an annual basis using a combination of estimates and collected data, as set out in the methodology -

Total bioenergy demand including cogeneration from wood and black liquor has been estimated as 50.16 Gross PJ in 2016, showing a small decrease from 2015 at 50.78 PJ. However the methodology update, resulted in the total bioenergy demand being composed of 7.4 percent less black liquor and 6.5 percent more wood fuel consumption in 2016 compared to previous years.

Industrial bioenergy demand is split in to demand for process heat use and cogeneration and is published by MBIE in the annual energy balance tables. In 2016 the amount of bioenergy used for cogeneration is slightly lower at 4.66 PJ than in 2015 at 4.84.

Productivity Commission low carbon economy inquiry
The submissions to the Productivity Commission inquiry for the Government into the mechanisms and programmes that could complement the ETS and assist transition to a low carbon economy are now on their website -   A draft report is due in February 2018. 

Good signs for future wood fuel availability
The announcement by the Government of its plan to get a billion trees in the ground over the next 10 years, effectively doubling the annual planting rate, is great news for the wood energy sector even though it will take a number of years for the benefits to materialise. We now need to advocate for greater added value processing occurring within NZ so that we get increased volumes of wood processing residues available as wood fuel.

Process Heat in NZ
The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has established a new webpage providing data on industrial process heat and fuel demand -

Forthcoming Events
Events in our programme for 2017 are available from

APPITA 2017 Fibre Value Chain Conference: “The rise of business ecosystems -
Melbourne Convention Centre, 14 – 16 November 2017.

The 2017 APPITA Fibre Value Chain Conference: “The rise of business ecosystems” to be held 14-16 November will mark Appita’s 70th year, and will bring together association members and industry leaders from across the sector to celebrate this important milestone.

This year’s event explores the concept of “business ecosystems” and the opportunities for creating value and new markets through collaboration. It will explore how complimentary companies are collaborating to produce a variety of new high value add bio based products, such as biomaterials, biofuels and bio chemicals.

 Registration and programme details

Bioenergy Australia Annual Conference:
Bioenergy - the reliable renewable
20 - 23 November 2017, Dockside, Cockle Bay Wharf Sydney.

This is the umbrella bioenergy conference for New Zealand and Australia with all topic streams covered -

New Conference Format!
Bioenergy 2017 will see a departure from the usual Conference format with a more streamlined program, more time for discussion and focussed sessions on Getting the Policy Right, Innovation and what it take to bring a project to Financial Close.  This Conference will also see the launch of the Bioenergy Australia Strategy setting out how Bioenergy Australia will claim centre stage as the voice to champion what the bioenergy sector in Australia needs to reach its full potential. 

The Conference theme is “Bioenergy – the reliable renewable”.

The conference will facilitate the start of new discussions that will work towards enhancing commercial outcomes for industry in Australia. Bioenergy Australia will be working to deliver commercial growth in the industry that takes advantage of bioenergy’s unique potential – from reliable, dispatchable electricity through to advanced biofuels and new regional industries.

ForestWood 2018 Conference
Wednesday 21 March 2018,  Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington

ForestWood 2018 is the 5th in the conference series, hosted by Woodco -


Bioenergy Association Activities

Implementation of the NZEECS
The New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy (NZEECS) - is a statutory document setting out overall Government policy directions for the use of renewable sources of energy including bioenergy. While released by the previous Government it remains the operative policy document until replaced.  As the current version of the NZEECS sets out a lot of actions that need to be addressed it is unlikely that any of the current actions will not continue to be pursued. 

Bioenergy Association Interest Groups have reviewed the Government actions set out in the NZEECS and recommendations on specific tasks to be undertaken are being made to Government on these. The list of recommended tasks is also being used to progress the next phase of projects to be undertaken jointly through the Collaboration Agreement that Bioenergy Association has with EECA.

Putting pressure on public sector offenders
The Bioenergy Association is keen to hear of local or central government entities who appear to be ignoring the Government policies set out in the New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy (NZEECS) - The NZEECS sets out the Government's intentions with regard to public sector agencies "demonstrating leadership by adopting greater energy efficiency and renewable energy" . The NZEECS also sets out specific actions it expects public sector agencies to undertake.

Where public sector agencies appear to be ignoring this Government policy the Bioenergy Association is writing to them drawing their attention to the NZEECS and alerting the Minister of Climate Change Issues. if you are aware of actions that appear contrary to the policies in the NZEECS please advise Association staff and we will take this up with the relevant parties.

Submissions on air quality and land use
Where it becomes aware of consultation by territorial authorities regarding regional or district planning matters etc Bioenergy Association has been making submissions on behalf of members. The Association does not have the resources to monitor closely each territorial authority so seeks assistance from members. If you are aware of consultation from your local council on any matter that could have an impact on the bioenergy sector, including waste, air quality of land use it would be helpful if you can advise Association staff.

Think Global - Act Local

Briefings to new Government Ministers
The Bioenergy Association with be briefing relevant Ministers in the incoming Government and seeking meetings to introduce how bioenergy can assist reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Bioenergy Knowledge Centre
Because of the now extensive range of publications available in the Association website library it has been rebranded and launched as the Bioenergy Knowledge Centre - Knowledge Centre has search capability so that publications are easy to find.

The keyword search function on the website is also still available and if you know what you are looking for is the easiest way of finding a publication.

The Bioenergy Knowledge Centre not only holds a wide range of bioenergy reports it also holds copies of all presentations given at workshops or through webinars. If you find a report which you think should be in the Knowledge Centre holdings send a link or copy to

The Bioenergy Knowledge Centre should be the first place to look for information on bioenergy.

Bioenergy News
News items are available from
EU puts pressure on sustainability in trade deals
As Europe embarks on a new round of trade talks with Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Mercosur, calls are growing for the EU to enforce environmental and social clauses in commercial agreements. More and more New Zealand and Australian companies will be looking to demonstrate that they produce products sustainably. Sustainable energy will be one of the key ingredients to demonstrating sustainable production.

Brisbane Airport to be world leader for biojet fuel
Brisbane is set to become one of a handful of hubs around the world for sustainable aviation fuel, under an agreement supported by the Queensland Government between Virgin Australia and US-based biofuel producer Gevo.

Qantas aircraft to be powered by renewable biofuel from 2020
Qantas has today announced its Los Angeles based aircraft will be powered by biofuel from 2020, reducing the airline’s carbon emissions on its services operating between the US and Australia.

Over the next ten years, the airline will purchase eight million gallons (30 million litres) of renewable jet fuel each year from US based bio-energy company, SG Preston. The fuel will be used by Qantas’ aircraft operating from Los Angeles Airport (LAX) to Australia and follows the Qantas Group’s successful domestic biofuel trial flights in 2012

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