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The 2017 Legislative Session

You may already have heard the news...after much vote wrangling and differing versions of tax reform coming and going, we have finally rolled back the Brownback tax experiment. Now, all Kansans, whether a wealthy business owner or a blue-collar wage earner, will pay income tax in Kansas. And with the additional revenue, we are on our way to funding our schools and fixing our infrastructure.

The 2017 Session started out with many new faces and a feeling of renewed energy.  Session is set at 90 days, we budgeted for 100 and we ended on day 113. (I shut my pay off at 90 days.) We knew our time frame and what work that had to be done, we should have been done within the 90 days.  Kansans should not have to pay for our overtime. The $900 million budget hole loomed large. But with state services cut to the bone and the governor’s veto of two tax plans, session drew on.

Since coming to the statehouse in 2015, I along with other legislators have worked diligently to correct the structural imbalance in our state tax code. Raising taxes on the people of Kansas should never be a cause for celebration. After the legislature passed (for a second time) tax reform to correct the inequities in the tax code, the governor immediately issued a veto (after he vetoed an earlier version of tax reform). The legislature responded with a veto override. It was past time we get the tax code fixed and we move on to close down the legislative session.

Some of you reading this do not agree with my vote to fix our tax code. I appreciate your concerns. It was not an easy vote in some respects. In other respects, it is not fair that I as a farmer and business owner pay almost no income tax and my neighbor who earns wages must pay income tax. Our state was a sinking ship - and duct tape and bailing wire were the only things barely keeping the ship afloat. Moody's Credit Rating Agency has already signaled positivity toward our budget future which could decrease the interest rate Kansas pays on debt.

These new dollars will largely be used to fund schools, prop up our retiree's retirement (KPERS), stabilize our state economy and move our state forward on solid footing. This will ensure that ALL Kansans can enjoy a bright future, good jobs and an excellent community in which to raise our next generation.

The last major item to conclude the session was the budget. After much debate in both chambers and negotiations in conference committee working into the weekend, the budget was finally passed. The Sun is Shining again in the State of Kansas and our future looks bright!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers as we went through this session.


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