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September 2019

World Mental Health Day is recognized every year on 10 October, to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilize efforts in support of mental wellbeing. This year the focus is on suicide prevention — a key component of IOM Iraq’s community stabilization and emergency humanitarian portfolios.
To mark World Mental Health Day — 10 October 2019 — IOM Iraq collaborated with The Iraqi Ministry of Health to produce this short awareness-raising video about coping with depression.

للاحتفال باليوم العالمي للصحة النفسية – في العاشر من تشرين الاول 2019 - تعاونت المنظمة الدولية للهجرة في العراق مع وزارة الصحة العراقية لإنتاج هذا الفيديو القصير للتوعية حول التعامل مع الاكتئاب.
After Crisis, Community Resource Centers Foster Reintegration and Rehabilitation in Iraq.

To better address the return and reintegration needs of affected populations, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has established six Community Resource Centres (CRCs) in partnership with the Government of Iraq’s Joint Coordination and Monitoring Centre (JCMC) and humanitarian partners. The sixth IOM-run CRC was inaugurated this Thursday (19/9) in Jalawla, Diyala Governorate – which has welcomed back over 220,000 returnees.

Under the motto "Through Youth, Nations Will Rise”, Kirkuk's youth celebrated the role of young people in building a conscientious and involved society, at a festival that included theatre performances by volunteers. Watch video
Latest Data on Displacement and Returns in Iraq 
(31 August 2019)
Peaceful Policing: Law enforcement officials are learning about community policing and teaching their peers about a new way to enforce the law that doesn’t require physical force.  

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A candy factory and a carpentry workshop in Mosul are operational again, thanks to IOM's Enterprise Development Fund (EDF) grants supported by the European Union's Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG-DEVCO). The EDF contributes to economic recovery and job creation in the private sector.
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This report offers key insights into the particular challenges faced by IDP “movers”.

The report is part of the Longitudinal Study on Durable Solutions for IDPs in Iraq since December 2015 by IOM Iraq, in partnership with Georgetown University, which has followed 4,000 displaced families living outside of camps in Basra, Baghdad, Sulaymaniyah and Kirkuk. Read More
IOM Iraq Highlights

IOM Iraq rehabilitated the main water treatment plant in Taj Al-Salam community in Missan, to improve water flow and quality for the community. Read more

The Al-Shifaa cleaning campaign is over and 36 shop owners have re-opened their businesses, thanks to IOM grants. More will resume work soon. Read more

IOM rehabilitated 87 unfinished buildings in Haidariya neighborhood, Najaf Governorate, to improve living conditions for displaced families. Read more

IOM launched a cleaning campaign through a cash for work project in Al-Mowafaqiya neighbourhood in Basra, which is home to nearly 17,000 families. The campaign results in a cleaner community while injecting cash to support the community. Read more

The electricity network in Filfeel village in Tel Kaif, Ninewa, was damaged during the ISIL conflict. IOM rehabilitated the network to allow 375 families, mostly returnees, to have access to electricity.  Read more
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