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November 2018 (Volume 13, Issue 11)

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Property Practitioners Act to regulate Managing Agents

The latest re-draft of the Property Practitioners Bill excludes managing agents as defined in the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act from the definition of a "property practitioner".  

In Parliament on 7 November 2018 the Department of Human Settlements made a presentation responding to the the submissions it received from the public and reporting on the deliberations it  had with various stakeholder organisations in regard to the Bill.

In the course of this presentation Mr. Kwezi Ngwenya, the Department’s chief legal adviser, confirmed that "as has been raised consistently during the public hearings" managing agents will be re-incorporated in the definition of a property practitioner in the next draft of the Bill.

This means that NAMA and the individuals in the managing agency profession need to re-focus attention on the content of the Bill, as it seems almost certain that the Property Practitioners Act will regulate all their business activities.

In this month's edition:
  • Filing your annual return: Video - By Ané de Klerk
  • Management of a body corporate - Part 2 - By Zerlinda van der Merwe
  • Mezzanine floors, extension of the section or not?  - By Paddocks
  • Water Amendment By-Law: Blog post - By Zerlinda van der Merwe
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Paddocks Press Video 38: Filing your annual return (Form CS2). To download Form CS2, visit our Resource Library and click on 'Prescribed Forms'.

Management of a body corporate -
Part 2: Administration management

By Zerlinda van der Merwe

This is the second article in a series of three articles, which deal with the management of a sectional title scheme. We first looked at the financial management of a body corporate. In this article, we will be looking at the administrative management of a body corporate.

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Mezzanine floors, extension of a section or not?
By Paddocks

There is an argument that comes up regularly about sectional title owners installing mezzanine floors in their sections. One may ask how there can be room for a mezzanine floor. In this article, we discuss whether or not adding a mezzanine floor is an extension that will effect an owner's participation quota or not.

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Water Amendment By-Law
By Paddocks
Irrespective of where you live in South Africa, you are likely to have, at one time or another, encountered water restrictions and the possibility of a water shortage. In Cape Town, the Water Amendment By-Law, was promulgated on the 20th of July this year, and has quite an impact in community schemes.
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Club questions and answers

With all the interesting questions on the Club, we decided to share the following two with you:

1. Should dagga smoking be restricted to indoors?
2. Votes at a special general meeting

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