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Number 93, June 2018


IX EAFT Terminology Summit. Programme

The Tenth Terminology Summit will take place in San Sebastian, coinciding with UZEI’s 40th anniversary in 2018. The Summit theme is 3M4Q - Making, Managing, Measuring Terminology: In the pursuit of Quality and it will take place in the Kursaal Congress Centre on 22-23 November 2018.
The Summit will consist of 6 sessions with guest speakers, and an open poster session addressed to those professionals who want to share their experiences on the general topic proposed: terminology and quality.
A draft programme is now available on the Summit website.
Summit: 22-23 November
EAFT General Assembly: 22 November
EAFT Awards Ceremony: 23 November
The EAFT GA will take place on 22 November, in conjunction with the Summit. We encourage all EAFT members to actively participate in the GA.

Womenspire award for Delyth Prys

We extend our warmest congratulations to Delyth Prys, head of Bangor University’s Language Technologies Unit, on being awarded the Womenspire 2018 ‘Building Wales’ Award in June.
Organized by gender-equality charity Chwarae Teg (‘Fair Play’), the Womenspire Awards celebrate the achievements of leading women in Wales, and the ‘Building Wales’ Award recognizes in particular those women who are making a difference in Wales in the fields of science and technology and encouraging and supporting other women in these disciplines.
Most of us in EAFT know Delyth for her terminology work. She has been involved in the standardization of Welsh terminology since the early 1990s, and in international work with ISO, BSI and EAFT for nearly as long. However, although she is a linguist at heart, she undertook to work in the field of language technologies in order to ensure that the Welsh language and its speakers had the technology, as well as the terminology, to prosper in the digital age.
In the past twenty five years, she has supervised a huge range of projects in Bangor University, aimed at supporting smaller languages and their speakers, and has attracted over £5 million in funding for speech recognition, text to speech, machine translation, spelling and grammar checkers, online general-language and terminological dictionaries, corpora, e-books and language apps. She has also mentored a number of young women at the start of their careers in traditionally male-dominated technological fields.
The staff at the Language Technologies Unit are very proud of her success and recognition!

Dictionary of the XVIII Mediterranean Games: Tarragona 2018

The Diccionari dels XVIII Jocs Mediterranis: Tarragona 2018 ('Dictionary of the XVIII Mediterranean Games: Tarragona 2018') includes more than 7000 terms related to the competition sports of the XVIII Mediterranean Games, which take place in the city of Tarragona, from 22 June to 1 July.
This work is the result of a collaboration between TERMCAT, the Tarragona 2017 Foundation and the Sports Federation Union of Catalonia. It is an adaptation of the content of the Diccionari general de l’esport ('General Dictionary of Sport'), published in 2010 in cooperation with the Sports Federation Union of Catalonia, and it includes terms relating to the Olympic disciplines, as well as terms relating to the Mediterranean Games. Additionally, the Diccionari dels XVIII Jocs Mediterranis: Tarragona 2018 includes a selection of basic terms relating to triathlons and beach volleyball, two sport disciplines that are present in the Games this year and that were not included in the Diccionari general de l’esport, since they are not Olympic disciplines.
It is hoped that this work will be a useful reference tool for the stakeholders (members of the organization, journalists, linguistic mediators, etc.) who will require sports terminology for their work during the Games.


Vacancy notice of a tenure-track professorship for terminology science and translation technologies at the Centre for Translation Studies

If you are interested please submit your application in the requested form and structure to the Job Center of the University of Vienna ( .
The application deadline is 30.09.2018.
All information about this vacancy notice can be found here.


Call for contributions for the Newsletter

Do not hesitate to send us comments or suggestions that could draw our attention to any forthcoming event or activity. We would be pleased to include them in the next issue as well as in our agenda. Remember to send your email before the 15th if you want to make sure your contribution is included in that month’s issue.


EAFT annual member subscription for 2018. Last reminder

Invoices related to the EAFT annual membership subscription for 2018 were sent out in March. It is very important, for the sustainability of the Association, that all members pay their membership fee before 13 July.
Remember that as an EAFT member, you or your institution can:
  • participate with an active role at the Summits
  • publish contributions in the Newsletter and in the EAFT twitter account
  • enjoy favourable terms and discounts at events and training courses organized by EAFT
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2-3 July

Summer School in Linguistics
2-6 July

4-6 July
Lyon 2 University

First International Conference in Terminology
14-16 September

Terminologie Internationale : Traduction et Normalisation
5-7 October
IX EAFT Terminology Summit 
22-23 November
San Sebastian
Basque Country

I Congreso internacional “Traducción y sostenibilidad cultural: sustrato, fundamentos y aplicaciones
28-30 November

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