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February 2019

February - short but sweet

I heard someone say the other day, "It literally feels like the 74th of January"! The first month of the year certainly seems the longest, and congratulations if you've managed to keep to all your New Year's resolutions, but payday has finally come and there's plenty to look forward to.

There are huge amounts of important information in this newsletter from both the parish council and Mid Devon District Council, so please make sure you're well-informed about what's going on in the area. If there's someone local that doesn't receive this newsletter, please suggest they sign up, or forward this email to them.

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A light dusting of snow prevents most people parking at the village hall on 30th January.

In case you missed this real-life advent calendar back in December, here's a Slideshow from the Blackborough Advent Windows
By Sarah Ward

In this month's issue:

Culm Garden Village Consultation Continues

Letter to the residents of Kentisbeare Parish from Kentisbeare Parish Council 

As you probably know, Mid Devon District Council (MDDC) is seeking our views on two documents that will help guide the development of Culm Garden Village, to the east of Cullompton. These are a draft Vision and Concept document for the whole Garden Village, and an Issues, Opportunities and Concepts document relating to the proposed Phase 1 of the Culm Garden Village only. 

Both documents will be available to view on the Culm Garden Village website from 18 January 2019 at  There will also be presentations in both Cullompton and Kentisbeare. 
If we wish to help determine the outcome, it is vital that as many of us as possible submit our comments to MDDC. MDDC would prefer online submissions but comments by mail are also acceptable.  It is vital that responses are received by 1st March 2019. 

Kentisbeare Parish Council have been discussing the issues relating to the Garden Village for some time and we thought it might help to set out what we see as the principal issues and concerns in case it helps you formulate your thoughts to make a submission. 

1. The current Garden Village proposal talks about a development of up to 5,000 homes, which would be significantly larger than the present size of Cullompton. There has been no attempt to justify this number and we believe that it is excessive.
2. The indicative long-term plan in the pack shows development up to Dead Lane, which we feel is uncomfortably close to the village centre. We believe that there should be no large-scale development within Kentisbeare parish boundaries.  Please note the suggested siting of schools, one currently within the Parish boundary.
3. MDDC are proposing a buffer zone between the Garden Village and Kentisbeare. We feel that the proposed eastern buffer zone needs to be to the west of Horn Road and should disallow all new development other than that otherwise permitted to existing property owners. This relates to a specific question in the consultation, where it would be especially helpful to show the depth of feeling in the parish.
4. We believe that footpaths, bridleways and/or biking paths through the buffer zone are desirable. We are not seeking to make Kentisbeare an island, merely to protect its rural character and its existing strong well-functioning community. We would also like to see better links for bicyclists and pedestrians across the M5 to Cullompton itself.
5. One of the principal justifications for the development is that it would be of a scale that would allow adequate infrastructure to be put in place. This would include everything from a new junction to the south of Cullompton to new and/or expanded doctors’ surgeries. We are very concerned that there should be no significant development without real infrastructure delivery in advance – i.e. improvements to road infrastructure and provision for healthcare, sports and community facilities.  
6. At present MDDC appear not to believe that the A373 from Honiton to Cullompton will see any significant increase in traffic volumes. There appear to be no plans to upgrade the road in the foreseeable future. We believe that MDDC should coordinate with DCC and East Devon DC to upgrade the A373.
7. MDDC is currently seeking to build 3,930 houses around Cullompton by 2033 and up to a further 3,250 beyond that in an area which is prone to flooding. As we know there was also flooding in Kentisbeare in 2012. We are urging MDDC to undertake a coordinated strategy in terms of flood prevention looking at the entire catchment area around Cullompton on both sides of the M5 before significant development takes place. 
8. We feel that it is important that the percentage of affordable housing for local people in the Garden village is guaranteed.
9. We would like to see a Garden Village with high quality building, design and high environmental standards, using renewable energy in every building.  
10. We continue to be surprised by the fact that there was no consultation with Kentisbeare before the expression of interest for the Garden Village was submitted. 
In addition to the two public viewing sessions in the main hall of Kentisbeare Village Hall on Saturday 02/02/19 and Wednesday 13/02/19, there will be a small, permanent display in the committee room of Kentisbeare Village Hall where you can view the documents throughout the six week consultation period. 

The committee room will be open every Monday evening between 6.30pm and 9pm, and every Saturday morning (subject to availability of the hall) from 10am until 1pm.   

Kentisbeare Parish Council email: 


Relief Road Breaking News

Members of Mid Devon District Council’s Cabinet have voted to recommend a preferred route for the town centre relief road.

Read the full press release at:

URGENT - Village Stores and PO Could be Facing Closure

As you’ve probably noticed, there have been quite a few changes to the shop. These improvements are intended to make it nicer in there and easier for people to see the full range of things they sell. They hope also to try and attract people to use the shop more as it is still struggling and barely covering its costs.

They need the support of the Village now before it gets to a stage where it isn’t covering costs. Everyone says how important it is to have the shop and Post Office but it's important for people to realise that the shop needs to succeed for the Post Office to be there.

Without the shop making a profit, the Post Office will have to close as well. Currently, with there being no banks left in Cullompton, the Post Office has now become our bank as you can pay in and withdraw money from your account and pay your bills.

So PLEASE support the local shop.  
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 7am - 6pm
Saturday 8am - 1pm
Sunday 9am - 12pm
Tel: 01884 260100
Now you can follow the shop on Facebook.

We have daily deliveries of fresh bread, filled rolls, pies, pasties, fruit and veg, meat and dairy products. Call us by 3pm Monday to Friday to order any of the above for next day collection.

We also have a large selection of general groceries, frozen foods, confectionery, cards, newspapers and magazines and an off-licence.

We can deliver direct to your door on Tuesday and Friday afternoons - FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £25. For orders under this amount, there will be a £2.50 delivery charge. You can call us with your order.
No order is too large or too small!
We can get large quantities of products for you from cash and carry.
If we don't stock something you require, please ask and we will do our very best to get it for you.

The Post Office
FREE banking withdrawals and deposits for Lloyds, HSBC, NatWest, Barclays, Santander, RBS, Co-Op and Halifax plus others.
We have Euros in-branch at all times and we can order any foreign currency. If you order before 12pm Monday to Friday, it will be ready for you to collect the next day.

Carys Goes Charity Chopping

Kentisbeare Primary School pupil, Carys Thorne, recently decided to donate her long hair to the Little Princess Trust. The trust makes wigs for children and young people with cancer. She says she wanted to help other little girls.

She had been growing her hair for several years and was rather nervous because she'd never been to the hairdresser before! She's now very pleased with her new 'do'.

Carys has also raised more than enough money through JustGiving to cover the £360 it costs for a wig to be made.

Your Council Needs You!

Kentisbeare Parish Council depends upon local people taking an interest in what happens in their community.  Local people standing as councillors can bring a wealth of knowledge and community understanding into the local team. 
The District and Parish Council elections are due to take place on Thursday 2nd May 2019.   If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor then please contact Mid Devon District Council (MDDC) for a nomination pack.  A nomination pack can be downloaded from the MDDC website -  or, by contacting the MDDC Elections team via email or telephone.  Email: Tel: 01884 234214. 
Nomination forms can be submitted anytime between 10 am and 4pm from Monday 18th March 2019 until Wednesday 3rd April 2019.  Forms should be delivered to the Returning Officer at Phoenix House, Tiverton, and as mentioned above, the deadline is 4pm on Wednesday 3rd April 2019. 
It is strongly recommend that the forms are taken into Mid Devon District Council in person, and in good time - this is to ensure that any errors may be corrected in the presence of the candidate, thus avoiding having to invalidate the nomination and request that the candidate submits a fresh form.  
Please find below the full address for submission of nominations:  The Returning Officer Mid Devon District Council Phoenix House Phoenix Lane Tiverton EX16 6PP 
NOTE:  If you are interested in becoming a District Councillor, please contact the Elections Team at MDDC for further details.  Email: Tel: 01884 234214. 
Melanie Shore-Quinain Kentisbeare Parish Council Clerk Tel: 01884 266502 (weekdays only - between 9.30am and 4.30pm, subject to availability) Email: 

Blackborough Garden Club Prepares for Summer Shows

The Garden Club will be holding a talk from flower, produce and baking judges: "How to prepare for showing this summer", on 14th March, 7.30pm in Blackborough Village Hall. For more information, please email Andrea Penfold: 
Vegetable Basket, Fruit Basket, Harvest

Kentisbeare Riding Club


We now have close to 50 members for 2019, which is fantastic. We are looking forward to some fun training sessions, especially when the daylight comes back. Anyone who is interested in joining can contact the chairperson, Jo Treweek ( or check out our Facebook Page. You can join or book training sessions from there. We have senior, junior and non-riding members.

Club Training Sessions

We are running regular training Sessions on Tuesdays Kentisbeare House at 2pm and 3pm in the afternoon and also in the evenings at 6pm. We are also running some Sunday morning sessions. The next ones are on February the 3rd, 10th and 24th. Our regular trainers are Sue Edwards, Peter Morris and Vicky Smith and we also try and run some sessions with other local trainers also, including Abbie Hughes and Gemma Barry amongst others. We try and make training fun as well as useful and are always open to suggestions.

Link to book training sessions

This link should take you directly to our online bookings, where you should be able to see our calendar of training and other events.

We are organising a talk on endurance riding and also planning a social get-together .. watch this space...


One of our members, Tania Boehmer ran a really interesting and informative demonstration of Natural Horsemanship for the Club, ably assisted by Paul and Emily Titcombe and Jo Treweek and 4 trusty steeds. The event provided members with an opportunity to learn how a strong foundation in Parelli Natural Horsemanship techniques can help in every day situations as well as competition training and preparation. Xanthe and Steve Smith ran an excellent “café” and we were able to enjoy totally delicious biscuits baked by Fiona Bishop as well, all of which helped everyone to cope with the bitterly cold conditions. We were grateful the rain held off and looking forward to follow-on sessions with Tania.

KRC now has official team x country kit and we are looking forward to road-testing it at some competitions. We have several teams practising hard for the season ahead for show jumping, eventing and dressage.

The Club Committee is busy organising teams for the season ahead and team training gets underway this week so good luck to everyone involved.


Latest from Mid Devon District Council

Local Plan 
The Local Plan Public Examination will take place on 14th, 15th, 18th, 19th, and 20th February in Tiverton. Details on the MDDC Website. 
Garden Village Masterplan Consultation
Consultation on Phase 1 and the  Vision and Concept for the Garden Village will run from 18th January until 1st March.  
Public viewing days as follows:
Saturday 2 Feb    Kentisbeare Village Hall    9.30am - 1.30pm
Monday 4 Feb    Cullompton Town Hall    4.00pm - 8.00pm
Saturday 9 Feb    Cullompton Town Hall    9.30am - 1.30pm
Wednesday 13 Feb    Hayridge Centre    10.00am - 2.00pm
Wednesday 13 Feb    Kentisbeare Village Hall    4.00pm - 8.00pm
Tuesday 19 Feb    Hayridge Centre    2.00pm - 6.00pm

Having raised concerns since Garden Village status confirmed re encroaching into Kentisbeare parish, additional questions have been added to seek views on where the boundary with Kentisbeare and especially housing development should be located. It is very important there is a large response from Kentisbeare if you wish your views to influence the outcome. Please respond to the Consultation.

Cullompton Eastern Relief Road
Following Consultation the preferred route presented at the MDDC Cabinet meeting 10am at Cullompton on 31st January. There were more than 600 responses to the Consultation, the majority in favour of route B  through the CCA Fields, next to the Railway line.   

Blackborough House
Viability and Environmental Assessments are awaited and until these are complete the Planning Officer cannot make a recommendation. It is unlikely to go to a Planning Committee before March at the earliest and very possibly later.

Economic Development 
Good News!  MDDC Economy team have been short listed for an Award  for economic development.

Hydro Mills Scheme
It is hoped to submit an application for Tiverton Weir and Flock Mill the by the March deadline in order to qualify for the higher Feed in Tariff. Thorverton Mill  will be later.  

Exeter and Heart of Devon Partnership 
Economic Strategy is under review due to changing circumstances.

Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) will attend MDDC Scrutiny on 18th March, to update and answer questions about the roll out of broadband in Mid Devon. There are significant problems throughout my ward and rural Mid Devon generally. Please let me have details of any problems. Although no longer on Scrutiny I intend to  submit questions. If you would like a local meeting for residents to be updated by CDS please let me know and I will endeavour to arrange it.

County Lines Drug Gangs 
Gangs operating in Tiverton, Exeter and East Devon towns, are now moving into Cullompton and rural areas. Please be vigilent. Report anything suspicious to 101 or Crimestoppers – both confidential.  Nosy neighbours are vital, small pieces of information added together can help the police. Signs to look for: lone children from outside the area, unaccompanied young people in taxis, suspicious characters in neighbours' houses,  older individuals in a controlling relationship with vulneralbe individuals. Other indications are: children missing school, behaviour changes, unaccounted-for expensive gifts, clothes, accessories or money, unexplained injuries or self harm – gangs are extremely violent toward people they control and involve all forms of abuse; physical, sexual and slavery.  Typically they 'cuckoo' in a number of houses in any area, once they have a hold.

The operation raises huge amounts of money for gangs based  mostly in Liverpool. They are  a serious threat and are active in 20 Policing areas, including Devon and Cornwall.  People from all sections of society can be vulnerable.

Police Commissioner Consultation on Police Numbers until 6th February
The Police Commissioner has a Consultation to get determine whether residents would be willing to pay a small increase in order to have more police in Devon. Details and question online here or via Alternatively contact the Police Commissioners Office at 01392 225555 for a paper copy. This is your opportunity to have your say.

State of the District Debate
MDDC annual State of the District Debate held on Thursday 24 January, the subject ‘The impact of Brexit on the Mid Devon rural economy’ which attracted a full house and interesting questions.

I am here to help so do contact me if you have any concerns. 

Rosemary Berry
MDDC Member for Cullompton Outer
Phone 0188432320  Email:

Local Businesses Online

We're very grateful to all the following businesses, who, through their advertising fees, help support the running of the Parish website, K-Net news and our Facebook page. Please go to for their contact details and more info. Let them know where you saw them!
If you'd like to advertise here and our website, prices start at £30 per year. Email for information.

Handy Helps Online

Don't forget you can access the Parish Diary, via the website. You can check village hall events and bookings, St Mary's services, and Parish Council meeting dates, amongst other things.


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