Dear colleagues,
We are pleased to share with you the fourth issue of the 10th Asia Pacific Regional Conference bulletin. In this issue we will be providing you with updates before the conference takes place on 11 November 2018. We will provide links to all the conference working group concept notes and other working documents, and end with some practical information about the conference venue, accommodations and registration.

We look forward to seeing you all in Manila!

Best Regards,
Xavier Castellanos, Regional Director, IFRC Asia Pacific and Sayed Hashem, Regional Director, IFRC MENA.
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Asia Pacific Regional Conference Bulletin #4

Manila, Philippines | 11 - 14 November 2018


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This year, over 10,000 volunteers representing more than 60 National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies from around the world gathered in the northern Italian town of Solferino for an annual tribute to the events that led to the foundation of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.
Updated conference agenda and structure:

Please click here for the latest conference agenda and structure.
Funding status update:
We would like to sincerely thank the Philippine Red Cross, Spanish Red Cross, Australian Red Cross, China Red Cross, Swiss Red Cross, Italian Red Cross, Kuwait Red Crescent Society, Qatar Red Crescent Society, Korean Red Cross, Japanese Red Cross Society, Norwegian Red Cross and New Zealand Red Cross for contributing to the conference budget, and also thank the Philippine Red Cross for their continuous hard work on finding sponsors to contribute to the event. We encourage our partners to continue to contribute to the budget, as financial support is needed well in advance to secure the necessary arrangements and take advantage of reduced rates when possible.

If you wish to contribute or require any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact:
  • Nor Nabila Mohd Nasir-Myers, IFRC Asia Pacific Marketing and Partnerships Coordinator (, for Asia Pacific National Societies,
  • Sami Fakhouri, IFRC Middle East and North Africa Head of Partnerships and Resource Development (, for Middle East and Gulf National Societies
  • Finn Jarle Rode, IFRC Manager of National Society and Government Partnerships (, in Geneva.
Working Group documents:
All conference concept notes are available on the official Asia Pacific Regional Conference page on Fednet. You will be redirected to the fednet page and will be required to log in to access these files.

Engaging group
Resilience and 1BC
Volunteering in modern society
Engaging - effective partnerships
Local humanitarian hroup
Concept note

Long term needs - protracted crises
Fast changing world group
Urban DRR
Emergency health and epidemics
Humanitarian education
Sustainability, relevance and identity
Trust in institutions at risk
Connectivity transforming our actions 
Migration and displacement in the context of climate change
Getting prepared for the conference - Practical information:
Beijing Call for Innovation report:
At the 9th Asia Pacific Regional Conference, held in October 2014 in Beijing, the leaders of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies of Asia Pacific and the Middle East committed to collectively and individually implementing the Beijing Call for Innovation, tofinding bottom up innovative, sustainable solutions to problems that threaten human well-being and dignity in our changing world”.  This report documents the progress made and highlights key achievements in each of them, during the period since the Beijing Conference in 2014. Click below to download:
Upcoming events:
Between April and November 2018, various important meetings will take place and feed into the Asia Pacific Regional Conference. Here are several key events:

In Asia Pacific:
In Middle East and North Africa:
  • Data collection and analysis workshop in with Iraq Red Crescent, 23 to 25 June in Beirut
  • Cyber security awareness training for IFRC Middle East and North Africa and Partner National Societies, 10 to 13 July in Beirut
  • Celebration of Blood Donation campaign closer and nomination of the Iraqi Luth player as Middle East and North Africa Good Will Ambassador, Cairo Opera, Egypt, 21 July 2018 in Cairo
  • Regional Preparedness and effective Response workshop, 30 July to 2 August in Amman  
  • Regional Health Meeting. 7 to 10 August in Beirut
  • Movement Communications Workshop with ICRC, IFRC, and all National Societies in Middle East and North Africa region, 4 to 6 September in Beirut
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