January 2018, ICCT Newsletter no. 79
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Bringing (Foreign) Terrorist Fighters to Justice in a Post-ISIS Landscape Part II: Prosecution by Foreign National Courts
Perspective | 12 January 2018
In this second installation of her trilogy of op-eds, Tanya Mehra LL.M explores how terrorist fighters can be prosecuted by foreign national courts. 
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"The reality is that only a handful of countries in Europe are investigating crimes that have been committed in Syria and Iraq by individuals other than their own nationals[...]" 
Extract from "Bringing (Foreign) Terrorist Fighters to Justice" read it here
Prosecuting (Potential) Foreign Fighters : Legislative and Practical Challenges
Research Paper | 30 January 2018
In this research paper, Christophe Paulussen and Kate Pitcher provide a critical assessment of both the underlying legal frameworks and the concrete prosecutions of (potential) foreign fighter at the national level. 
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In the Media

ICCT Associate Fellow Seran de Leede Publishes Study with European Parliament Think Tank
European Parliament Think Tank | 21 December 2017 
Associate Fellow Seran de Leede co-wrote a study with Renate Haupfleisch, Katja Korolkova and Monika Natter, titled "Radicalisation and violent extremism - focus on women : how women become radicalised, and how to empower them to prevent radicalisation". 
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ICCT Associate Fellow Dr. Colin P. Clarke in Georgetown Journal of International Affairs
Georgetown Journal of International Affairs | 5 November 2017
ICCT Associate Fellow Dr. Colin P. Clarke published an article in the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs on the possibility of a coordinated EU approach to the threat or returning foreign fighters. 
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Associate Fellow Charlie Winter in Lawfare
Lawfare | 7 January 2018
On 7 January 2018, ICCT Associate Fellow Charlie Winter published "Visual Caliphate Rebooted: The Islamic State's Evolving Online Strategy" in Lawfare.
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Most Downloaded Publications 2017
In the run up to the New Year, we counted down our top 10 most downloaded publications of 2017. In case you missed it, here are our top three:
1. JM Berger took the number one spot with his paper "Extremist Construction of Identity: How Escalating Demands for Legitimacy Shape and Define In-Group and Out-Group Dynamics". Released in April 2017, his research paper examines how the white supremacist movement Christian Identity emerged from a non-extremist forerunner known as British Israelism. Read the paper here
2. Charlie Winter was in second place with his research paper "War by Suicide: A Statistical Analysis of the Islamic State's Martyrdom Industry."  This Research Paper explores the so-called Islamic State’s use of suicide tactics over the course of 12 months – from 1 December 2015 to 30 November 2016. Read the paper here
3. Dr. Colin P. Clarke and Paul Rexton Kan took third place with their paper "Uighur Foreign Fighters: An Underexamined Jihadist Challenge."  This Policy Brief explores the scope and scale of Uighur Foreign Fighters (UFF) activity in various locations, its implications and how their participation in global jihadist groups may evolve. Read the paper here
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The Fate of the Perpetrator in the Jihadist Modus Operandi: Suicide Attacks and Non-Suicide Attacks in the West, 2004-2017
Research Paper | 12 December 2017
Suicide attacks have long been considered the hallmark of jihadist terrorism, but the truth is that the increase in the number of jihadist terrorist attacks in the West after about 2011 can be accounted for by increases in different types of terrorist attacks. Read more.
You may have missed
The Effective Governance Gap in EU Counter-Terrorism and Stabilisation Policy for Somalia 
Policy Brief | 19 December 2017
For more than two decades, the EU and other donors have spent billions of euros to rebuild the Somali state and, more recently, to counter the rise of the violent Islamist group Al Shabaab. But Somalia remains a weak, if not “failed state”, and progress is nowhere near commensurate with international support. Read more.
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